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posted by TVD_GG_PLL
Klaroline vs. Forwood.

Before I start I feel inclined to tell 당신 I’m a hard core Forwood shipper. Now I know in the first line I’ve probably 로스트 half of 당신 because 당신 are Team Klaus but please I ask, here me out, I do have some pretty valid arguments that deserve to be given a chance….
1.    We need to remember all the bad things he’s done. I know that’s what everyone says and then 당신 have Caroline and Stephan saying we’ve all done bad things… Well NOT TRUE… Caroline herself has only killed one person, Carter, and Tyler has killed 1-2 people, for sure...
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►Klaus & Caroline | Beggin' You. 사랑 this video. Please watch!
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Video not mine. Credits: xkjcharmed21x