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Dean stared at his car, his mouth wide open, unable to speak.
“What?” he said shocked. “Baby, what have they done to you?”
“Dean” Sam said, elbowing him and pointing at the entrance of the hospital. Meg came outside and walked towards.
“I saw 당신 two from the window” she explained.
“Why are 당신 wearing Cas’ clothes?” Sam asked.
“Long story” Meg replied.
“And what the hell did 당신 and Cas do with my car?” Dean demanded to know, though part of him wished she wouldn’t answer. Unfortunately she did.
“We fucked” Meg said smug. The look on Dean’s face was priceless. “And Cas bled on the front seat. Speaking of Cas, he’s fine. Thanks for asking”
Dean had the courtesy to look ashamed.
“Eh, yeah, I just wanted to ask” he mumbled.
“Follow me” Meg said. “I’ll explain everything inside”
The Impala was still parked on the same spot. Meg walked around the car and opened the trunk. She opened one of Cas’ bags and pulled out the first 셔츠 she got her hands on. “Get in the car” she told Cas. “No, passenger seat” she added, when Cas wanted to step inside the driver’s seat. “You can’t drive like that”
She put herself behind the wheel. “I’m surprised 당신 can drive at all” she mumbled.
“I can’t” Cas replied. He leaned backwards and closed his eyes.
“Keys?” Meg said to herself, looking at the connection. “Keys” she answered her own 질문 as...
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The 다음 room, which was also the last, led both players to what looked like a workshop. They were standing on some kind of balcony and Meg walked closer to the edge to get a better look at the people down there, when she heard a weird noise. She turned around to see Cas stumbling out of the other room.
“Oh my God” she gasped and she ran towards him. Without thinking she took off the 셔츠 again, allowing Cas to see the scars on her skin.
“Press this against the wound” she said. Cas, too weakened to protest, did what she told him. “Follow me” she took his free hand and pulled him...
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The 다음 room was filled with fragments of mirrors and the closest fragment had something written on it. Cas made a step forwards and squeezed his eyes to read the tiny letters. It said: ‘Use the reflections in the fragments to find the two tablets.
“Great. Piece of cake” Cas mumbled sarcastic.
The fragments were very close to each other and so Cas lifted his left arm to protects his face, while the fragments cut in his sides, his shoulders, his legs, his arms and his chest.
He stopped after a few yards and carefully put his arm down. He examined the fragments around him, trying not to...
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The room was pitch dark.
“Meg?” Cas called, though he knew better. He touched for the 벽 and tried to let his eyes get used to the darkness.
Then suddenly a flash blinded his eyes and he shut them. The darkness returned and Cas opened his eyes.
“You’re not going to find what you’re looking for, with your eyes closed” a voice whispered. Cas understood he had to keep his eyes open at all cost and so when the 다음 flash of light came he tried to keep his eyes open.
The light remained for about five 초 and Cas saw something rectangle and dark on the ground. When the lights disappeared...
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The 다음 morning.
Meg lay with her head on Cas chest, when the car started vibrated. “Cas” she whispered. “Cas, wake up. There’s someone in the car”
Cas opened his eyes and saw a silhouette. He quietly gave Meg his 셔츠 and he put on his trousers. “Dean?” he asked, though he knew it wasn’t Dean.
“No” the driver replied.
“Kevin!” Meg panted. “What are 당신 doing? Are 당신 going to try and kill us again?”
“No” Kevin answered. “Listen, I’m sorry for trying to kill you, but I promise I had good reason. Crowley had to think I was on his side. Ever wondered why I didn’t...
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Cas and Meg reached the surface of the pool and Meg held her breath. She had forgotten how good Cas looked when he was all…wet. Cas took advantage of her inability to speak.
“I’m really sorry for everything I’ve said to 당신 today” he began. “I never meant to say those things. I was thinking something, but what came out was the exact opposite. And then Balthazar said he and Kevin had put up a plan to kill 당신 and I knew it was a setup, but I just had to come”
“Doesn’t matter” Meg said fast. “Let’s get out of here” she suggested. She freed herself and swum to the edge,...
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Butterfield Park.
Night had replaced the 일 and the only light came from a Ferris wheel, standing in the middle of the park, 다음 to the swimming pool. At the 상단, 맨 위로 of the Ferris wheel some of the chairs were removed, just enough to make room for a human body.
Meg was tied up on the rails, facing the starless sky. Kevin had grabbed her and taken her here, while Balthazar put something on the Ferris wheel. Something slippery. So, even if Cas came to her rescue, he’d hit the bottom of the wheel before he’d reach the 상단, 맨 위로 and then Meg would be stuck there, until she starved to death 또는 died from...
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Cas climbed out of 침대 and stormed out of the door, colliding to Dean.
“Sorry” he mumbled agitated and he tried to pass, but Dean grabbed his arms.
“What the hell are 당신 doing out of bed?” he asked reproaching.
“Kevin” Cas explained breathless. “He’s going to kill Meg, unless I stop him”
“I thought 당신 hated her” Sam frowned confused.
Cas shook his head. “No. I don’t know why I said that. I didn’t mean it” He tried to free himself, but Dean seemed to be much stronger. “Why won’t 당신 let me go?”
“Kevin works for Crowley, which means there’s a big chance...
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Jo and Meg were in Cas’ room, packing Cas’ bags. Meg threw all his stuff in the bags, but Jo pulled them out again.
“You have to fold them 또는 they’ll never fit in” Jo reproached her. Actually she was just trying to buy some time. “You know, I really thought something was going on between the two of you”
“Why? Because we both turned human at the same time? I hate him for that” Meg replied.
