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_Lexii23_ posted on Jan 06, 2013 at 03:42AM
Here's a role play about the video game Portal :D you don't have to know what the game is to join :) (if you have any questions about anything just put it in parenthesis :) )

Here's the story:
This takes place a short time before Portal 1. GLaDOS has already flooded the enrichment center with neurotoxin and killed all the scientists (don't worry, no more neurotoxin is in the air) She finds a file about the animal testing initiative and decides to try this out on us.
While at the zoo, a blue portal opens up to Aperture Laboratories. We all gather around it and decide to enter it. (The RP can start a short time before we find the portal)
Once inside Aperture, we are immediately put into the testing course. We have to find a way to escape but that won't be easy with GLaDOS in charge.

Characters available to use:
All OCs(you can have as many as you want)
All Penguins of Madagascar Characters
All personality cores (Wheatley, Space, Curiosity, Adventure[Rick], Fact, Anger, Cake)
Doug Rattmann
Turrets, companion cubes, ect,

The only rule is: Have fun!

Btw: that is a pic of GLaDOS :3
 Here's a role play about the video game Portal :D 당신 don't have to know what the game is to 가입하기 :)

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over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
big smile
(Here ill put a little info on all the Portal Characters for y'all :3

GLaDOS: General Life and Disk Operating System. A giant female robot in charge of the Aperature laboratories. She is obsessed with testing. She is smart and often insults test subjects about being fat, adopted, dumb, ect. She went crazy once and killed all the scientists working at Aperture (except Doug Rattmann)

Wheatley: male. a british personality core who constantly rambles. (Just look on my pictures for a photo of him) He was designed to be "the dumbest moron who ever lived" but is very insulted when you tell him that. He was designed to prevent GLaDOS from gathering enough knowledge to take over. She threw him off of her so now Wheatley is in charge of all the test subjects.

Morality core: looks like Curiosity but purple. Doesn't ever speak. Used to give GLaDOS a conscience.

Space core: male. looks almost exactly like Wheatley but with a yellow eye (like the loading symbol on YouTube) He is obsessed with Space and constantly talks about it. "Space! Space. Gotta go to space! Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey! Lets go to space! "

Curiosity core: female. looks like Wheatley just less detailed and with an orange eye. Curious about EVERYTHING. "What's that? Oh what is THAT? Oh look that thing has numbers on it! What is it? What's wrong with your legs?!?!"

Adventure Core(Rick): male. Looks like wheatley but with a green eye with a black line horizontally down the middle. He is full of himself and thinks he can handle anything. He constantly flirts with everyone also.

Fact Core: male. looks like wheatley but with a purple eye (like two loading symbols). He randomly spits out a variety of true and untrue facts. "The first person to find that cows milk was drinkable was very VERY thirsty. Abraham Lincoln was sleepwalking when he signed the emancipation proclamation."

Anger core: male. looks like curiosity but with a red eye. Constantly makes a series of angry grunts and growls and flips around everywhere.

Cake core: male. Looks like anger but with a dark blue eye. Has the urge to tell you every ingredient there ever was in any cake. "Chocolate powder, graduated sugar, flour, coconut oil,..."

Doug Rattmann: sole survivor of GLaDOS's neurotoxin ambush. He is slowly going crazy but writes helpful things on the walls of the facility.

Turrets: (look at my latest picture to see them) High-pitched voice. Talk nicely to you the shoot the heck outta you when you walk by. The defective ones have a male Brooklyn accent and have no bullets. The "Different Turret" refuses to shoot you and is very nice.

Companion cube: a medium sized grayish cube with a pink heart on it. It doesn't speak and will never threaten to stab you.

ASHPD: Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device: fits on your arm/ flipper and shoots out orange and blue portals.

How portals work: shot an orange portal near you then shoot a blue portal on the other side of the room. Step through the orange one and appear through the blue one and vise-versa. The laws of physics do apply to them "in laymen's terms, Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes out" -GLaDOS.
They can only be places on walls covered in white conversion gel.

Blue repulsion gel: jump on it and its like a giant trampoline. "Got a note from the boys at the lab about getting covered in the gel: Do not get covered in the gel.... We haven't figured out what element it is but it's a lively one and it doesn't favor the human skeleton." -Cave Johnson

Orange repulsion gel: run over it and you go super fast :D

White conversion gel: made from moon rocks. Is made to hold portals.

Airel faith plates: a catapult once you step on it.

Excursion funnel: a tractor beam that sends you any way. Is able to be hopped out of at any time.(can be transported by portals)

Hard-light bridges: a bridge made of hard light (can be transported with portals) "These bridges are made from sunlight that I pump in from the surface. It you rub your cheek on one it'll be like you're standing out side with the sun on your face. But that will also set your hair on fire so don't do that." -GLaDOS.

And remember, THE CAKE IS A LIE! XD )

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over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
(Also, no cores can move on their own unless they are on a management rail. They have to be carried everywhere. Here's a pic of them with some quotes:) )
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 (Also, no cores can 옮기기 on their own unless they are on a management rail. They have to be carried e
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: *walking around the zoo munching on an apple*
over a year ago DrBlowhole said…
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: *hears space core* what the-? *walks towards the noise*
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: *turns towards ruckus and follows Lexi* what's going on?
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: *sees space core lying on ground* *turns to Monique* *shrugs* *pokes space core*

Space Core: Stars, nebulas, black holes. The Big Dipper. The Big Dipper! :D

Lexii: *jumps back and throws apple at it* 0_o
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over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: *hangs on to Lexi by arms to keep her from being jumpy*
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: *still* thanks

Space core: *twitches* space. Space. Space. Space. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccceeee!!!!!!!!

