Olivia free but not 집 yet
- The Good news
Our Olivia seems to have escaped Walternate's prison
- The Bad news
Looks like she is still stuck in the alternate universe (AU)

- The Good news
If Olivia had managed to get back 집 in the finale, Peter and Olivia's (Polivia)relationship would have really taken off !
- The Bad news
Alitivia has Peter completely fooled ! So frustrating ! But thumbs-up to her, looks like she is nailing her role !

-The confusing
Who is the baby ? Is he part of the plot ? If so how does he fit into the storyline ?
All that affection wasted on Altivia *sigh*
Now, my school-girl dreams are officially crushed !
A baby on Fringe ! I just hope we don't see Walter playing with any baby guts