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“What are they saying?” Stefan insisted.
“I don’t know, I can’t hear it” Damon hissed.
“What do 당신 mean, 당신 can’t hear it?” Stefan fired back.
“Their lips are moving, but there’s no sound coming out of them, not even a whisper” Damon said.
Stefan scribbled up. “I’m going inside. 당신 stay here and try figuring out what they’re saying” He trusted Damon to do listen to him for a change and sneaked to the back of the building. There had to be another door. There wasn’t. However, on the left side of the building there was a window, big enough for one person to go...
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“So this is where Damon and I first met” Elena said standing in the entrance hall.
“Interesting” Caroline said. “Come on, let’s get outside” She grabbed Elena’s hand and dragged her outside.
While Caroline and Elena were having fun outside, Damon was in the 부엌, 주방 slicing the cake. The cake had been another idea of Caroline. Both Damon and Elena thought it was a little too much, but Caroline was not easy to say no to.
Damon felt how someone was watching his back and he turned around seeing Alaric in the doorway. He turned around again and carried on with the cake.
“You need...
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The hospital
“I’m fine” Jeremy said for the seventh time. Caroline had brought him to the hospital, along with Bonnie.
“I think I should make that decision, don’t 당신 think?” the doctor said. It was the same that had taken care of his hand. “Now, will 당신 please lay down so I can check if 당신 have any broken ribs?”
Jeremy reluctantly lay down on the hospital 침대 and pulled up his shirt, like the doctor had asked him.
“Does this hurt?” she asked, pressing the right side of his stomach. Jeremy shook his head. “And this?”
“Oww!” Jeremy exclaimed.
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“Katherine!” Stefan shouted. “Let me out of here!”
Katherine had locked him up in the cellar, hoping the vervain would keep him weak until Elena and Damon came back. But unfortunately vervain didn’t seem to have the same effect on Stefan as it used to. Probably due to the massive amount of blood he drank daily, openly and secretly, he recovered from the attack sooner than the average vampire. “You know, you’re really one to talk” Stefan said. “You seduced him, led him on, made him believe 당신 loved him, screwed his brother-well, he knew that, but still-almost got him to commit...
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I am sorry the chapters are so short, I will try to make them longer. Thankz for reading, I hope 당신 enjoy.

“We ran as fast as we could but they had a car waiting on the highway. We know who it is and so dose Nessie!” Alice exclaimed in a high pitched voice handing me a crumpled branch. I sniffed it delicately. Everybody held their breath awaiting my reaction.
All of my memories came flooding back to me as I arched my back and flipped back into a low crouch feeling a sudden burst of energy. I knew this scent; it was Nahul’s the only half vampire half human boy in existence.
“How could...
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Stefan grabbed Elena 의해 her hair and dragged her back into the house, his ripper face still on.
“Stefan, let go of me. You’re hurting me” Elena cried.
“Well, you’re hurting me!” Stefan growled. “We haven’t even officially broken up yet and you’re already clinging on my brother like a fetus on a navel string”
He dragged her to his bedroom and wanted to throw her inside, when he felt a sudden aching in his back. He looked aside and saw Katherine. He brought his arm back until he found the stake.
“Okay, first of all, ouch!” Stefan said and he pulled out the stake. “Second...
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trailer for the 4th chapter of my TVD story The Host :)
뱀파이어 다이어리
the host
팬 fiction
chapter 4 behind the surface
may 10 2012
The 다음 morning

