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posted by mishaanita
burning need of your soul
take a glimpse to ignite
fire like slug 당신 whole
one who steals your fantasy
have special given name
queen of Fire
touching you
hugging 당신
flux 당신 in my flame
hunger all 당신 think
night whispers
crown 당신 as a man
My single gaze
magnet to worship
have special given name
Empress of Desires
sloshing in torrent of rain
yearning for 당신 can't
an innocent prey
plunge on knees
fling my passion
Resist me?
You won't get easy
have special given name
Seductress of Temptation
You're hunted in my love
craving 당신 cant deny
you see me when 당신
look in the mirror
sorceress of Passion
Nothing about me...
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posted by LovingLucy
Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every 일 I feel you.

The morning bird reminds me of what’s coming.
The connection.
The spark.

I have never felt this way,
Drawn to you,
Needing you.
Holding you.

To grip 당신 is passion.
Purest of its form,
Attentive in its own way,
And it breaks barriers.

Sonic booms have nothing on us.
The Grand Canyon too small to expand with us,
The Burj Khalifa too small to grow with us,
And the oceans do not have enough depth to describe us.

Despite that, we are endless.
And forever.

Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every 일 I feel you....
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posted by PinkiePie11
Pinkie frequently performs cartoonish feats, such as eye-bulging, wild takes, and unusually angled cuts into the frame. Her merry skips resemble Pepé Le Pew's, particularly in Griffon the Brush Off. Her costume and waddle in Dragonshy are reminiscent of Daffy Duck's four-legged body in 오리 Amuck.
On several occasions, Pinkie breaks the fourth 벽 and shows awareness of cinematic elements. For example, at the end of Over a Barrel, she pokes her head through the iris wipe to grumble about Twilight's friendship lesson, and in Magic Duel, she stretches the iris wipe wide open and climbs into...
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 FGT 2014 is finally over!
FGT 2014 is finally over!
Dear fanpopper,

I am really glad that we completed FGT 2014 so nicely, there came some problems in finishing this but we crossed the hurdles together and honestly I couldn’t have done this without your helps. We saw some amazing and breathe taking entries in this FGT but only 4 entries made it to the Grande Finale.
Still 당신 all are winners as 당신 guys are 메리다와 마법의 숲 enough to participate and show your talent to the world.

Some facts about Fanpop’s Got Talent

1.This FGT was biggest FGT of all. This 년 40+ 팬 registered and 30+ entries were 제출됨 which is a big thing.
2.80+fans voted...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I apologize for my behavior from the last couple days. I don’t do well with losing, not in this category, anyway, but the way I’ve handled it was out of line.
The only reason I acted like a first class 암캐, 암 캐 was to prevent myself from bursting into tears. I know it shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it is to me. That’s what I do, when I’m upset. I become this spoiled brat, who I don’t even like myself, when all I want to do is cry.
It’s not an excuse, I know that. I just wanted to explain myself.
I guess, in the heat of the competition, I forgot why I wrote ‘The Host’ in the...
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 Fanpop's Got Talent 2014 Quarter Finals
Fanpop's Got Talent 2014 Quarter Finals
Hello fanpoppers,
Today I Iti Shree the official holder of Fanpop's Got Talent is going to announce winners of each categories.
First of all I wanna thank sall the participants of entering in this annual contest and showing so much of enthusiasm. I wanna thank volunteers for promoting this event on such a large scale, I wanna thank judges for being much responsible and dedicated towards their duties.

At last I wanna thank 팬팝 Four for promoting us and helping us so much, without them this couldn't have been possible.

Now I may start congratulating and wishing best of luck for the future to...
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M/N was lying in Stein's surgery, his stomach open and blood drowning him.
"Professor, can I come in?" Maka asked, Soul silently waiting behind her.
"You can, but M/N's stomach is open and his organs are visible." Stein replied, wiping his hand on a white cloth.
"Oh." Maka sighed. "You go in Soul, I don't think I can."
Soul showed no emotion and walked in slowly. His placed his hands in his pockets and stared at the bloody mess. Her could just see the 심장 beating so slowly. If it went any slower he'd be dead.
"Why'd 당신 do it?" Soul whimpered quietly, crushed to see his friend like this....
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The dunes of Hueco Mundo were still and silent. Not a breath was exhaled, not a puff of air stirred. A few shrubs peaked out the sand here and there, but little else in the way of life was visible. All trees had long since been felled, and not a single Hollow was in evidence for miles in any direction. Despite the endless night, a thick, sickly heat covered the landscape.

Ever since their defeat at the hands of Soul Society, the Hollow had never been the same. They may have recovered were it not for their immediate subjugation to Yhwach and the Wandenreich (Invisible Empire), followed on by...
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"Quit that,alex..!"I called out !it was the perfect weekend and there he was,my wretched little twin,alex trying to wake me up 의해 using vaccuum cleaner on my toes!Leave it to him to find such crazy ways to annoy me!Yes,these kind of things happen to me everyday!well,you might be asking who i am,i'm 올리브 Priston, a 13-year old , desperately trying to cop up with my life....

"What?, i'm just trying to wake 당신 up ,sis!"Alex said...."well then,be happy, 당신 suceeded!"I said bouncing off the 침대 and making my way downstairs!I could very well hear my brother rolling with laughter!I groaned,I felt...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Well, since I already got some validation from the judges, I might as well put it in an article! Now, I've had some experience with 글쓰기 haikus, but that was when I was eight and had to do one for a school assignment. But, hopefully, 당신 guys won't think that these are lame. I wish we could've entered with so much more, but here's the two that I chose to enter.

