1. The 글쓰기 is better

Is it f**k Stephanie Meyers is diabolical and quite frankly paint drying on a 벽 is 더 많이 f**king exciting than her 글쓰기 and compared to Stephanie Meyers writing, J.K Rowling's 글쓰기 and detail about each and every character even if some of the characters are only briefly mentioned are absolutely genius

2. The Actors/Actresses who film the movie are talented

What a load of 황소, 불 for one Kristen Stewart can not act the emotion she shows throughout the entire saga is moody, moody and a little bit 더 많이 of moody and don't get me started on Robert Pattinson he's not that good looking and he looks like he's having a massive struggle with constipation throughout the entire saga and Taylor Lautner sure he's got a hot bod but other than that nothing absolutely blank he's shit he was also shit in Abduction I honestly regret letting my sister talk me into watching it with her

3. Bella is a role model she teaches people to hold on to their friendships and stuff and keep secrets

Again a load of 황소, 불 Bella actually teaches girls to let men handle everything and let your boyfriend and his sister control every aspect of your life it also leads girls to believe it's perfectly healthy to let your boyfriend watch 당신 while 당신 sleep and when said boy dumps 당신 start 연기 like a zombie for months on end and attempt to commit suicide so no she's actually a really shitty role model

4. It has a PLOT!!

I've said it once and I'll say it again paint drying on a 벽 is way 더 많이 exciting the whole love-triangle/forbidden 사랑 thing has been used over a million times before at least Rowling is thinking out side the box where as Meyer is very much tightly locked in the box of over used ideas

5. The scenes in the movie are exciting

is it f**k the filming is sh** their are way to many close ups the script is absolutely sh** and boring the fight scenes are so-so the romantic scenes are absolutely unrealistic

6. The affects are amazing

the affects are ok I'll give 당신 that but I find the scene where the 늑대인간 are talking to each other through their minds to be butt clenchingly cringey

7. A story about a vampire, werewolf and mortal beats a swinging wand boy and his enemy the beast

again 사랑 삼각형 so bloody boring but 저기요 at least Harry Potter isn't in to zoophilia like Bella 백조 so obviously is

8. The Actors/Actresses are attached to their character and 사랑 them

and the Harry Potter actors and 여배우 aren't are u out of your f**king minds and here's a little fact for 당신 twi-hards Robert Pattinson has occasionally said that he doesn't even like the twilight saga so up yours

9. The characters are not all good 또는 all evil

again and the Harry Potter characters don't are 당신 all high

10. The characters in twilight are nice and have a great personality and they are hot and cool too they are loveable for that

yeah well so do the characters in Harry Potter the fact that Harry went through losing his parents and his godfather and Dumbledore and even dobbie and instead of breaking down into suicidal zombie mode he stays strong and carry's on it amazing their are also loveable characters in HP such as the airy fairy Luna Lovegood, The Weasley family, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Tonks, ect

11. The cover of the 책 are drawn beautifully

I'll give 당신 that they are pretty nice but the Harry Potter covers as well as the cover version for adults is absolutely amazing too

12. Creative and great ideas of the vampire form

F off these 뱀파이어 are a bunch of disco balls with a blood fetish, 뱀파이어 are supposed to be blood thirsty and burn in sunlight and sleep in coffins and be all evil and dark

13. 당신 can make your own stories out of the chapters of twilight, 당신 can make stories out of Harry Potter too but twilight turns out better than Harry Potter

f**k off 당신 can make just as amazing fanfics out of Harry Potter and actually the fact that the HP 책 are way 더 많이 detailed and versatile and because of this the fanfics turn out absolutely amazing

14. The phrase Twi-hard

So a group of guys getting hard at a certain time of the 일 :)

15. The mashup name Renesmee is so creative

F**k off it's not creative to take two 랜덤 names and mash them together

16. Meyer made the 늑대인간 and 뱀파이어 unite even though they are enemies to each other

grabbing at straws I see

17. The book is an international bestseller and an award winning book too

yeah the Harry Potter 책 have been around a lot longer than the Twilight Saga and has millions of international best seller a million times over and have won a million 더 많이 awards than the twilight saga

18. There are lessons 당신 can learn from twilight, the thing 당신 learn from Harry Potter is how to do a spell on 당신 friend so he can help you

황소, 불 Harry potter teaches 당신 lessons such as Love, Loyalty, friendship, Acceptance and empathy

Everyone remembers the first time Harry fell for Cho. Even though that attraction soon fizzled, if Harry hadn’t  first opened himself to the possibility of 사랑 with Cho, he might have missed falling in 사랑 with Ginny.  He might have dismissed his true feelings instead of acknowledging them. The rest is history because, as we all know, Harry and Ginny get married and live happily ever after with 3 children.

