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I first noticed him as did many other people I am sure did on the hit Showtime series Queer as Folk and thought where did this guy come from! He was that good and believable as the self-centered naughty badboy Brian Kinney that 당신 just couldn't take your eyes off of him not only because of his good looks but also his intensity in his acting! The relationship between his character Brian and Justin(played 의해 a young good looking Randy Harrison) just absolutely made the show worth watching. Overtime 당신 really got into watching them grow not just as the characters they played but as actors. I just think it is so refreshing that when noone was willing to touch the role of Brian that Gale just stepped up as a straight actor especially and just went for it. He knew that all that mattered was it was a good role and that was what was important. In interviews he always came across as a genuinely nice guy and very down to earth plus his off screen friendship with randy was so sweet and real.