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greenstergirl posted on Jul 31, 2011 at 08:02PM
In the loud town of New York City being disguised and not noticed is easy. But even so, some people can't hide their secrets. Some people are different, they may be musical, they may be a jock, or they may have a deep secret that nobody knows. You maybe can control an element, can change into someone else, maybe you're really an animal or mythical creature. Your entire life you've strive to keep it a secret. Until someone, just like you with the same secret, finds you out on the streets of the loud town and says, "I can help you."

High up in a skyscraper they lead you, to the very top, where an abandoned floor lies. No one ever goes there. And up there people with secrets live. We may steel our things, we may keep our secret base a secret from the outside world, but we are family. And we protect each other from the things, evil things, that want us and our powers.

Do you have a secret? Do you need to be found? Do you too need a family of misfits?

Species and/or powers:
back story:
extra facts/other:

Post a picture if you want they are encouraged!!

people so far:

Hannah Jonston: Played by greenstergirl- Fire nymph
Hayden Jonston: played by immarocker- water nymph type guy
Isabella MArcus: played by rapunzeleah-human controller of the elements
Mackenzie Grace: played by yellowcow- human controller of plants
Joe Kolsby: played by Demititan- can absorb and create energy
Danny: played by percylover- can control fire and can shapeshift
Ella: played by artemisDiana- half water half air nymph
Levi- played by POPclogger216- can change moods and can change into people she has touched
Katelin White: played by penelopewolf1- water nymph/earth nymph
Marco: Sonoboreas- shifts into Phoenix and Phoenix hybrid
Ari: played by MCF2000- can control plants
Carter James- played by monkey0502- shapeshifter
Kara- played by magicunicorns16- sees the future
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over a year ago greenstergirl said…
Here is mine:

Name: Hannah Jonston
age: 14
Species and/or powers: fire nymph (a creature that is pure fire and can float as fire, can control fire, can breath fire, IS fire, can float and change into fire)
looks: flaming red hair, big brown eyes, tall 6"3 and skinny
personality: loud, happy, loving, always wants to be included, tease, brotherly type even though shes a girl, tom-boy
back story: lived with her twin brother Hayden on the streets until they found the secret base. They totally decked it out and now its really awesome. They go out and look for other misfits.
extra facts/other: She is twins with Hayden
over a year ago immarocker said…
Can i play hayden?!?!

Name: Hayden Jonston
age: 14
species/or powers: water nymph (not like the normal water nymph a creature that is pure water but is in the form of a human, can float as water, can control water, IS water, can float and change into water)
looks: Same as Hannah but hair is shorter and is 6"4
personality: pretty much the same as hannah we are always together we pretty much are the same person but i'm a boy and she's a girl
backstory: same as hannah

over a year ago greenstergirl said…
sure...i guess
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
i looked around the room. Posters covered the walls, we put up a bunch of bunkbeds, a T.V. Hayden stole was hooked up, a refrigerator and heater were in the corner, lights were hung up, and Hayden was trying skateboarding tricks. Yet i couldn't believe what was happening. were we crazy? did we really want to try and build a secret hideout for kids like us? what if we are our only kind?
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
Name: Isabella Marcus
Age: 14
Species: human controller of the elements.
Looks: long flowing blonde hair, eyes that change colors from red to green to blue to brown every hour, fit
Personality: calm, cool but can be friendly, adventurous, loyal
Backstory: orphan. Is a really good actress and singer, and is on Broadway.
over a year ago YellowCow said…
Name: Mackenzie Grace
Age: 14
Species And/Or Powers: Human Controller Of The Plants
Looks: Arctic Blue Eyes, Freckles, Blonde Hair, & Slightly Tanned Skin.
Personality: Kind, Shy, Gentle, Girly<3
Back Story: Traveling The World.
Extra Facts/Other: Her Eyes Turn Red When In Danger.
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 Name: Mackenzie Grace Age: 14 Species And/Or Powers: Human Controller Of The Plants Looks: Arctic Blu
over a year ago DemiTitan said…
Name: Joe Kolsby
age: 13
Species and/or powers: I can absorb or create various types of energy basically; Magnetic, Thermal, Radiant, chemical, sound, electric and very rarely nuclear
looks: Sticking up spiky black hair, skinny, tall looks older than he is, bright blue eyes that change when making different types of energy, leather jacket, jeans and a grey t shirt
personality: fun loving
back story: he died in the womb but amazingly actually manged to resuscitate himself with electricity in the womb and was claimed a medical marvel, he grew up to love science but when he got excited about it things always seem to blow up.
extra facts/other: He has some burns on his hands from exploding chemicals, doesn't know he has powers and thinks hes just unlucky
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over a year ago greenstergirl said…
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more people.

