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Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. 또는 당신 can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *
BloodyMascara *
BrokenAngel *
SoullessAngel *
HeartfeltSorrow *
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If your a 팬 of:










HighFive / HI5 / H5

Scooter / ScooterPie









House MD:





EverybodyLies TAKEN

SteveMcqueen TAKEN



Grey's Anatomy:







Shaun of the Dead:








My Name Is Earl:










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 Dictionaries are a handy tool.
Dictionaries are a handy tool.
One thing that's becoming 더 많이 and 더 많이 prominent as time goes on, is that people online don't feel the need to use good grammar and spelling. Now, despite the fact that when on IM 또는 whatevs, it's really fine to use all of these little abbreviations like "jk" "lol" "atm" etc. etc. etc. Before I get any farther into this uncontrolled rant, let me just say that I do use some internet slang. Most of this, however, are words that I make up. So, whatevs, deelie, yuppers, wazhappenin, etc. etc. etc. I'm not one to use mainstream slang other than "lol" because there is NO replacement for LOL. No,...
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 질문 7..Where can I find the FAQs?
Question 7..Where can I find the FAQs?
Basically this will be a collection of all the picks asking "HOW DO I- insert basic function here ?" (usually with the options IDK and PLZ tell me in commentz) and my short answer to these inquiries. Now that we have the new 답변 feature they are usually 게시됨 as an answer request but still repeated endlessly.
I usually 신고 these kind of picks/answers and they get deleted as they are effectively spam. The drawback is: all information users leave in the 코멘트 is lost.

link seems to only be used 의해 a limited number of 팬 and though I use it frequently I hate how all information is...
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posted by caramelmilk
or: "Basic information about removing your account"

Special thanks to link, our 팬팝 guinea pig. (or should I say lab rat?)

Removing your own account is a pretty new feature, many people may not be aware of it yet.
If 당신 go to Edit Profile and scroll all the way down, you'll find:
If you'd like to remove your account, click here.

Now what does this mean?

If 당신 삭제 your account, 당신 must know that:
Your contributions will not be deleted.

All your images, links, comments, 포럼 posts, 벽 posts, replies remain on fanpop, 다음 to your username.
If 당신 click on that 아이디 however, 당신 will be...
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posted by Fitch
Please don't hate me. I know I shouldn't be wasting an 기사 우주 글쓰기 this. I mean many people rated tp1992's 기사 low, but I wanted to take out my fustrations somewhere.
I just noticed today that in one of my favourite spots I am no longer number 1. I wouldn't be so bothered if it weren't for this:
Here's My Contributions:
Links- 3
Videos- 76
Images- 1172
Comments- 53
Forums- 54
Picks- 41
Quizzes- 10
Articles- 1

The other person's contribution:
Links- 0
Videos- 0
Images- 548
Comments- 205
Forums- 49
Picks- 0
Quizzes- 0
Articles- 0

This person uploaded pictures 2 days 이전 and they have been rated over...
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posted by Jonapello23
Okay, so Hulu has become a real problem recently, with misplaced videos. I know there is already an article. But I wanted to express my own views. Here are 링그 to misplaced videos. Get the Hulu user off of Fanpop!












Okay, so there are ten 링그 of misplaced videos. But thats nothing. Hulu has uploaded hundreds of videos, and many of them are misplaced. If 당신 find a link to a misplaced video, put it in the comments. Maybe, just maybe, we can get rid of Hulu.
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Okay this soapbox sadly, is going to point fingers so people can learn from this. I don't like having to point fingers but it seems no one gets the message across if it isn't done.

What is bulk posting? It's when 당신 post multiple things all at the same time. So when 당신 do that the 키워드 당신 give are going to be the same for every single thing 당신 post.

Why do people bulk post? Well the excuse used can be "I want to share great content with others" but really it turns 더 많이 into a quantity over quality.

Why is this harming keywords? When people bulk post they only put a general amount of keywords...
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posted by Crazy-Chica
Heyy Fanpoppers! I decided to make this soapbox for people who need 모토 ideas! Enjoy!


1. And the People who touch your heart, are always with you

2. Me & Him! [I wish]

3. Deep inside the corner of my mind, Im attached to you...

4. I know its hard for us to be together but I do understand its harder to live without one another. I just want to let 당신 know that even though we cant be together we will never be apart, because the 사랑 that I have for 당신 will always grow stronger as I live...

5. Cant 당신 feel my 심장 beat slow, I cant let 당신 go... I want to in my life...

6. He is the only...
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posted by reminisce
당신 all have probably gone to a fellow fanpopper's 프로필 and wondered how they made it look to good. Some of us have no idea how to do it. I myself had to asked my amazing girlfriend (link) how she created hers. So, we came up with a great idea to write a how-to article. :D

You can make boring text interesting. :D

You can choose any country for the flag. :D

⊿ ⌔ ⌚ ■ □ ▲ △ ▶ ▷ ▽ ◀ ◁ ◆ ◇ ○ ● ◥ ◯ ☀ ☁ ☂ ★ ☆ ☉ ☎ ☏ ☕ ☖ ☮ ☹ ☺ ♀ ♂ ⚨ ✈ ✌ ✖ ✚ ✣ ❖❝ ❞ ❤ ❥ ❦ ⤴ ⤵ 〒 ﹋ ɣ...
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posted by zanhar1
First and for most I intend no offense here. I suppose 당신 can also call this 기사 'Why Maturity Is Important'. I don't hate 또는 even dislike 12 and under users. So please don't get the wrong idea.

