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TheRedPanda posted on Jun 10, 2013 at 04:47PM
So yeah, I know we've lost a lot of people in the last year or so and it's a real shame that the site is like a ghost town now but I thought maybe if there was more to do, we might breathe some life into the club again!

It's night-time and we're all gathered in the park for a midnight feast/stake out to witness a beautiful meteor shower due to occur in a couple of minutes or so. There are pies and cakes, fish and crisps, an array of food to fuel your sweet tooth/beak.
It comes to our attention that all the lights in NYC are out...


Swearing is not allowed unless you blank out all but the beginning of the word. Eg: S***.
Please do not be overly rude or suggestively so.
Please try not to argue and/or insult any participants.

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over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
MS: I got everything you asked for.
Bandit: Did you get the Banoffee?.
MS: .... *Faceflipper*.
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: *takes out a journal* *writing* the city is showered with lights no mere man can control. *speaking to others* I call dibs on the French silk. *takes French silk pie*
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
(French Silk Pie? :o)

Bandit: What'cha writing there Monique? *Takes a bite out a strawberry tart, sticks her tongue out* Jeeze that's sweet...
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: I'm writing my perspective of the event in a poetic manner.
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Bandit: So it's like a poetic commentary from what you see? Sounds cool
Hybrid: *Dramatically* Thus the sky shall set alight! Scaring the shadows away yet remaining ever loyal to the moon's own light on this dark and peaceful night...
Bandit:... Ok then... Think uh, think Hybrid's had way too many Cheerios. Do you reckon the humans are preparing to watch it too? I mean, all the lights in the city are out?
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over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: take it easy or I'll put a slug between someone's shoulder blades then ask what light through yonder poser breaks. *laughs*
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Hybrid: *Gulps* Ew... Slugs...
Bandit: Has anyone seen the apple pie? I can't find it...
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: not that kind of slug. I meant a bullet
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Hybrid: Ah... Right... I knew that!
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: it's okay that you didn't.
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Bandit: Monique? Have you seen MS? I sent him after the Banoffee a while back but he hasn't returned yet...
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: nope. Sorry, bandit
over a year ago YellowCrimson said…
Yellow: Hey Guys! I just got back from my overseas mission and I brought Dried Mangoes from the Philipines. They are the absoloute BEST! Try one. They are not too sweet and not too sour. Also, I brought some Milk just in case, you know, spicy foods?
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Hybrid: Oh sweet! *Takes a Mango* How'd your mission go?
Bandit: Well I presume, she's here isn't she?
Hybrid:... Oh yeah.... How much longer til the meteors get here?
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over a year ago starslight101 said…
Madi: Not much longer, I think.
Cam: How would you know?
Madi: I know a lot about stars and such. *shrugs* We brought treats!
Cam: Peach crumble, boston cream pie, donuts, and we cannot forget...
M&C: 7-layer chocolate pie!
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: can animals get diabetes?
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Hybrid: I'll be the Guinea-Pig! *Drooling*
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: that's risky
over a year ago starslight101 said…
Madi: Well, if I haven't gotten diabetes than I'm sure we will be fine.
Cam: Do you know how much this girl eats chocolate? Jesus.
Madi: *laughs nervously* Anyway, what should we do while we wait?
Cam: Charades?
Madi: No. Hmm...I got it!
Cam: *scared* Oh no. Not--
Madi: Truth or Dare!
Cam: Oh God, help us all.
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: *writing* jarhead clan? *chuckling* *writing* and it worked?
over a year ago AgentBobcat18 said…
Amy was in her habitat, reading a book. Unlike many animals, she had the ability to read.
Suddenly, Sarah came running into the habitat, Mad on her shoulder. '' Amy!'' Sarah yelled.
Amy sighed, and looked up from her book. '' Yes, Sarah?''
'' There's gonna be a meteor shower!''
That got Amy's attention. '' Really? When?''
'' Tonight!'' Sarah exclaimed. '' That's why we gotta go, go, go! Come on, move it, kanga!''
Amy chuckled and got up. '' Is anybody else going to watch it?''
'' Yeah, the whole zoo!'' And with that, Sarah turned around and started running in the opposite direction. '' Come on!'' She yelled over her shoulder.
Amy smiled, then quickly hopped after her friends, easily catching up to them. She loved meteor showers. Not just because they fascinated her, but because her old leader loved them.

