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“It was me” Meg said. Sam had freed her from her prison and now she was going to free Cas of his. She had to promise Sam she wouldn’t try to get out until they were far gone. Because as soon as soon Cas was out they were going to hit the road an drive as far away as possible.
“I killed Jack and I killed Paul Morgan. Cas has nothing to do with it. I was trying to protect him. Jack was asking too many 질문 and Paul knew too much already. There were people trying to hurt Cas and I tried to give him a low profile. But it didn’t really work out. I don’t want a lawyer. I don’t want a trial. Just give me the maximum penalty and I’ll accept it”
Isabel stared at her, a little puzzled, but also thrilled. She got Jack and Paul’s killer. Now no one would 질문 her competence as an inspector again. She cuffed Meg’s hands and brought her to a cell.
They accelerated their steps, but Damon was heavy to carry and the 불, 화재 was catching up with them.
“Damon, please, try to walk faster” Jeremy said. His neck and shoulders hurt.
“I can’t” Damon said weak. He braked.
“Damon, what are 당신 doing?” Elena sighed. Her shoulders hurt too.
“I can’t” Damon repeated. “You have to leave me here. I’m holding 당신 up”
“Shut up, Damon” Elena said, having no mercy. She forced him to keep walking.
“I’m going to get 당신 killed” Damon said.
“Well, we’ll have to die someday” Elena said, 연기 careless, but she couldn’t hide...
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both sonic shadow were fast a sleep in pods siguiente to there new forms both sonic shadow add mask on there faces tubes in there bodies sonic pod fill with ice blue chaos water sonic was glowing ice blue shadow pod fill with ruby red chaos water sonic future self age 15 in HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite ageless/immortality 에메랄드 blue ice blue quills like lighting ice blue round his 에메랄드 green eyes 복숭아 arms chest tummy chest 모피 like silver ice blue wind marks on his arms for head sides long tail ice white 에메랄드 red inhibitor ring on his hand silver wind marks on it end of part 1
“Could 당신 get that?” Alaric yelled from the 부엌, 주방 when the doorbell rang. “Sure” Jeremy replied as he walked to the front door and opened it.
Kelsey lay her finger on her lips as a sign not to speak. “I need your help” she whispered. Jeremy looked over his shoulder, then walked outside and shut the door “My sister’s dying. I bit her and now she’s dying unless I can find a cure” Kelsey continued. “There is no cure” Amber mumbled. She was leaning on her sister. “You know that. It’s over. Better dig me a grave already”
“Shut up” Kelsey said.
“Okay, so you...
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One week later…

Sunray illuminated Elena’s face. She was awake, but didn’t want to get out of 침대 yet. The past week had been quite hectic. After Stefan and Damon had brought her 집 from the hamburger place Damon had returned and taken care of tattoo-guy. 또는 that was what he had planned to. However, when he got back he told Stefan and Elena that there was good news and bad news.
“The good news is that he’s not dead. Yay you, Elena” Damon said throwing his fists in the air. “The bad news is that he’s probably a vampire and he’s gone” That was a bummer. He assured Elena he...
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Cas groaned from the pain. His injuries healed very slowly and he failed to stay strong.
“I’m sorry, Dean” Cas sobbed as tears rolled over his face. “I don’t want to be a baby, but it hurts so much”
“It’s okay” Dean said. “Just hang in there. It’ll all be over soon”
“Make it stop” Cas begged. He coughed and threw up blood again.
Dean frowned scared. “What can I do? Tell me what I should do, Cas”
But Cas closed his eyes.
“Don’t die, okay?” Dean said afraid. “You can’t. There’s still so much we have to do. I’m going to teach 당신 how to drive the Impala...
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Cas parked his car in front of Heather’s house. He looked at Meg.
“Are 당신 tired?” he asked concerned. He pointed at Heather’s house. “Maybe your ex-colleague will give 당신 a place to sleep”
“What about you? You’re not leaving me here, are you?” Meg said a little worried. Cas unbuckled and got out of the car. Meg did the same. They walked to the front door and knocked.
Five 분 later Heather opened the door.
“Meg! Cas! What are 당신 guys doing here?” she exclaimed surprised.
“Can we come in?” Meg asked.
“Sure” Heather replied and she stepped aside, to let them...
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 Just to show 당신 not everybody is a demented satanic pervert, :D
Just to show you not everybody is a demented satanic pervert, :D
(Some viewers may find this a little raunchy, viewer discretion kind of advised.)
And count how many times I mention Jello. :D

Hello Zello Yellow Mellow I 사랑 Jello Everybody! (WOW FIRST SENTENCE!) Today I am reviewing a GOOD Fanfiction, and will teach 당신 how to make one CORRECTLY. (You listening to this TrueBlueTeam? Dry Bones? Good.)

Seriously though guys, I really do 사랑 this Fanfiction, and I really do 사랑 Jello.

The Fanfiction makes clever funny references to the show, has plenty of logic, sanity, and 판타지 in it, the Fanfiction is funny, and does many things right.

But 당신 probably...
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Pest of bad.. (it will take with in 2 days for the Doomer) (and get rid of those dibs worm baby's) (that sounds awesome) (looks like its raining...) (ima take a rest for now) now back to INVADER BADRAY IN INVADER ZIM 2.

"hey bad wake up" *why is Gaz waking me up?* "uh yeah what is it Gaz..." she look worry.. But why "did 당신 seen Gir".. "um no and why 당신 worry 당신 never worry for any one..?" Gaz gave a angry look "I'm not worry I'm just saying where's 지르 he was around here than gone?" I look around than back at Gaz

"are 당신 sure cuz he do this a lot?" Gaz open one eye as meaning what I mean...
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Rachel paced through her cell, trying to figure out how to get out. Of course that wouldn’t be a problem once the moon was full. Iron bars really wouldn’t hold her back. She could only hope that 의해 that time the building was empty and there would be no…overachievers left. That 또는 she could hope for a miracle.
She got the latter in the shape of…
“Stefan” Rachel sighed.
“You don’t sound too happy to see me” Stefan noticed. “I didn’t realize 당신 were so comfy in here. 당신 know what, I’m just going to go, so 당신 can continue making yourself at home”
He started turning around,...
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READ MY 코멘트 BELOW FIRST, PLEASE -- so you'll understand the video much better! Thank you.
해리 포터
original character
death eater
dark arts
Caroline woke up slowly and blinked her eyes. She was back in her 침대 and Bonnie was sitting 의해 her side. The guy that had attacked her was sitting 의해 the door, on the ground. When she saw him she rose and became upset.
“What is he still doing here?” she asked accusatory, pointing at Keith and looking at Bonnie.
“Waiting for 당신 to wake up, so he doesn’t have to explain himself twice” Bonnie explained calm. “I’m sorry, Caroline, I should’ve given 당신 a head’s up”
Caroline shook her head bewildered. “A head’s up? 당신 knew this was going to happen?”
Bonnie and Keith exchanged...
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Rachel stared at her eldest daughter, crying of happiness and grief. The last time they had seen each other Rachel had told Kelsey about her true nature and things didn’t end well between them. Now all Rachel wanted was for Kelsey to become solid so she could take her in her arms like any normal mother would.
“Are you…a ghost?” she asked. “Why haven’t 당신 try making contact with me? Why now?”
“We tried, mom” Amber replied. “When Derek dug up our graves on Veronica’s command, he didn’t just release our bodies, but our spirits as well. We tried to reach you, but like Jeremy...
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