First and foremost I agree with it for the simple fact that rules are rules. There's an age for a reason.

And rules are usually in place for safety. In this case it isn't so much physical safety as it is mental safety. I have seen a vast array of young users who couldn't have been older than 8 post 이미지 of themselves all over. Okay, that's their choice, but it is a little dangerous. I don't...
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posted by emerald_32
저기요 there! I'm emerald_32, but 당신 can call me 에메랄드 또는 Em. Today I'll be showing 당신 a quick tutorial I made on how to 업로드 images.
So I've heard that a lot of users are having problems with the new image uploader. I have to say, it isn't really that complicated. For a 1-2 days it was for me, but I figured it out now. Since some don't, I'll be 글쓰기 this 기사 for that situation.

Please note that the browser that I use is 구글 Chrome, because it has some built-in plug-ins that are handy when surfing the net and uploading images.

Okay, let's get started. So, I want to 업로드 two images...
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posted by Temptasia
I feel like it is time that I tell 당신 how much 당신 all mean to me and how 팬팝 has changed my life. About a 년 이전 I became a stay-at-home mom. Which was really a blessing, however a huge stressor in my life was the fact that I had essentially no adult interaction during the 일 and no way of really feeling validated. I found 팬팝 one 일 while browsing for Office episodes online. I saw the picks and it looked so fun, that I just had to join! Since then I have spent hours everyday on Fanpop. It is my outlet for all the stresses of being a young mother who is nearly solely responsible...
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 I'm not afraid of you, Ghost!
I'm not afraid of you, Ghost!
So I was hanging out on my computer this evening, watching some 비디오 and browsing on Fanpop, when I noticed something that disturbed me. In not one, but two different spots. I discovered several examples of what I believe to be "Ghost Accounts".

"Ghost Accounts" are what I'm calling additional accounts created 의해 an already existing 팬팝 member to skew the results of a pick 또는 an argument in their favor. I have read things 게시됨 의해 other Fanpoppers suggesting their existence in the past, but hadn't knowingly spotted any for myself. Tonight I believe I spotted three different people doing...
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Okay, first off, that 제목 is a lie.

Based on the way things are going with the new club update feature so far, I thought we could use some guidelines. These are not official, they are merely suggestions on how to decide on a new 아이콘 또는 banner as a team. Only large clubs have the new suggestion options, so there are thousands of people there whose opinions count! (Not that smaller spots aren't valuable, 당신 guys rock just as hard.) The suggested steps for changing a club's look are the same up until Step 3 for both large clubs with the new 투표 feature, and smaller ones with user-run polls...
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Kidding as usual. Actually, it's Sunday and I have some spare time on my hands so I thought I would write up some points I think need changing with the new layoot and I invite 당신 to CONSTRUCTIVELY make your points in the comments. My idea behind this is to have a collection of concerns that we can show the F4. This way instead of ranting and going "OMG I HATE DIS!" we can make ourselves heard. I know the F4 are awesome and have listened to us in the past. Remember the 벽 debacle? Remember how they changed the layoot after we pointed it oot? Remember how they brought back the forums?

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Have 당신 ever did something silly 또는 foolish, and a few 초 later, you're laughing hysterically at yourself?

Well....I have....quite recently....today in fact.

It started when I created my new Proboards site, link a few days ago. I was so excited, because I just helped my friend with hers and she has over 30 또는 더 많이 members on it, so I was hoping I would get the same feedback.

Day one-1 Member...a friend of mine.

Day two-no members.

Day three-14 guests, no members.

Day four-still no members.

Today was 일 five, and I got one member...who told me he was confused and said I need to remodel it. What...
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I want to start 의해 saying that I think it is absolutely brilliant. I visit several times a 일 and there is always something new to see. In my eyes that is the beauty of it right?

I 사랑 that although its is a somewhat controlled environment (which is a good thing) we are pretty much able to voice our opinion on what we like and what we don't like.

I joined 팬팝 because I 사랑 to share videos, photos, 기사 and pretty much anything else that has to do with a common interest. I will confess that I am a major 팬 of the office. I 사랑 to share any bit of office news with people who will appreciate...
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Recently I just discovered what the Wiki feature was for. And upon searching, most seem to not know what its purpose is and therefore don't care about it. Never fear, I'm here. It's been approximately never since I wrote an informative 기사 so 당신 are all in for quite the treat!

"It's a glorified article."
I've seen several 코멘트 that Wikis are a "glorified article", insinuating that what 당신 can and would put in a Wiki, 당신 can and would put in an article. That is simply not true. See below for example.

Above is what 당신 can do with an article. That is noticeably missing when you...
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posted by melikhan
well thank God i found 팬팝 becuz before i did the last 3 months i was looking in 구글 and searching for my fav Tv shows images.
till the 일 i was looking for 로스트 이미지 and i found a site,i went there and it wannet me to have a username...i thought and i used:Melikhan then i came every day...don't know why!!!!!
The 1st person i talked was link and i talked to her and asked her that can i be your fan!!!!it's so bad that she left fanpop...she was a good person...she talked to me friendly and she was my 1st 팬 and friend!!!!
i started seeing fanpop....joining clubs and doing stuff...my 1st...
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