“I think 당신 just hate the fact that 당신 can’t shut off your emotions now” Jo said wisely.
“Why are 당신 doing this? I killed 당신 and your mom. Why are 당신 trying to help me?” Meg...
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Sam and Dean had gone to the cafeteria of the hospital to get a quick bite, before they returned to Cas.
In the meantime Cas had time to regret his words. He wished he hadn’t sent Meg away, he wished he hadn’t given permission to get rid of the necklace, he wished he could pull out all threads on his body, so they’d stop making him crazy.
“Do I look like a genie to you?”
Cas looked up. “Who are you?”
“I think 당신 know that” the girl said secretive. “Let me give 당신 a hint. Your girlfriend Meg once gave me a cassette tape. She told me to play it on your wedding day. And then...
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Balthazar looked around. He was standing on an open field, after he had been summoned.
“Did 당신 come alone? 또는 should I expect that bossy ginger to pop up, too?” Kevin shouted.
“What do 당신 need me for?” Balthazar wanted to know.
“The 질문 is, what do 당신 need me for” Kevin commented. “See, I have been watching 당신 trying to waste Castiel and I have seen 당신 fail over and over again. Well, your methods suck, even 당신 have to admit that”
“I’m not really in the mood for an analysis of how much I suck at killing my brother” Balthazar replied, slightly sarcastic.
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Jo caught Meg sitting on the rest room floor, her head on her knees. Jo had never thought it possible, but for a moment she took pity on the former demon.
Meg looked up the moment Jo made a step towards her.
“Who was that?” Jo asked, referring to the other blonde girl.
“Some chick who thinks she has all the 답변 to all the questions” Meg answered while she got up, using the 벽 as support. She frowned and lay her hand on her side. Kevin had hit her on the exact same spot he had attacked her with the 앤젤 powers.
“You okay? 당신 need a doctor?” Jo asked.
Meg shook her head. “No,...
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Meg was hiding in the guest rest room of the hospital. She should be resting, but first she needed to calm down. Who the hell did Cas think he was to lash out on her like that. He had begged her to get help. What was she supposed to do? Let him suffer? Thinking of it now, she realized she should’ve done exactly that.
“Have 당신 heard anything I said last night?”
Meg looked up in the mirror and saw the reflection of the young girl that had practically saved Cas’ life.
“I told 당신 he’s sick” the girl said.
“In his head, right” Meg snapped, without turning around.
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Cas opened his eyes and rolled them to left. Meg was sitting 다음 to his bed. He looked down and noticed he was holding something in his hand. He rolled his eyes to the right and saw the machines and the perfusion leading some kind of fluid medication into his veins. He frowned and tried to pull all threads out of his body.
“No, Cas, don’t do that” Meg tried to stop him. “You have to get better”
Meg didn’t understand. Medication 또는 drugs was what triggered it. He wasn’t himself when he took them.
Cas opened his mouth to explain, but something entirely different was said.
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Meg had returned to her spot on the floor opposite the ICU room Cas was in. She heard footsteps coming their way and she averted her head to right. A young girl with wavy, blonde hair, green eyes and thin lips walked towards them. She didn’t say a word, but turned to the guard.
“You should go and eat something” she said sharp and the guardian left.
Meg widened her eyes. “Hey, what are 당신 up to?” she asked when the girl put the latch down and opened the door. She reached out her hand to Meg. “Get up. I want 당신 to witness this miracle” Meg accepted her hand and let the girl pull...
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Heather walked inside the police station. She was going to talk to inspector Roberts. Maybe she could help her find that Kevin guy.
“Can I help you?” a woman asked. Heather turned around and frowned confused. She had spent a lot of days at the station, but this woman she had never seen before.
“I’m looking for inspector Roberts” Heather said.
“Inspector Roberts?” the woman repeated with raised eyebrows. “Who’s asking?”
“I’m her cousin” Heather confessed.
“I see” the woman nodded in understanding. “Why don’t 당신 follow me?” She led Heather to her office.
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Dean drove full speed ahead.
“Dean, slow down” Sam said urgent. “Do 당신 really think this is a good idea?”
“Kidding me?” Dean snarled at the younger Winchester. “I should’ve never left him alone with that demon”
“Ex-demon” Sam corrected him.
“Doesn’t matter” Dean snapped. “Once a murderer, always a murderer”
“Don’t 당신 think that’s a little hypocrite?” Sam commented. “We’ve killed, too”
“Monsters, Sammy. We kill monsters. We 안전한, 안전 people” Dean fired back. “We leave town for a little 더 많이 than a week and Cas ends up in the ICU. 당신 think that’s...
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“Miss Masters?”
Meg looked up and saw Doctor Spencer came her way. She scribbled up.
“Can I talk with 당신 for a moment?” he asked and he sounded deadly serious. Meg followed him to an empty room and he waved at a chair. Meg sat down and so did Doctor Spencer.
“We checked Mr. Novak’s blood. The sample I took last week. We couldn’t find anything” Doctor Spencer began. Meg knew there was 더 많이 to come, 또는 else he wouldn’t have taken her apart. “However, the lab has examined his blood again after he was brought in last week. And this time they found a small amount of heroin in...
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Meg staggered to the 벽 and stuck out her hand to find support. She let herself fall against the 벽 and sank down.
“He’s just lying there. He’s not responding to anything I say” she mumbled breathless. “When I find out who did this to him- and I will find out- I’m going to torture that bastard to death” She looked aside at Heather. “I want to help inspector Roberts”
“Okay, I think I know how to find her” Heather replied.
“And…someone has to call the Winchesters” Meg continued. “They’re his…family…If he…” Meg couldn’t get herself to finish. “They...
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