fanpop's got talent What do 당신 plan to do differently in '09?

Pick one:
Start working on my entry earlier, so it will be perfect!
Not put as much effort into my entry, because the whole thing is rigged!
Threaten 더 많이 Fanpoppers not to enter. (The reason only 23 people entered!)
Not put so much pressure on myself...I'm still in therapy over this!
Would 당신 shut up? I'm still crying over losing in '08.
Give everyone a ride on the wheely chair so they will enter!
Get my cameraman to enter the video on time!
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Not enter at all, I&# 39; m waaaay too busy!
Not enter at all, I'm waaaay too busy!
Added by tinkerluvr
Actually enter
Actually enter
Still the same
Still the same
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 chel1395 posted over a year ago
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