I got up. "Hayden I'm going to go Scout." i said to him. He ignored me of course and kept playing on his skateboard. on the way out i tripped him before running to the elevator. Once i got outside i ran to the park. i heard music being played and beautiful singing. I ran to the sounds. I saw a girl with blonde hair singing. She was really pretty. Until i saw her eye's change color.

"Another one..." i whispered under my breath. i waited for her to finish when i pulled her arm.

"What's your name?" i asked her.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I bit my lip. "Um… why?"
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
"Your eyes...they changed color. Are you...different?" i asked.
over a year ago DemiTitan said…
There were two pretty girls talking to each other so I walked up to one of them (Hannah) and shook her hand, "hi Joe Kolsby", and I felt a shock as I accidentally and unknowingly passed an electric shock through my fingers.
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over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
A boy walked up and introduced himself as Joe.
"Well… yeah. I can control the elements."
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
I wanna join!!

Name: Danny
Species and/or powers: I am a shape shiftier, and have the gift to control the element fire. I can shape shift into anything or anyone.
looks: Well, naturally when I was born, I had light golden eyes and brown hair, and she has flawless features.
personality: Fun, outgoing, smart, full of life, funny, and total tomboy!!
back story: She has been on the road since she was 5. Shape shifting into different people so she can get by. Until one day she was sent to this totally cool place. And decided.. it was time to stay put for awhile.
extra facts/other: Wears hoodie all the time and has sister... But she died because of Danny's first fire.
over a year ago DemiTitan said…
"what", I chuckled looking at the girl, "ouch. Static", I muttered
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
"Cool...so... there this place..." i explained to her everything. the joe boy seemed to listen. since he sent me an electric shock i knew he was one of us. she nodded at me.

"Its pretty cool. We train there, we learn how to use our abilities, we have everything we need, and there are a BUNCH of bunk beds." i said to her as i brushed by nike basketball shorts
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
Name Ari
Age 13
Species Unknown
Powers over Nature like water, fire, air, and earth can shapshift into animals and has a natural talent at music
Looks wavy sholder-length brown hair green eyes thin
Personality nice friendly loyal not easily scared fighter looks for adventure
Backstory Grew up in an orphanage but hated it so much she ran away to a rundown building when she was eight and lived there

I was walking through town in my ragged clothes I found an old gitair i picked it up and tested it it still worked I loved to play any type of instument so i played it singed along to the tune as i played a crowd gathered I took of the torn hat i was wearing and set it beside me upside down People put money into it and i played and played but soon i got hungry and picked up my money and my gutair and left to go home to drop of my gutair then leave again to get food

that was how i got by that and singing plain without an insturment, preforming tricks with my powers, selling flowers that I make appear, and sometimes I found stuff on the road if they weren't too beat up I took them home.
 Name Ari Age 13 Species Unknown Powers over Nature like water, fire, air, and earth can shapshift int
over a year ago DemiTitan said…
"what the hell are you guys talking about. Are you guys both from the same Asylum".
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
I laughed. "you should know about your powers. you can control electricity!"


i covered my mouth. "i don't think he knows....."
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
"Apparently not."
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
"um...ahh...oh..crap...ugh...hey joe do you want to come see something? its really cool!" (guys its the secret fort)

"oh and Isabella do you?"
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
I walked out of my house and sat down a few feet away i saw a boy and two girls talking I was bored so I made a flower appear in my hand and put it in my hair
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
I walked up to this girl with flaming red hair,"Hey what's up?"
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
After I made the flower appear one of the girls i saw looked right at me so i could see her better she had flaming red hair that looked like it was on fire. She almost looked like she was expecting me to do something. I smiled and made another flower appear
over a year ago DemiTitan said…
"um... sure I guess".
over a year ago POPclogger216 said…
Is it too late to join? No? Okay then. :)

Name: Levi O'Rourke
Age: 14
Species: unknown
Powers: Able to change the mood of others , and change my appearance to be like another person once I touch them.
Looks: wavvy-ish black hair, green eyes, about 5' 9
Perso.: Doesn't like to fight, but will if she has to, kind, sarcastic
Backstory: Left her parents at 11 bacause she didn't want them to know what she could do, has been living off other people's money that she pick-pocketed, and shifted into other people so that she could get on in life. Decided that she wanted to live more in the shadows , so she decided that New York City was the place for her.
Extra facts: loves to dance

