Hello,this 기사 is just as it says in the 제목 it's the reasons on why I believe "Guardians of the Galaxy" is the best Marvel movie yet. This is all my opinion 당신 don't have to agree,but please no negativity in the comments.

To begin with the plot is pretty good,but I won't go into details to avoid spoilers. 영화 tend to get right down to the plot,however GOTG nicely spaces it out,not rushing into anything giving its plot time to develop.

The action was nice,though sometimes it was hard for me to keep up with what was happening due to its speed,that's okay because that's what action is suppose to do. It's suppose to be nice,fast and exciting.

The link was amazing,both the songs used and the movie's score. The songs come from the 1960's and 1970's,while link did a good job on the score.

The humor was brilliant with nice jokes that seemed to happen in almost every scene. I felt a lot of them were a huge risk since kids would be seeing this [even though it's PG-13,but 당신 know how parents are these days,they'll complain anyway.] But the risk makes me appreciate them even more.

The characters are in my opinion what make the film a masterpiece. They used the link which started in 2008 instead of the link 1969 team. The team's roster includes Peter Quill [known as Star-Lord],Gamora,Rocket Raccoon,Groot,and Dax the Destroyer. Each guardian has a unique personality. I found something in each of them I could relate to. I felt that the villains didn't have enough development though,except for maybe Nebula and Yondu [though in my opnion he wasn't really a villain.]

This 기사 would've been better if spoilers were included. I will most likely make a better version of this with the spoilers needed to back it up.

Thanks for reading.
The Guardians of the Galaxy.