note: I had published it before, but in [writing club] So.. It didn't have many viewers.. anyway enjoy.
Gravity falls is an amazing show, And we all cherish it.
note: I have written this 기사 before I read a VIP 기사 의해 ALEX HIRSCH, I will explain it later on this article
♦First: we all see in the finale episode of Gravity falls that the only weakness of Bill Cipher is this 원, 동그라미 which All Gravity falls 팬 know it since the show had started, and I was excited when ford draw it on the floor, So they collect each other and stand on this 원, 동그라미 and defeat bill.that's the plan, but Unfortunately It didn't complete because Stan refused to stand on it. So the plan didn't complete. the weakness of bill didn't happen. So .. he might be back.
♣ second: when they tried to defeat Bill in another way, the plan was to make Bill go inside stan's head and 삭제 his memory, pretty cool and sad at the same time .. but what wasn't expecting that Stan had recovered .. and had his memory back ! So .. Is this meant that Bill might be back too?
• not just that .. If 당신 backward the video of Bill when he was inside stan's head 당신 might hear that he said he might turn .. and he has the power which helping him to return .. Interesting !
♠third: we saw at the end of the episode that wendy gave Dipper a letter and this letter said " see 당신 다음 summer" and it has signed with all 프렌즈 and characters of Gravity falls. this meaning two things: • 1- Gravity falls is back 다음 summer •2- Alex Hirsch will make another show 다음 summer !

At the end .. I have thought of that after I had watched the episode and when I knew that Alex will make another show on 여우 ..
but when I had read that ..I disappointed !
당신 know .. of the Idea that having 더 많이 Gravity falls .

So I have discovered one 더 많이 new thing .. First, maybe 디즈니 will make another season of Gravity falls without Alex .. and this will make Gf without its soul. 초 that Alex won't disappoint me and will make another amazing show .. and I'm excited about it .. It may be better than Gf .. I don't know !
• 당신 would maybe ask why I had said that if Gf is ended .. I said that to send this message to everyone interested ! maybe they will discover 더 많이 things after this article.

What I'm sure about is I'm very lucky to watch Gravity falls. and those days was the best days of my life .. Thanks , Alex ..