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 fatmagul ve kerim
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Asu-Mustafa-Fahrtettin together let see Fahrettin will let go easily with Mustafa
Media will bring heavy pressure on Fatmagul and Kerim
Mukaddes could not stop talking as usual not helping this situation
Kadir doing whatever he can for the case ...but things are not looking good for them...there will be only one positive thing ...lets see if this help to case in the future
Fatmagul and Kerim will hug each other but just for comfort each other..they are both crying
Finally ,time say goodbye for Fahrettin and Deniz going home. Crowded family we have there say goodbye of course Kerim is there too.....many years of emotions
Erdogan will use everything to his benefit of course not suprise there..he will try different tactic on Nil
For Fatmagul and Kerim will something good happen torch to end .Kadir has idea ...this will bring to show some beauty for our couple ....yeahhhhhh happy fianlly our dream comes true for these two

Kerim: For while this will be our house .....only for us 당신 and me
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