팬 of PoM A party at Kait`s new home! (If 당신 see this, then your invited! XD) RP

Kait_Wolf posted on Sep 09, 2012 at 12:33AM
Yep, a party. X)

1. Bring any food and drinks if you want.
2. Don`t trash the place or Bonehead will kill me. I mean it, don`t. D:
3. Don`t die. Me and my brothers might fight or dare each others and all that, but you don`t have to worry about that.
4. Prepear to have fun!

I`m kidding about the dieing part, I`ll make sure nothing does not get out of hand.... Unless someone tries to make me drink pop, then it will be crazy. XD

Random pic!
(This is my unfinished group pic. :P From the left side, there`s Beast, Bonehead, Lech, Me(Kait), Black, Wilder(He should be taller.) Janger and Ted(Use to be Trucker))
 Yep, a party. X) Rules! 1. Bring any 음식 and drinks if 당신 want. 2. Don`t trash the place 또는 B
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