Harper's Island Boys and girls!!!!!!

Irene511 posted on Sep 02, 2010 at 04:24PM
Hi Harper's Island fans! This is also like Best photos and stuff like that but you need to post the boy that you think is hottest in round 1

Example: 20 people voted Jimmy and 15 voted Henry, 5 voted Cal Jimmy would win round 1!

Hope you get it and have fun! BTW- It doesn't turn into a pick. :)

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over a year ago Irene511 said…
Oh and in round 2 you vote prettiest girl

Round 3- 2nd most hottest boy.

I vote for Jimmy
over a year ago alirioaguero2 said…
Are just Jimmy, Henry and Cal an options or EVERY guy on the island?
over a year ago Irene511 said…
No, it can be anyone, well any boy and in round 2 you vote prettiest girl :)
over a year ago HarperIslandFan said…
I vote for Jimmy!
over a year ago alirioaguero2 said…
big smile
I vote for Sully
over a year ago MLipps said…
I vote for Jimmy, although Sully is a very close second.