Yes, Harley Quinn, the crazy girlfriend that would do anything for the Joker. She's my 상단, 맨 위로 가장 좋아하는 character in DC Universe, why? Because she's crazy!
Some people may think it's weird to put a villain on 상단, 맨 위로 of Heroes; specially Batman, but call me crazy 또는 stupid; that's me, and 당신 aren't taking Harley away from my number 1 spot in DC.

There are reasons why I 사랑 her so much.
And some of 당신 may think she's too damn annoying but that's what makes her a character worth loving. (IMO)

Here's some of the reason that I would point out why Harley Quinn is my 상단, 맨 위로 DC character.

Her incredibly cute/funny attitude.

She talks, acts, does things with a really funny attitude; for me, it's very cute of her. Every time when she shows up in the comic, I'm ready for a laugh because she can make a Life 또는 Death situation look like a theme park.

Crazy is her weapon.

Who would have thought exploding slippers! And who would have thought they aren't exploding slippers!
Just imagine 당신 fighting Harley, but 당신 never know what's exploding 또는 not and 당신 would have gave Harley an opening to kick your ass!
Some of 당신 may think there never will be exploding whatever, so there's nothing to be afraid when she says exploding stuff. Seriously, she loves blowing stuff up; so like I said 당신 never know what's gonna explode whenever she throws something at you.

Lol, seriously.

Her actions that cause disasters.

Harley is one the character that seems to get along with 히어로즈 (sometimes), she be-friends Green 애로우 & Black Canary which are total enemies with the Joker. But she doesn't mind and plays nice with them. In this scene shows that she 스톨, 훔친 one of the most badass villain name Lobo's motorcycle and landed in Green Arrow's cave which brought Lobo attacking them. She sure knows how to find trouble for others huh? And I really 사랑 the way she admits she 스톨, 훔친 the bike from Lobo.

She's crazy but she has her responsibilities.

What do crazy parents do when they have their own child? Raise a super bad villain for the future to continue their legacy, rob a bank if 당신 need money son! Not for Harley, she may be crazy, she may be bad, she may be the mom that 당신 wish 당신 didn't had; but that's not true, Harley loves her daughter and wishes her daughter has a normal life and dancing cars instead of following her mother's footsteps. Harley didn't want her daughter Lucy to live the life of a criminal, who would thought Harley still has sense of humanity in her; she is the craziest chick in DC!

Tough chick in da house!

Harley is not a mutant; she definitely does not has super powers, but she's got the guts. And she would go face to face with anyone who is planning to ruin the Joker's plans. She not afraid of what her enemies can do, she's crazy and she's gonna kill you.

슈퍼맨 is a tough guy and his forces are strong as well, yet Harley stands with Batman's forces to take him down.

Deathstroke; we know this mercenary is one of the best, and he's my 2nd 가장 좋아하는 DC character. Suicide Squad comic version, Harley attacks the mercenary; obviously she knows she's no match but what can I say the chick's crazy and she's got guts!

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad movie.

Don't 당신 just 사랑 this version of Harley? I'm already so in 사랑 with Harley Quinn from the comics and after seeing Suicide Squad movie's Harley Quinn made me even 더 많이 in 사랑 with her. Instead of the half-black and other half-red hair, this hair color is beautiful!

Choosing Margot Robbie to play as Harley was already an amazing choice, but the way Margot Robbie plays this role makes it even 더 많이 better. Her voice isn't the same with the original Harley but I say it's a pass!

I would 사랑 to share 더 많이 but I'm gonna stop here, so I hope 당신 all enjoyed 읽기 this and thank 당신 so much for reading! It means a lot to me.
It would also be great if 당신 all would 팬 this 기사 after reading, thank 당신 again!

"What was that? I should kill everyone and escape?" -Harley Quinn; Suicide Squad (2016)