I've noticed that alot of members have been saying "Oh yeah, she went crazy over just a boy she only just met. She went a bit over the top, overreacted."

Well this is how I see it. I know I am going to get shit for this, but perhaps this will give 당신 a little 더 많이 open mindness.

Personal experience: I acted the same, I did everything I possibly could to see him. I tried to commit sucicde, I look back and think .. I was so young, 당신 survive after it.

But Bella was older and what they had was ALOT different to a NORMAL relationship. They were physically made for each other. Which is very powerful and changes your whole life. She changed her life around for him, because she knew this is her life, and she loved it.

She 로스트 her lover, her best friend, her supporter. That one person that made her feel like she was worth everything. Not only did she feel lonely, but she blamed herself. He made her feel good about herself. Plus, the fact that he couldn't read her mind and the fact that she was HIS human who's blood is their one and only,that special once in a lifetime blood. That italian word. Depicted that their were one match.

It was obvious that she was made for him... AND it was gone... 당신 don't how much 당신 사랑 something/one until it's gone.

He was her soul mate, yes.. But she 로스트 alot more, her future, her plans. She hit rock bottom because she was left with nothing, she had to 디자인 a new future, new plans, like she had to start from scratch. Her future had been snatched away from her. She was practically feeling, what's to live for when what 당신 were made for is gone? Which is fair enough.

People never fully heal after their "soul mate" 또는 forever partner leaves 또는 dies.
Well it's sorta differnt if they just turn around one 일 and say, "I don't like 당신 anymore, and your never going to see me again"
Which adds 더 많이 depression onto it. Bella would've been better if she had seen him every once and an while.
And even in the book , she was constantly stating that with him gone and all the evidence of him gone, it was as if he had never existed in the first place, and that she had dreamt it all.
Therfore questioning her own sanity. That screws with your head, making 당신 doubt everything 당신 do 또는 say, making yourself wonder if 당신 were just saying shit and people are judging you.
That's a hard concept, did 당신 dream the best time of your life. That's 심장 shattering..

She had no-one to hug her better,( in the early days) to talk to her/
- Charlie was too scared to talk to her.
- Her school 프렌즈 justs diddn't give a shit, they were too caught up in their own affairs.
- Her mother stresses her out more.
- Alice had disowned her in the process.
- Jacob was there, but he was trying to hit on her which made her sad,( another additon) because she was hurting him everytime.

Which also contributes to depression, knowing that nobody cares 또는 that 당신 are alone in this sad period.

In relation to her just meeting him...
Well twilight was set in 2005, ( I can't remember what month) But she was in her junior 년 (Year 11) and in New Moon she celebrates her 18th Birthday, and she was 17 in Twilight... depending on wheither which 월 twilight orginated but that gives them a 년 to a six months considering shes graduates in Eclipse.
She haddn't just met him but rather dating for a few months give 또는 take.
Also knowing that 당신 are going to spending the rest of your life with this man makes your connection with him soo strong that it doesn't matter how long you've been with him.
사랑 doesn't need time for reasoning.
If its real love, then it doesn't matter.

This was her love, give her a break. This happens 더 많이 then 당신 can imagine....

Sorry for the errors guys, I hope 당신 can read it still, I went over it but I know myself too well.
Sad and lonely Bella.