(C) WorldNet NewsWires September 23rd, 2010


의해 Sully Sarducci

Tonight the 팬 of Fringe, 여우 TV's latest hit series, will watch the latest adventures of their 가장 좋아하는 investigative team as they deal with the reality of parallel universes and more. However, after the premiere we have learned that a major announcement will be made 의해 an outsider who may be a complete unknown to the 팬 and network but is a familiar figure to those of the real fringe world as well as advanced concept science community.

Marshall Barnes, a research and development engineer, is slated to release a statement that sources say may have a major impact on the direction that the Fringe TV show goes in the future. Although it is known that Marshall has been connected with the idea of a real Massive Dynamic ( link ) , the fictitious mega corporation dealing in advanced concept technology and science, this announcement is said to be far reaching and will potentially impact what the 팬 see in the future.

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