Damon and Elena were lying asleep when someone rang the bell. Elena was fast asleep, so Damon sneaked out of 침대 and put on his pants from the 일 before.
“Hurry up, Damon. 당신 don’t want her to bleed to death, do you?”
Damon groaned as he recognized Rebekah’s voice. He walked to the door and opened it and Katherine fell in his arms. She was bleeding from her neck and Damon looked up shocked at the blonde Original, who smirked at him.
“What happened to her?” Damon wanted to know.
“I happened” Elijah answered, stepping forward. “Can we come in?”
“No!” Damon said rude.
“I was merely being polite. Of course we can come in. This house is being hosted 의해 vampires, whom cannot possible deny the admission to an Original. So, why don’t 당신 step aside? We’ve got things to do, plans to make, wars to prepare” Elijah said as he walked past Damon.
Elena was sitting at the living table, 글쓰기 a letter. Damon was trying to reach Caroline, to get 더 많이 information about the herbs she’d been providing for Elena. Elena was so focused on her letter that she didn’t hear Damon come in.
“I can’t reach her” he said apologizing. “I’ll try again in a few minutes”
“You don’t have to worry her” Elena said soft as she folded the letter. She stood up with the intention to put the letter in her purse.
“What’s that?” Damon nodded suspiciously at the letter.
“Just some scrabbles” Elena lied and Damon jerked the letter out...
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Jeremy’s eyes bulged as he stared at Damon like he had betrayed him. Damon let go of the 드라이버 and fixated his eyes on the blood.
“What?” he said confused. He looked at his hands, which were covered in blood and he crawled backwards.
Upstairs Alaric was finally liberated from the invisible force and he raced downstairs to the kitchen. His face went pale when he saw Jeremy lying on the ground, bathing in blood. He saw Damon, sitting in a corner, his expression shocked and confused.
“What have 당신 done?!” Alaric yelled, paying no attention to Damon’s wounds. He ran to Jeremy,...
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posted by Pepsi12Cola
Imagine a brown eyed girl in a hospital bed. Tubes sticking into her arms and nose. Her eyes are closed and she's breathing heavily,she's sleeping of course. Her blonde, wavy hair falling carelessy around her petite shoulders. This girl is named Clair. Clair is diagnosed with cancer. A cancer so rare the doctors do not know of a cure.

This is Her Story

Chapter 1

"So what are we going to do this weekend?" my best friend Tyler asked me Friday during lunch. We were sitting on the brick 벽 of the 축구 field. The sun was high in the sky and the wind was blowing our hair. It was oddly quiet,...
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A black and white cat was running around the living room with a fly swatter-smashing everything in his path as he tried to hit the flying bug.
"Come here, you!" He hissed while rounding the corner.
Then, a black and white guinea pig entered the door way, watching his friend in confusion.
"What the hell are 당신 doing wickett?" He questioned.
Wickett looked at him as his slit pupils turned massive and round. "I'm trying to kill a fly zhu-zhu!" He yelled "you're destroying the living room!" Zhu-zhu stated, spreading his paws out to the scenery in front of him.
"Why are 당신 two fools...
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“What the hell happened to you?” Sam exclaimed.
“Someone was shooting at us” Jo explained agitated. Dean was leaning on her and he was starting to become heavy. Cas rushed to them and took over.
“Thank you” Jo said.
“Where is it that you’re injured?” Cas asked. “Then I’ll heal you”
Dean shot a long look at Jo and then looked at Cas. “No” he said slowly. “I’m not that hurt. The bullet just missed me, it’s just a scratch. Jo can take care of me”
Jo frowned, but nodded in agreement.
Dean shot a meaningful glance at Sam, knowing Cas wouldn’t understand. Sam grabbed...
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The 다음 morning.
Daphne’s upper body and arms were taped in with bandage, so she couldn’t 옮기기 very well. She opened her eyes and when she saw her wrapped body her breath went faster and irregular. She tried to pull the bandages off, but they were too tight.
The door opened and Cas and Zoey ran towards her.
“No, don’t take it off, Daphne” Zoey said, as she grabbed Daphne’s hands.
“What happened? Why am I here?” she said panicking. Zoey and Cas traded a quick glance. “You don’t remember?” Zoey asked. Daphne shook her head. “You cut yourself, all over your body” Zoey...
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“I think we should go” Damon said, looking at the clock. It was eleven p.m. “Okay, I’ll just go refresh myself and then we can leave” Elena said. She got up and walked to a red door 다음 to the desk. To get there she had to pass the 표, 테이블 were tattoo-guy and companions were still sitting. She felt her 심장 beating faster and she got sweaty palms. But they didn’t look up and she reached the bathroom without a problem. When she closed the door behind her she dared to breathe again. There were two doors opposite of each other. One said men, the other women. She opened the women’s...
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Bonnie and Damon were walking down the path leading to the front door of the Salvatore Boarding House. Bonnie ironed her 셔츠 with her hands. “Listen, Damon, it took me a lot of work to make everyone satisfied with the situation. It wouldn’t do much good if 당신 start spouting out the wrong things, 당신 know what I mean? And Katherine doesn’t like me that much” she said. Damon looked at the sky. “Now, why would that be?” he said sarcastic. Bonnie knocked and five 초 later the door was opened 의해 Katherine. She flew in Damon’s arms. Bonnie pursed her lips and tapped her arm....
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