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posted by Fangirl99
jamie is a beautiful girl. she has long ,blond hair,she has a 담홍색, 핑크 셔츠 and dark blue jeans. she was the cousin of lindsey.
she was walking her dog,sweetie,when,jamie tripped on a rock. she thn fell into the arms of trent.
'hell," he said.
"thnks for saving me,abd hi."
"you okay?"
"yeah,but,i,need to rest,and my house is pretty far from here.
"you can com,e over. i live across."
they went to trents house,and they went up to his rom

"and this is my room."
i had a gray wall,with gutiar poster,and a bed.closet,drawers and other things.
"wow,thats a cool room."
"listen,do 당신 have a girlfreind?"
"i dont,do 당신 wanna go out?"
then trent kissed jamie,and thats hat went on for the rest of the day.