I sat down on a bench in the park with my box of doughnuts, where I was currently residing. I hadn't eaten in a while, and the Doughnut shop was the closest place I could eat. Seeing that there wasn't much else to do, I started people watching:
A couple skateboarders, couples here and there, a girl sitting down, making a flower, nothing too mood-arousing. Wait, did that girl just MAKE a flower?! Nah, I'm just imagining it... Then, I saw them. Two girls, one blonde and one fiery-haded, were chatting with a boy, who had spiky black hair. There was something about them that just seemed... different. Their conversation 'mood' wasn't regular for three teens hanging out. They seemed to be secretive, or something. Curious about what the heck they were talking about, I shifted into an 18yr. old colledge student that I had pick-pocketed from earlier that week, and strolled by them.
 Is it too late to join? No? Okay then. :) Name: Levi O'Rourke Age: 14 Species: unknown Powers:
over a year ago percyLover101 said…
"I'm Hannah. You are?", she said her eyes eyeing me carefully.

"Oh I'm Danny. Hey Hannah."I said eyeing her back.
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
I saw a girl with black hair get up and walk by she was heading for the group of teens I saw before I got up and walked towards them with her. Something seemed odd here and I wanted to figure out what was going on. 'I'll explain when we're there Joe. It's not to far from here." Fire-hair was saying. With that they walked off. Folowing them just wouldnt seem right. The other girl apparently agreed for she stayed behind. "You look hungry" She said to me. "Yeah." "But I saw you grow a flower? Cant u just grow your own food???" "U saw that?" She nodded I shrugged "I guess it doesnt work that way." She looked at my clothes. "Are u homeless?" "Not really" "What do u mean?" "Follow me" I brought her to my house. Since I dont have enough money to buy furniture and usually people dont leave couches just lying around I made furniture out of vines and soft moss. "woah! Its like wonderland here!" She said "I dont really have a home" Then she looke like she remembered something important and ran out. When she came back she washolding her box of donuts "Yum!" Isaid my stomach rumbling
over a year ago POPclogger216 said…
Okay, one minute, I was about to stalk this group of suspicious teens, and next, I'm in some sort of jungle/house with the girl I saw earlier making a flower out of air. Things are a lot different here in NY than I expected.....
Anyway, we sat down on one of her couches after I had gotten my doughnuts. Her little home was soothing, with a little pond over in the corner, with lilies floating in it.
There was a question burning in my mind, and I thought that I should just ask her straight out. "Do you think that those three guys were like us?"
"What do you mean, 'like us.'" She asked. "What powers do you have? Wait, do you even HAVE powers? Oh, great, what have I done..."
"No, no no, I do have powers. How do you think I know bout them? Here, let me show you." I shifted into an old woman, who I had 'accidentally' bumped into last month. She gasped.
"How... how the heck did you do that?"
" I don't really know." Replied my gravely voice that came with the body. "All I know is that I can shift myself to look like other people, once I touch them. Oh, and I can also change the mood in a room, or the mood of a person."
"Cool! I can 'bend' plants. And, about your question, I don't really know. I heard them talking about a hideout, but that's all. Why?"
I though for a minute before telling her. "I don't know. They just made me curious. You suppose they're like us? Maybe we should go try to find them, and sort of stalk them for a litle while."

And that was how I ended up with a plant bender, searching for people like us who may not even exist.
over a year ago PenelopeWolf1 said…
Name: Katelin White
age: 14
Species and/or powers: Water Nymph/ Earth Nymph.
looks: Long blonde hair, startling orange eyes, short, freckles
personality:kind, gentle, fun, happy, loyal, peaceful, fighter
back story: Katelin lived in the Missouri Subway because her "Family" didnt want her. She was different. She loved to Plant and be in the water and could even make water rise, and plants bloom faster than anything else. Finally she knew she had to leave and traveled to New York City on a whim. She knew her parents, wherever they were, were guiding her to the right spot. She finally stopped and met some others like her. From birth she had been cripled in her left leg, so she had crutches.
extra facts/other: Her hair can change from Blonde to Blue when she's angry, or green when she's sad.

over a year ago sonoboreas said…
Species and/or powers:Can Shift Into a Phoenix and Phoenix Hybrid Which Can Absorb Any Attack of Energy And Heal Whenever Touching Fire Or In Any Phoenix Form
personality:Friendly,Loyal,Always in a good mood
back story:Used to travel with a band of pirate like men who could travel throughout dimension and time with the help of their captain/leader. In the band of six-teen men, they each had unique abilities. Although they came off as pirates they only sought to help the unfortunate and steal from the greedy. They had recently disbanded in order to seek out their own lives and make their own stories. Marco still likes to keep in touch with his friends, who are spread across the U.S.
extra facts/other:Has a tattoo on his chest representing his band which were known as the Whitebeard Pirates, after the name of his leader. Each other member has the same tattoo.

