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posted by fangirl404
The sky is gray, looks like it's gonna rain
It's as cloudy as my mind
One drop fell on the ground
Is it from the sky 또는 my eye? It doesn't matter
I don't wanna know
Without an umbrella, I'm standing like a lonesome drowned rat
sound of rain is ringing and it's killing my 3existence
Stop it, stop it, I hope the rain stops soon
I cried, I cried, no 더 많이 tears are left
even o, I'm still wet
I'm cold
Not knowing my feelings, 당신 sa "good moring" with that bright smile as usual
Tomorrow, and the 일 aftr that, and the 일 after that...
It's no 더 많이 than a greeting
It hurts me badly, I can say it's as deadly as...
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posted by fangirl404
As 일 turns to night
I dissaper leaving no trace
but then 당신 come looking for me
you call my name
and I don't know why
I respond with a faint hello
you say to show my self
and so I listen
when 당신 see me i expected 당신 to be scared
but insted....
insted 당신 are happy
you say thst 당신 have been looking for me
that now 당신 have found me
that 당신 will never let me go
and now that I have found 당신
I will never let 당신 out of my sight
then night turns to day
you walked off and left me behind
I knew that 당신 were going to come back that night
nut when the 일 turned to night
You never came back
I waited...
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