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Do 당신 want do be a mermaid as Rikki, Emma and Cleo? Now 당신 can! This is a film about how to do a marmaid tail (VERY easily). In the 초 part 당신 can see the effect - girl swimming in her own tail.
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This Video Has 2 Mermaid Spells , I Made It .. Hope 당신 Guys Like It ! < 3
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Hi guys I know the rumors of a season 4 have been around since the release 일 of the last episode but for months johnthan m shift has been hinting of a season 4 또는 maybe an appearance in mako 인어 but finally we have a real answer and although its not what we wanted at least we have an answer!

ok so he finally announced the it would not be a live action season but an animated one and it would just continue on with the series 당신 can see the 사진 below if 당신 would like!

anyway i don't know how i feel that an animated cleo emma and rikki will be on my screen rather than cariba 또는 clare 코멘트 what 당신 think below and if 당신 need 더 많이 proof 또는 just wanna check a cool channel click the link below!!

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