It was a quiet night. Sarah, Amy, and Mad were in their HQ, playing Crazy Eights.
'' Where's Commander Kayla?'' Sarah suddenly asked, breaking the silence.
Mad shrugged. '' I dunno. Maybe she's outside.''
Amy nodded. '' I'll go check.'' She stated quietly, though her teammates were used to her quiet voice. Sarah nodded, and they continued playing.
Amy hopped outside to find Commander Kayla sitting on the grass, staring up at the sky.
Now, at first Amy thought something was wrong, because Commander Kayla rarely lounged around. She hopped towards her leader. '' Commander, are you alright?'' She questioned worriedly.
'' I'm fine, Amy.'' Commander Kayla replied. '' Why do you ask?''
'' W-well...'' Amy trailed off.
'' Well what? Come on, spit it out, soldier.'' Commander Kayla ordered.
'' Well, it's just that you rarely relax.''
'' Hm-m.'' Kayla's eyes drifted back up to the sky. '' Soldier, look up at the sky.''
'' Pardon?''
'' Just do it.''
Amy quickly looked up at the sky.
'' What do you see, Amy?''
'' W-well, I see stars and the moon and-''
'' No, no! Look closer.''
Amy did so, and noticed what looked to be balls of fire zipping through the sky. She had read about those. '' Commander, are those...''
Kayla nodded. '' Yes, meteors. There is a meteor shower going on right this minute. To be honest, I'm fascinated with them. Aren't they beautiful?''
Amy was startled. Kayla rarely called anything beautiful. '' Er... yes, sir. They are. Shooting stars they are also called, correct?''
Kayla nodded. '' Yup. You know, some say that if you make a wish upon a falling star, it comes true.'' She winked at Amy.
'' Er... do you believe that, Commander?''
Kayla made eye contact with Amy. '' Yes. Yes I do.'' She stated, silently daring Amy to make fun of her. '' Do you?''
Amy shrugged helplessly. '' I... I don't know, sir.''
'' Mm.'' Kayla looked back up at the sky, then back down. '' You know, some people say that it isn't true. That falling stars don't grant wishes, that any wish that does happen to come true is a mere coincidence. That anybody who believe in such fairytales are naive and will never survive in the real world.'' Kayla clenched her fists. '' Well, you know what I say to that? I say, buzz off.'' She unclenched her fists.
'' I... I think that those who deny the magical things in life are the naive ones, Kayla.'' Amy said quietly, not even caring that she called her superior by her first name.
But, instead of reprimanding her, Kayla smiled a rare smile. '' Thank you, Amy. Thank you. But still... it is times like those, times when I look at all the scientific mumbo-jumbo they made up to explain magic, it makes me feel crazy.''
Amy shook her head. '' You are not crazy, Kayla,'' She said in a volume that could actually be considered normal.
Kayla smiled again. '' Thank you, Amy. Believe it or not, that means a lot.''
Flashback Ends

'' Hey, Ames, you alright?'' Mad's voice brought Amy back to reality. She blinked, then smiled at her friends. '' Yeah. I'm fine. Just thinking about someone.'' And judging by the looks in their eyes, they were thinking the same thing she was: If only Commander Kayla were here.
Unfortunately, Kayla wasn't here, so Amy and Sarah and Mad had to sit down on the grass as if nothing was wrong, as if they were perfectly fine, as if they hadn't had a chunk of their hearts ripped out only a few months ago, as if somebody close to them hadn't been killed right in front of them.
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Hybrid: *Wipes her beak* Ok. Who's got a bottle we can spin?
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: I think there's one skipper's not going to use anymore
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Hybrid: Great! Who goes first? Eeny meeny? Flip-a-coin? Rock-paper scissors?
Bandit: Not all of us can do that last one... You have claws. I have flippers
Hybrid: Ok... How about grenade?
Bandit: That would look the same as a rock AND beat everything else!
over a year ago kivamarie said…
(but what about the haunted house role play and my stranded in the arctic role play)
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
(I don't know Kiva, I wasn't part of those so I'm not sure what happened )
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
(Working on them, kiva)
over a year ago TheRedPanda said…
Bandit: Eyes to the skies guys! Meteor shower at twelve o'clock!
Hybrid: Heh, rhyme... Wait, I'm not a guy! And it's not even Eleven o'clock yet! And- *Looks up* Oh.... PRETTY!!!
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: *lays on grass facing the sky*