In hybrid form.
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 Name:Marco age:14 Species and/or powers:Can Shift Into a Phoenix and Phoenix Hybrid Which Can Absorb
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I soared over the open night sky ,in full phoenix form, swooping down low before landing onto a roof of a building that looked identical to the ones around it. Once I touched the roof I shifted back into a human and flipped open my phone, double checking the address."Well, it's taken awhile but I'm finally here." I said aloud.

Full Phoenix.
 I soared over the open night sky ,in full phoenix form, swooping down low before landing onto a roof
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
"By the way my name is Ari" I said as we seachered. "Oh thats a cool name! Mines Levi." Levi said. "Cool! I said. We walked on in silence.
over a year ago ArtemisDiana said…

age: 13

Species and/or powers: Half Water nymph half air nymph, can control water and air.

looks: wavy white blond hair that floats around her due to being a water/air nymph, Cerulean blue eyes

personality: kind, imaginative, happy, likes the arts (acting, singing, drawing etc.)

back story: Nymphs often don't make good parents. When Ella was a baby her parents left her in central park, where she was found by a lady from an orphanage. She lived in the orphanage until she was ten years old, when she escaped. She runs around in the streets and shelters where ever she can, often in parks.

extra facts/other: She has two forms, her humanoid form (described in appearance) which she prefers, and her nymph form. In her nymph form she appears to be made out of water and bubbles, but still looks slightly humanoid.
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 Name:Ella age: 13 Species and/or powers: Half Water nymph half air nymph, can control water and ai
over a year ago ArtemisDiana said…
i walked through a park, watching people go by. A few minuets ago i had heard beautiful music playing, but the person who had been playing was now talking to a group of other people, all teens. something about them was different, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. 'i wonder if they're like me. People often describe me that way.' I thought. So I walked up to them and quietly said "Hi, I'm Ella."
over a year ago POPclogger216 said…
@ MCF Okay. I'll remember that. :)

We were walking down the busy streets, not talking, so I decided to have a little fun. There was a couple hugging at one of the Cafe` tables we were passing, so I made them both be angry at eachother. Let's just say that there were a few blouses ruined by coffee, and a very confused couple....
Ari looked over at the now kicked-out couple. "What did you do....?" She asked, like she already knew it was me.
"Nothing... just having a little fun while we walk. Hey, nobody ever knows it's me, so why not?"
"Do you know how many future families you could have destroyed by doing that?!"
"Actually, none. Once they're done with their little charade, I change them back into the little lovebirds they are."
We didn't get any farther into the discussion because we both saw a giant bird that looked like it was on fire swoop down and land on the top of a tall building.
"Do you think that's the place?" Ari asked me.
"Only one way to find out."
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over a year ago DemiTitan said…
can you guys catch me up
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
yeah ahhh u guys wrote a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so a bunch of new people joined and joe you and isabella are coming with me to the hideout

I slowly opened the door that was through a hidden brick wall. Joe stared in awe at it. Then we all scurried in before getting into the elevator. Once inside i showed them everything and all the weapons and food. Joe was interested in the wall of weapons.

"So...do you guys wanna stay? its safe for people like us. we can train here, we are family here. its awesome. I live here with my brother and thats it. we have a bunch of beds."

Joe stared. "People like us?" he asked. i explianed to him that we have powers.

"So.... do you?"
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I flew down to the fire escape of the highest floor, once I landed I looked through the window and saw people my age walking through the door. I knocked on the window and shouted,"Are you Hannah?!"
over a year ago greenstergirl said…
"Well yes i am." i yelled to him before opening the window.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
"Well, I'm glad to finally meet you." I replied sticking my hand out."My name is Marco." I added with a smile.
over a year ago MCF2000 said…
I saw the group go into a samll hidden door "Come on! Hurry before they close it!" I ran and pulled Levi behind me. We caught them just before the door closed. "Um...hi. I'm Ari and this is Levi and we're one of you." "the flower grower. I remember you. I'm Hannah." Hannah the fire haired girl said.

Oh and popclogger my character prop ably would probably not get mad at you for doing that prank I would probably just laugh.

