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6:36 AM

I can't believe it, I actually convinced myself to write a journal... well, if anyone finds this i'm dead, might as well say that right away due to the place i'm going to is going to i'm probably going to die on the first day. 당신 see, I have a very... interesting family 나무, 트리 including, warmongers, dictators, assassins, hit-men, and basically any type of killer 당신 can imagine. and since that little line of genes is applied to me makes it so i'm going to one to. yea, and this "place" i'm going to is a school... for killers. so yea, not looking 앞으로 to it... but I have about...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
I saw her there... Playing with a little girl in the park. She was so beautiful... 사랑 at first site. I wanted to inderduce myself but I didn't have the courage. I didn't see her for two years after the first time I saw her. She was playing with another girl, I knew that she had a pure 심장 for doing that. Before I could go up to her and talk she walked away with the little girl. Two 더 많이 years past and I saw her again in the subway, She was talking to another little girl. I thought she must of been a nany and that just made me 사랑 her more. Before I could walk up to her she got on the subway...
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Hello friends, as 당신 may know 당신 are on the internet. But as many of 당신 don't know 당신 are being watched... 24 7. We do not have privacy at all. But for some reason the government that watches us does. I can say the government has some reason. Such as keeping the streets 안전한, 안전 and building our business... Rarely, But with men in black and the dark things the they have done in the past they have over stayed their welcome of being in control of us. WE are sick of them getting away with every single thing they have done.

We are anonymous
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Cry: well this Is spooky

Pewds: yea dude

Cry: I heard this game has someone that isn't slender

Pewds: really? who?

Cry: *puts on Masky's mask*

Pewds: Uh oh


Diction: Nanners, are 당신 cheatsy doodling?

Naners: no...

Dictoin: 당신 are so full of shi* Nanners

Nanners: *laughs*

Ken: he must be like a bottle 또는 something...

Nanners: what I'm doing is not cheatsy doodling

Dictoin: not buying it

Nanners: *laughs*

*back to Cry And Pewds*

Pewds: *screaming like a girl*

Cry: get back here!
oh god yes
probably the most awesome version... 더 많이 awesome than the remixes
posted by FrostyBlazer
FB: ok, new game?

Wind: yep

FB: lets play!

Wind: there is my main man Mario!

FB: vs. kirby 당신 don't have a chance!

*10 minuets later*

FB: the mighty 담홍색, 핑크 puffball wins!

Wind: yeah yeah... I'm better at toon-link anyway...

FB: yeah right! I'm the masta!-

Wind: sword

FB: ...

Wind: :3

FB: the bad guys appear!

Wind: pick a character!

FB: Kirby again

Wind: Zelda

FB: of course 당신 pick Zelda...

Wind: lets take them out!


Wind: 0_o
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Even the man behind Lucius and Void has a temper...

Now lets start out on one simple fact... SOME PEOPLE LIKE SOMETHINGS 당신 DON'T! the phrase "what ever floats your boat" fits this. now 당신 may be saying I am a brony myself for defending them... 당신 are wrong. I may not be one but I realize that no matter what not everyone will think something 당신 think is cool is cool and something 당신 think is stupid is stupid. the same thing is with me not liking foot ball... not playing it nor watching it. hell, I even have a friend that is a brony and I asked him why he likes it... lets just say he likes The Legend Of Zelda to protect the innocent... he said it had good morals, a good art stile, and is better than somethings on TV... and that is true. so if 당신 start hating on bronys think this... 당신 might not like it BUT NOT EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS FUC*ING PLANET HAS TO HATE WHAT 당신 HATE NOR LIKE WHAT 당신 LIKE!

FrostyBlazer out!