"I’ve been having an argument for days with this guy on 인터넷무비 데이타베이스 about promiscuous people not asking for rape (on the cape fear page) and he’s like said some pretty ridiculous sh*t…here are some examples:

“Looks like 당신 dig into a lot of feminist website to empower yourself.”

“Hence I don’t agree with the whole martial rape. The newest law in Afghanistan that obliges women to give their husbands sex at least 4 times a week. I would say that is a progressive law.”

“Understand this, rape will always exist in human society. It is a 쓴, 쓰라린 과일 of evolution. I know your emotional mind cant comprehend the fact. But every species which is capable of having sex, rapes.”

“Since false rape accusation occurs there is a lot of gray ares which we cant see! The courts mostly listen to what the woman has to say”

“Western media is full of feminist propograndas sprouted all over it”

“Where I'm from rape laws suggested that rape is something a man does to a women. I'm glad now its made gender neutral. Do 당신 know which group was against the whole notion of making it gender neutral - feminists Lol”

“Western Media is full of feminist ideologies and also Manginas who are waiting to be approved 의해 women!”

“Now 당신 are admitting that 당신 are a feminist, which shows why some people are in denial because the label ‘feminist’ have wrong connotations 또는 the fact that feminism actually is a hate movement which is indifferent to male pain.”

“So, it doesn’t surprise me that 당신 have concerns and sentiments towards the crime, rape. Because in a list of the 100 worst things that can happen to a human being, only two happen primarily to women: rape and breast cancer. All other forms of assault, neglect, disease, disposession, dehumanization, agony, and pain happen far, far, FAR 더 많이 often to men.”

“I told you, your feelings are not important than facts. I don’t pretty much care for which wave feminist would agree 또는 disagree with injustice. All I know is they don’t care about men 또는 their rights as human beings.”

“Statistics shows that women who falsely accuse of rape is 더 많이 than the number of actual victims who 신고 또는 make a complaint. The very idea of yours which says if a woman complaints then without any shadow of doubt she must be raped(your original post). That attitude is irrational and it doesnt surprise me to hear that from a femofacist.”

“They have to over-come their fear and get out of the life they live rather than using all the fruits of the mans labour n deny the pleasure a husband should get rightfully get from his wife.”"

*Facedesk* Some people....