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gojira54 posted on May 06, 2008 at 08:58PM
In this forum I want you to tell me which monsters should be in the next Godzilla film and the what the title should be.

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over a year ago gojira54 said…
I would call it "Godzilla against the Dark Forces".
1. Godzilla
2. Anguirus
3. Rodan
4. Manda
5. Kezier Ghidorah
6. Gigan
7. Battra
8. Megalon
9. Kiryu
10. Titanosaurus
11. Biollante
12. Mothra
13. Monster X
14. Obsidious
15. Krystalak
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over a year ago loganm said…
I would call it "Godzilla vs Krystalak"monsters:Godzilla Krystalak Angirus King ceasar.
over a year ago echosnake said…
Zilla's Revenge:Zilla,Godzilla
over a year ago HayesAJones said…
I want to see an original villain.
over a year ago echosnake said…
oh monster x too it would be nice godzilla and monster x fighting against zilla and gigan
over a year ago echosnake said…
but the true one is in my article i just made
over a year ago kingofthefans said…
"godzilla attack of the aliens" with krystalak kng ghidorah monser x gigan space godzilla rodan anguirus