2 operative heads
Are better then one.

2 golden suits
Perfect for planning

1 room never seen
Within any camera ever

We live to see days when
We can select carefully
Whom should be sacrificed

Each empty robot
Each could use a touch of...
Yes, and we can provide just that.

Working at night...
Though starting in the day
Working up to what I need
I am the one we all know...

I carry the crank
I am not there
At 1st...
So they think.

I work in shadows
A janitor
Calling them back

Then my time...
Working once the other guy
Is moved to the day
But caught
And fired

The damage is done though
I was setting up
Stage two
Time to play

Darker purple
Now the guard
Working carefully
As a big golden bunny

Hiding the bodies
Till night falls
Then dropping them in
Each new head

1, 2, 3, 4
This all started at the door
The one most over-look
This started and the place shook

4, 3, 2, 1
This was all so very fun
Until the start came to an end
And all that's left is to defend

The 슈츠 aren't safe
Spring-locks have broken
My partner stops
The coward's afraid

He forgot we're already
Much to deep
For any of that to have meaning.

He's the one that started
This cycle...
So whom will bring it
To it's end?

Come little children,
Follow me
A world filled with glee
Where to begin!?

1, 2, 3, 4
당신 shouldn't have walked through that door
4, 3, 2, 1
But since 당신 have, you're done

1 brat per bot
An extra and the 1st
또는 maybe the 1st is the extra?
Who knows, I don't!

1 kill, 2 of us,
3 stabs, 4 bidden
5 kids...
또는 6?

Keep using the suit
Even when he quits
The bunny is mine
The 곰 was his

But perhaps now
I shall use both?
Though the 곰 is cramped
I prefer the hare

But why are they moving
On their own?
I mean...
This seems far beyond
Free roam...

Oh whatever
It's probably nothing
This is my last one anyways
I'll be out...tomorrow...

But why are they hunting me?
I've gotta hide!
I've got no choice!

Into the bunny suit I go
Careful not to touch
And I stand and I laugh
The brat's souls
They can't...

Soon I'm back
From the location before
I was younger then
But it matters not

They didn't know I'd worked before
When they took me in
That manager never shows his face
Even though he's been here for both

I had the bear
He had the rabbit
But then they weren't safe
And I wouldn't dare

I started this outside
And then brought it in
This place is cursed
My beloved back room gone
I have to burn it
End this here...

30 years after the fact
I find a new place!
Fazbear's Fright...
They have no clue
Just how much that rings true...

Grimly I take the job...
They eagerly take me in
They think I'm just...
Some historian...

1st night I was relieved
To know nothing was here...
That ended quickly
On night 2...

I didn't burn down
The 2nd place well
I left a shell
And now they'll haunt me...

All of the phantoms...
They said they found a real one
I check the camera and I find...
The golden one just in time!

봉인, 인감 the vent
Lock it up
There's no doors...
And all these cameras...

I realize then...
I can't let this spread

I do what I can...
To set the souls free...

It doesn't quell the golden bunny
But I can't seem to do anything for it...

My last day
Before they open
I mess up the wiring
Which was already bad...

Light the fire
Watched it burn
Nothing left...
Of this I am sure

The cycle is over
I've ended it here
No 더 많이 trouble and
No 더 많이 fear...

1, 2, 3, 4
No 더 많이 murder
No 더 많이 gore...

4, 3, 2, 1
Is this possibly done?
Have I won?