팬 of PoM Can y'all do me a favor? :D *please click!* X3

_Lexii23_ posted on Oct 19, 2012 at 12:30AM
I just got this little sketchbook and I want to put everyone's main OC in it. All I need for you to do is this:
In this format, put this info about your OC.

Name: (can be full name or just first name)
Personality: (Just a few words or a sentence or two)
Something special about them: (can be anything you want! :D favorite color, hobbies, habits, ect :3 )

One page will be a picture of your OC and the page to the side of it will be their info :3

I'll make a video showing the contents of the book after I have most of the OCs in it.

You can put up to two OCs in your post :D I hope you all participate in this! This will be the greatest sketchbook ever!!!!! :D
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over a year ago Gumball17 said…
big smile
Well I think you pretty much know Dylan. X3
over a year ago Gumball17 said…
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And yes it will! :D
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
I sure do! X3
over a year ago RTE33 said…
Name: Rusty
Age: 16
Personality: Crazy, Just Crazy.
Something Special: He Looks Almost Like Skipper, Except He's Taller. He Loves Orange, Space Suits, Family Guy, My Little Pony, Also... Did I Mention He's Crazy?

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over a year ago CuteCuddly said…
Name: CC
Age: 13
Personality: Kind, nice, sometimes quiet, but full of fun!
Something special about them: She loves to sing! :D
over a year ago Catherina_PoM said…
Name: Catherina (or Rina)
Age:11 (but some people think she's 15)
Personality:Smart(not like Kowalski),active,Sometimes stubborn and weird,sometimes childish and likes to have fun
Something special about them:She likes skateboarding and rollerblading
over a year ago ILUVKOWALSKI said…
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Well you know lots about Emma already but I'll still put stuff down. :3 And this is a really cool idea btw. :3 I might do one of these aswell. :P

Name: Emma Louise Wayte.

Age: 14 (She ages when I do. :P)

Personality: Smart(Kowalski smart), sweet, shy, talented, can be a bit hyper/crazy, very reasonable, fun loving, fiery tempered, athletic, veeery lazy(XD), awesome drawer, extremely stubborn, a little odd, and loves to sleep.

Something Special: I guess her (former) powers, and her family history and stuff, like her blood has healing powers and stuff. :P She loves drawing, music, nature, the stars, willow trees, waterfalls, awesome food (like chocolate and sweets. :P) and Kowalski. :3

Hmm we can two Ocs.... Well I choose Ashley to be my other one since he's my second Oc. :P

Name: Ashley Conner Mcmullen.

Age: 13

Personality: Sweet, naive, kind, helpful, eager, curious, fun, gentle, direct, and gullible.

Something Special: He absolutely adores chocolate, he can do the Hypercute, he survived weeks of torture and he's got an amazing sense of smell. Oh and he and Emma are like brother and sister. (Even though they're not. :P)

I will put a picture too, just because I'm hyper. :D

 Well 당신 know lots about Emma already but I'll still put stuff down. :3 And this is a really cool ide
over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
Thanks guys! :D ok I'm almost done drawing y'all and then I just need to color :D
over a year ago LVPRYDAPLATYPUS said…
i may be too late but i'll put it anyways
name: angel
age: 18 (or 3 years younger than parker XD*
personality: she loves agency stuff and she is a tomboy of course sensative
special: well all the animals say she's a good singer

personality: she can be annoying sometime bacause she's hyper
special: she can run faster than any of the penguins
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over a year ago _Lexii23_ said…
It not too late :D this is just something that kinda just goes on and on X3
Thanks for participating! :3
over a year ago Tressa-pom said…
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Hope it's not late D: Because I just saw it!
Name: Tressa (Lab number: 1662128)
Age: 26
Personality: Silent, shy, smart, singer, scientist, gentle, sometimes cruel, sensitive,calm,romantic,soft-spoken,patien­t and hopeful.
Something special about them: She has yellow beak. She lost half of her left flipper on an experiment. She has the heart-shaped box which can turn into tatoo. She is sister of Rico. She has awesome hearing skills, and aquaphobia (she can't swim). She loves music, her fave color is green. She loves plane-trees, hearts,science (even tough she hates scientist O_o),music.
 Hope it's not late D: Because I just saw it! Name: Tressa (Lab number: 1662128) Age: 26 Personalit
over a year ago ImAnEasel said…
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Thank you! That's very kind of you! X3 I'll enter Moonshadow and Squeak. You can find details about them in this forum: link
over a year ago Mockinjay1400 said…
hope im not too late:
name: Amber Renae Jaxon
age: about one penguin year younger than kowalski. (she's a capricorn)
personality: shes outgoing, sly, lies about 20% of the time, and likes to sit in autumn trees nd watch the suset.
something about her: she likes the color green, vampires, One Direction, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Kowalski, neon colors, peaches and cream oatmeal, autumn leaves, ongs with just guitars and voices, pandas, big words, and spies. and James Bond movies.
other: she's not realy partof skipper's team, yet she is. she's an off-base contact. someone to turn to when hir under seige or just need information. she can read and write. skipper has given her athority over private, and in times of extreme seige, treatury, chaos, or off-base life threatening missions, she has athority over kowalski and rico, too. she's a technology wizard & a great chemist. she also knows medic.

next ill do:
name: Taylor Anne Jaxon
age: 12; DoB: Jan 4, 2000(same as me!)
personality: fun, hyperactive, sugar addicted, has slight depression, OCD, is colorblind, and somehow alwas laaughs at the mention of potatoes...
something about her: she likes One Direction, The colors black and white, traveling, old fashion movies, Kit-kat candies, emoticons, and has clostrophobia, and doesn't believe in santa.
other: SHe's amber's twin, is Exactly like me, and looks like amber, but with blue hair and eyes. she's a spy and does stufffor the penguins occasionaly, but mostly stays in Coppenhagen, dong some work for her own aagency. she's an old friend of marlene's from the aquarium.
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 hope im not too late: name: Amber Renae Jaxon age: about one 펭귄 년 younger than kowalski. (