Greenstergirl you didn't add me on the thingy
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over a year ago monkey0502 said…
Name: Carter James

Age: 13

Power: Shapeshifting. Mostly into common species in the area.

Looks: black, long hair, green eyes, thin, about 5'4"

Personality: kind, funny, but at times sneaky

Backstory: Carter lived in Florida, near Orlando. When she was three, she was abandon, and when people are abandon, they are usually left to die. Though, she survived. She was found by a foster home person one year after she was abandon. She stayed there for eight years. She got sick of waiting for someone to adopt her so she left. She found out about her abilitys the same year. She slowly made her way up to NYC, to where she heard about a place where they were setting up someplace where people like her can go, changing from animal to animal.

Other facts: she is autistic. She is at the low end of the spectrum, thought, her speech wasn't clear until she was four turning five. She used sign language to speak. She can turn into objects and people, too, but chooses animals most offen.


Once I saw the sign saying I was entering NYC. I made sure no one was around and changed into my human form. Fortunately (sp I think), I was wearing jeans and a light jacket. I looked at my watch. It was late evening. Thinking everyone there was busy with dinner or going out, I wandered around the City.

over a year ago MCF2000 said…
We got to the safe room ad Hannah asked us what powers we have and told us the other's powers. "I'm some sort of mixture of an earth nymph, a fire nymph, a water nymph, an air nymph, and a shapeshifter." I said. "I'm also a homeless orphan." I added as I saw she was examining my clothes. "Anything else?" Hannah asked, half-joking. "Actually yes. Im able to play any instrument without lessons and sing too." "Wow." Hannah said, turning to Levi adding, "And you?" "I can change the mood of a person/group and change my apperence to a person I've touched. See?" She tapped my arm and changed into me. "Cool." Hannah said.
over a year ago POPclogger216 said…
I changed into Ari who was next to me, to show them what my powers were. I didn't hold it for long, because I can get really tired if I hold it for too long.

After we had all be introduced, I figured out that the guy-whos name was Marco-actually was a Phoenix; or, rather, a Phoenix Hybrid. He could could change into either a full Phoenix, or a half-Phoenix-half-person creature. Cool!
The girl was an element controller, and her name was Isabella. Joe could manipulate electricity, and Hannah was a Fire nymph. There's a LOT of powers I never knew existed....
over a year ago ArtemisDiana said…
The group of teens hadn't seemed to hear me, but i just shrugged it off. I was used to that. A homeless girl living on the streets isn't someone you exactly want to talk to. If that girl is half air nymph, that means she's even more invisible, chances were they hadn't even seen me. I wandered out of the park and walked around the city, looking for a well-off store that i could 'borrow' some food from. I found a bakery and used my powers to make a few muffins float off the rack and into my waiting arms outside. Then I took off into the air and settled on top of a building to eat. I noticed the group of kids from earlier enter the building below me, but instead of following them, I simply ate my food. I saw no sense in saying hi to people multiple times for no reason.
over a year ago MagicUnicorns16 said…
Name:Kara Defereldo
Species and/or powers: Can see into the future; freezes when she has a vision, which usually ends in death, or disaster
looks: SHE WAS BORN WITH BLUE HAIR, big green eyes, and pale flawless skin. She's very pretty but never admits it.
personality: shy, funny, silly, nice, caring
back story: She has lived ever since 1907, when she turned into a type of faerie. She cannot get her wings and become a guardian faerie until she save someone from death. Her visions tell her nothing about the person whatsoever.
extra facts/other: Her eyes turn an icy purple, and she glows when she has a vision.
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 Name:Kara Defereldo age:14 Species and/or powers: Can see into the future; freezes when she has a v
over a year ago MagicUnicorns16 said…
I walked up and down the confusing streets of New York. I was desperately trying to find my way back home, but I was lost. I sighed, and gave up the fight. I sat on a grassy hill, in the nearest park I could find. I picked a flower, and stared at the tiny pink petals. I noticed a spiderweb right next to it. I froze. No, I thought, not a vision. I went cold, and saw two beautiful, big brown eyes peering at me through a spiderweb. A child's eyes. I barely noticed a whisp of light blonde hair, and pale skin.
I came back, lying in my bed and shivering madly.
over a year ago MagicUnicorns16 said…
I looked over, and a teenager was standing next to me.
"Agh!" I yelled.
"Hey, I'm Marco."
"Marr-co," he says, slower. "I found you shivering in the park. You okay?"
"Whatever." He leaves through the window.
Could this get any weirder?
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