Lexii and Monique: 0_0

over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Sylvia: *walks over* hey, Lexii. Hey, Monique. What's up? *Sees space core* What IS that thing?
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: (whispering) if any weapons or suspicious activity comes out, RUN!
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Sylvia: *nods* was that thing saying 'space?'
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: yeah. It's creepy right! 0_0

Space core: Put the system on trial! Space system. On trial. Guilty! Of not being in space!! :D Space Space SpaceSpace!
over a year ago Kait_Wolf said…
Kait:(penguin) *appears out of nowhere, looking at Space core* What is that? It`s starting to hurt my ears.
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Sylvia: It's hurting my ears, too. Guilty of not being in space? Are we going to prison?
over a year ago mostar1219 said…
Monique: technically, if we're on Earth and Earth is in space, we actually ARE in space
over a year ago Kait_Wolf said…
(Btw, can all of these cores see your insides and bones and that?)
over a year ago Gumball17 said…
(Nope :P)
Dylan: *walks up* Hey guys, d- *sees the space core* say, that thing looks like that other...thing that fell over there *points toward the Penguin habitat*
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: *looks towards penguin habitat* *tilts head to one side questionably* I guess we better go check it out. Lets take him with us. *points to space core* *walks over and grabs one of its handles* Could someone help me carry this thing please?
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Space core: *high voice* Dad! I'm in space! *deep voice* I'm proud of you son. *high voice* Dad, are you in space? *deep voice* yes. Now we are a family again.

Lexii: 0_e
over a year ago Kait_Wolf said…
Kait:(penguin) *covering her ears* I would if someone shut that thing off.
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: *shouting slightly to be heard over space core* Well it has no mouth so duck tape won't work!
over a year ago Gumball17 said…
Dylan: *help Lexii carry the space core* Maybe the other one can help. It was a lot more level-headed!
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Sylvia: whoa, these things have brains? Weird.
Blake: *comes out of HQ* what is making that annoying noise? *sees space core* What IS that?
Sylvia: space core. It was talking to its daddy.
Blake: uh...okay...
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: thanks Dyl :) *walks to penguin habitat with Dylan* What's the other one like?

Space core: *whipering* Come here space. I have a secret for you. No come closer. ... SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCEEEEEE!!!!!!­!!!­!!!
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Sylvia: *hurries after them* wait guys, I don't want to be alone. Not with these weird things. *catches up with them.* What's it saying about space?
Blake: *following Sylvia* I don't think it's talking ABOUT space, I think it's talking TO space.
Sylvia: are these things insane or something?
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Space core: *talking to me* Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey lady. Hey hey! Lets go to space!!!!! :D SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCEEEEE!!!!

Lexii: *getting closer to the penguin habitat* No ones going to space!
over a year ago Gumball17 said…
Dylan: *to Lexii* It had a blue eye and a British accent.
Space core: You know what's cooler than space? SSSSPPPPPPPAAAAAAACCCCCEEEEE
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Lexii: *to dylan* As long as its nothing like this one I'm glad.
Space core: La la la la la la! Duh da duh da da! La la SPAAAAAAAAACEEEE!!!

*everyone arrives at penguin habitat*
Wheatley: *laying on the ground on his side mumbling something* *sees everyone* Ah! Brilliant! You found him! Er, great work... Team! Heh. Now can someone turn me to where I could see the clock tower? Er, please? It's fairly important!

Lexii: *walks over and turns wheatley towards the clock tower* Woah what happened to it?!
*clocktower is covered in what seems to be white paint with a 5-foot glowing blue ring in the center*

Wheatley: uh that right there is a portal. It is a portal. That's where we came from. We came here to bring you back through the portal with us. Yep. That's why. And I know you're thinking "We'll why should I?" We'll ill tell you why! You should go because... Well you just should! Er please?
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Sylvia: ooh, let's go in!
Blake: why?
Sylvia: it's boring here.
over a year ago Kait_Wolf said…
(*facepalm* I keep missing a lot. DX)

Kait:(penguin) *in HQ, keeping away from the core* What`s the point of keeping it? My ears are ringing.... *making a half sad, half dirty look*
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Wheatley: *talking about Kait* uh tell that one that we can leave the space core here. He's getting a tad annoying...

*everyone cheers*

Lexii: *smiles and goes into the hq and tells kait*
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
big smile
Lexii: *comes back out of hq* C'mon guys! Lets go in! It'll be fun! :D
over a year ago SgtSkipper said…
big smile
(OOH! I love the game Portal! I've only played Portal 2, it's a shame the 1st one is only on PC)
(Also, are Atlas and P-Body on here? *Portal2 co-op characters*)
(Also, can I join?)
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_Lexii23_ commented…
(I have the first one on my PS3. It's in a game pack called 주황색, 오렌지 Box. :) I forgot about them! Sure they can! Of corse 당신 can join!! :D) over a year ago
over a year ago NyanWheatley said…
...Didn't that guy get thrown into space? On the moon. MILES FROM EARTH? ...any hope would be the portal gun, but that's who knows where. Next thing you know, Wheatley falls from the sky...*get hit with a foreign object* -I stand corrected.
over a year ago NyanWheatley said…
Oh wait, he's over theeeerre. HI!!! -Then what's that?!... (can I join?)
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over a year ago johnstart said…
(Are you guys coming back?)
over a year ago ImAnEasel said…
OH MY GOD! PORTAL + TPOM!!!!! Can I join?