Yahoo 영화 traveled to 런던 last September with a group of journalists to visit the production, where they talked to Pratt about what it’s like wielding the Star-Lord’s blaster and what might make Guardians better than Star Wars.

Yahoo Movies: Is the fact that most of the general public is going to meet these characters for the first time a benefit?

Chris Pratt: It probably is helpful that people don’t know who he is, because it would be my intention to make him my own anyway. That’s something that Robert Downey Jr. did with Iron Man. He came in and now he is Tony Stark — the guy could probably build his own suit now with all the money he’s making. I don’t know Robert Downey Jr., but I’m just assuming!

당신 think of when those 별, 스타 Wars prequels that came out, there were a lot of expectations there. It makes it difficult if 당신 spend the whole movie trying to satisfy what people think they know about a character. The first 별, 스타 Wars didn’t have that problem because it was all brand new. So what I’m saying is that we will be better than 별, 스타 Wars. [Laughs]

Is part of the kick of this role getting to play with all the 우주 gadgets?

It’s definitely part of it. The props and toys and sets and costumes—all that stuff makes my job much easier, because it’s doing a lot of the work. The props, the costume, mask, and guns, everything that distracts the viewers’ attention from me, I invite. Just in case I f—- it up, please just look at the cool guns.

When we visited the guys in the props department, they said they sent 당신 the Star-Lord’s blaster ahead of time. What was it like trying it out the first time?

They sent me the gun, and I think they wanted to see how it matched up against my hand, but at the time, all I was worried about was, “I’m going to send them pictures of me holding this gun, and they’re going to think I’m too fat and 불, 화재 me.” I was still very much in the process of losing weight, so I was, like, sucking it in holding the gun. My wife was like, “You look uncomfortable in this photo.” I said, “I am! God.”

How important is comedy to telling the story of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

James [Gunn, the director] is really, really funny. We have similar senses of humor, and a great relationship, and banter on set [in a way] that could probably be seen as inappropriate, but it’s really keeping us both sane. You’ll definitely see that humor through the course of this movie. All the best big adventure 영화 have comedy, like all the Indiana Jones 영화 and Romancing the Stone.

Has there been a particularly surreal 일 on-set?

There was one 일 when we had a [second assistant director] called Michael doing crowd control on 160 extras, all of who had gone through extensive alien makeup. And we’re on a [prison] set that’s maybe as big as this warehouse that we’re in right now, and there are prison cells all the way around, a giant tower in the middle, and there’s this long — I’m getting 구스범스 [talking about it] — there’s this long 기중기, 크레인 and I’m watching Michael directing these extras, saying “You are in a prison! 당신 are not happy!” And then we’re walking through, and there’s this long 기중기, 크레인 shot that’s on our backs and then lifts up and circles around — 당신 see a fight break out, and then it pans down to a 초 level and 당신 see these ominous prisoners grab someone. And then it goes down even further and you’re seeing details that I don’t want to give [away.] It was so surreal, because the shot ends on my face, looking around taking it all in. It’s been five months of moments like that. It’s really, really crazy. I’m like, how much does this cost per second?