Haiku #1: My Hopeless Dream
My hopeless dream is
To feel cherished and wanted...
All I need is love.

Now, this was the first haiku that I wrote for this competition, and I can honestly say that it's one of my favorites. Most people...
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posted by zikkiforever
A.N: I don't know whether 또는 not my entry is meant to be in the form of the article, but if it isn't then I can easily put it into the correct form.

Background: I have 0 experience with 글쓰기 haikus. I researched them a bit, had a little go and it turned out when I had a go they ended up not half bad. So if they are utter rubbish to 당신 guys then so be it, but I am pretty confident with these. We are aloud to 제출하기 2 at the max and selected these 2 out of 7 I wrote especially for FGT. So I hope 당신 enjoy my haikus with the classic 5-7-5 pattern. Something form my everyday life inspired both...
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Another lovely 일 went on. At a large building, known as “Café Mew Mew”, business was at a higher rate. This particular café is well known for its various desserts. Those who either had a huge craving 또는 taste for sweetness knew where to go.

Within these crowds of customers the waitresses who worked there were well known. Zoey is the one who had the dark 담홍색, 핑크 uniform. Corina is known for wearing blue but has black hair which formed into twin-buns. Bridget is easy to recognize not only for her uniform color which is bright green, but also the fact she wares glasses and her long, green...
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[One Piece! The New Pirate-King's Execution!]

-Time-skip, 2 days prior-

Raftel. The final destination. The place that supposedly holds the treasure, One Piece, and the the Rio Poneglyph. Little is known of the island itself, but almost everyone has heard about One Piece and the place Gol D. Roger allegedly hid the famous artifact. For the Straw Hat pirates, it is the place that will make them. They will become pirates of legend, the crew to the Pirate-King, he who is king over all pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, son of Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of Monkey D. Garp, also known as Garp the Fist, or...
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Dry lightning cracks across the skies. Those storm clouds gather in her eyes. Her daddy was a mean old mister. Mama was an 앤젤 in the ground. The weather man called for a twister. She prayed blow it down

It was March 1st. I should have been happy that it is my birthday, but how could I when everything around me is a wreck. I wish I could just cry away the pain from all this misery. I look out my bedroom window and I see lightning strike a 나무, 트리 down. I feel the pain of the tree, and I cannot help it; however, I don’t feel any 더 많이 pain that I previously did. I wish my mom was still around....
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Day 1; Monday, December 9th

Her head hung low, she hadn't felt this bad since her dad found out that her mother had been sleeping around...he was the 3rd man in the woman's life. Yet many years after she sat in the office being prescribed 더 많이 medication silence the depression.

"There is no hope for you. No future, not one that's good anyways."

Day 2; Tuesday, December 10th

Triggered 의해 her 4th defeat, she was so close. But anytime she bought herself to do anything it seemed she could never win. Kicked out of college (not forgetting to bring her sisters down with her) all in vain for Magix still...
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Sad Beautiful Tragedy

It’s a 팬 fiction story of Flora and Helia. I don’t know why but whenever I get a romantic one shot, Helia and Flora stuck my head maybe because they got most strong bonding among all the couples. Plus they are my favourite couple from The Winx. And I got inspirations from real incidences

It is a little known 사랑 story of a poor village boy and a princess both of whom preferred death over separation. What is even 더 많이 haunting is the fact that unlike other 더 많이 인기 legendary lovers, Flora and Helia continue to gain attention from all the people.
Legend has it...
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once upon a time in a galaxy far far away. there was a little martian girl named marvin. she was going to see darth vader. when suddenly other cartoon characters burst through the doors.

marvin the martian: "hey! i was walking over here to see darth vader"

other cartoons: "yes 당신 where sorry about that"

marvin the martian: "sure thing"

pokemon came and helped her up. and they told her to see darthvader at the death star. but her laser beam froze because elsa the snow 퀸 froze it.

elsa the snow queen: "sorry! for freezing your laser beam little girl"

marvin the martian: that's alright.

as the...
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Once there was a massive city called Egor after the 이전 king. Inside Egor laid the towering Egor Castle. Inside this 성 lived the King Elbus. Also in the 성 were 11 knights. In the village lived a short peasant girl named Grale. 다음 to Grale's 집 was the blacksmith 샵 which was owned 의해 the wise Zolieol. In the nearby mountains there laid a cave at the tallest mountain. In it lived the griffin, Thorous. He was greedy, vicious, and murderous. One tragic day, Thorous decided he was tred of living in a dirty, wet cave. So he soared down to Egor. He killed all in his path and...
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posted by blackpanther666
For those of 당신 글쓰기 fan-fictions, I'm sure, at some stage, that 당신 will get writer's block in some form, 또는 another. I've been 글쓰기 for years and years, probably around eight years and I thought I would share some information with 당신 all, just in case 당신 do get writer's block.

1. Always remember that trying to force yourself into 글쓰기 something is not the way to go about it. Give yourself a day, 또는 two, and then go back to 글쓰기 after that. Sometimes, even the smallest break will allow your brain to clear, relieve stress from life in general and get back into a routine, 또는 whatever...
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posted by HaleyDewit
As an official judge in the 팬 Fiction category, I feel I should share a few tips with the contestants :)

1.    Do research! Watch the show 또는 read the book over and over again, until 당신 get the facts right. For my The Following fic ‘Foster Careless’ I had to watch episode 6 The Fall at least 4 times to get everything right and I had to look up a few cast members to know their character's name. It also wouldn't hurt to watch and read interviews. Annie Parisse once said that her character was such an outside of the box thinker that she could understand why people would...
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