So open your 심장 and your mind to the possibility of love. Don't let anything else distract 당신 from it.  Learn to take some chances and to give 사랑 to others first. 당신 never know—love may really find 당신 when 당신 least expect it.

Admit it, 당신 hated Snape just as much as Harry and everyone outside of Slytherin did, especially after he killed Dumbledore.  But then you discovered 더 많이 about Snape's past and learned that he had truly been transformed 의해 his 사랑 for Lily and her death. He had even been ordered to kill Dumbledore, 의해 Dumbledore himself.  This meant Snape had courage to understand the bigger plan and to fight for the greater good. Snape’s horrible past may have influenced who he became, but it didn’t dictate what his actions would become.

It’s important, then, not to write someone off based on the past. We all have a past, some riddled with moments we’d rather forget 또는 erase, and our own past should remind us not to judge others based on theirs. The past makes us who we are today, but that doesn’t mean it will make us who we are tomorrow.

Luna Lovegood is the 출처 of all fascinating and bizarre knowledge—though, some of her strange Quibbler-isms may be 더 많이 fiction than fact. Still, Luna’s random, “useless” cache of information often came in handy to help Harry. Luna first told Harry about thestrals and suggested they be called upon during a crucial hour.  Plus, she later helped lead Harry to the Ravenclaw horcrux.

While it’s always important to know “meaningful” knowledge, paying attention to “meaningless” details is also important. What 당신 thought was insignificant may turn out to be the most significant thing 당신 needed to know. Being conscientious and aware of the world around yo u can transform your life. 당신 never know when something 당신 almost missed 또는 dismissed can come back to help 당신 in a big way.

One of Voldemort’s weaknesses was his inability to accept Harry as a powerful wizard worthy of fighting and defeating him. Yet, because of the prophecy, Voldemort chose Harry and, in essence, chose him to be his equal. Plus, they both had wands with feathers from the same bird.  Since Voldemort refused to acknowledge Harry as significant, he underestimated Harry’s intelligence and strenth. We all know what happened in the end.

Just as 당신 should never judge someone 의해 their past, 당신 should never underestimate someone—they may reveal a side of themselves that may end up bring some unexpected (good and bad) moments in your life.

When Harry, Hermione, and Ron began their 검색 for horcruxes, they let the urgency to complete the mission distract them from organizing a solid plan. They wasted 더 많이 time arguing than looking.  While they should have asked for help, they should have also known when to give up and approach the 검색 from another angle.  

The lesson here isn’t to give up when the going gets tough; it’s to know when to give up and admit defeat when 당신 have tried everything 당신 can do. If you’re facing a tough and difficult situation, don't let it exhaust 당신 to the point where all your efforts actually prolong the problem and waste your resources. Instead, if 당신 can, ask for help 또는 step back for a few moments to clear your head and approach the situation from a fresher perspective. Things will work out in the end.

Harry and Ginny are on Platform 9 ¾, sending their children to Hogwarts, when Harry and Draco see each other. Instead of challenging each other to a wand duel, they acknowledge each other briefly through eye contact and subtle nods. Both have learned to let go of their childhood hatred for each other. Although they have not become 프렌즈 and will probably never like each other, they are no longer enemies. Instead, they have accepted each other to co-exist peacefully in separate spheres.

Just as it’s important to know when to give up, it’s also important to know when to 옮기기 forward. If there is a situation that isn't working out, something that is consuming your thoughts, 또는 someone you are having difficulty reconciling with, make a conscious effort to let go. There are times when it’s just healthier to 옮기기 on from the past and look ahead to the future.

And what does twilight teach 당신 its healthy to teach young girls that true 사랑 involves the guy watching 당신 while 당신 sleep and that when 당신 get dumped 의해 your boyfriend 당신 should become a social zombie attempt to commit suicide and lead guys on while your at it

19. the emotions are deep in twilight and is a wide imaginative world (unlike wand boy)

Twilight deep emotions yeah and teaspoons have legs and dance the cha cha