The crashing waves came and died
The howling winds swept across
The lashing drops fell with fury,
But she stood still, all through time.

With her drapes of rocks, sand and mortar
She is a testimony of man's will and strength
Carrying tales of the empires long past their sunset
She stands with her feet in the black water.

She has endured the tips of steel and
The edge of the blood washed blades
She has witnessed the screams of the dying
And cheers of her victors;
She is immortality, she is might
She is inspiration, she is light
She is greed and she is pride
She is a gift and she is a curse
She is angel's touch and she is demon's lust

The reason for death and blood,
The trophy of valour and honour,
She is the 좌석 of power
And the house of horror.

Roar of the lion, howl of the 늑대
불, 화재 of the dragon and the speed of the 수사슴, 사슴
All fall silent and cold and numb
To the whispering walls at sleep
The symbol of authority, the place of the 왕좌, 왕위
She is the mighty old red keep