Ollie made sure the girls were still asleep. Not making a sound, the yellow alien climbed outside. Then he ran to hide in an alley. "Not like Virginia at all!" he whispered, "Gotta get to the Frosty Mart." Suddenly he heard someone's phone-

♪So raise your glass if 당신 are wrong,
In all the right ways...♪

"Shut UP!" said a voice. Ollie peeked around the corner. It was Sparky. She looked gorgeous in the pale moonlight. She saw him, and they both blushed. Sparky walked up and sat down 다음 to him. "I 사랑 you, Sparky." Ollie said.

"I 사랑 당신 too, Ollie."

The 다음 일 was Saturday. The 프렌즈 went to the Frosty Mart. "Wanna see a movie tonight, Fangirl?" Fanboy asked. "Yes! What time?" she replied.
"How's seven?"
"Perfect! Thanks!

"So, Chumalina, wanna come over tonight?" Chum Chum asked.
"Would I!"
"Is seven okay?"

The aliens stayed closer together than usual. They shared a Frosty Freezy Freeze. Then they saw Kyle. Ollie and Sparky had finished their Frosty Freezy Freeze. "HIIIII KYLE!" they shouted. "What are 당신 ninnies doing?" he said. Chumalina giggled, "Kyle, there's something on your leg!" "And your head!" Fangirl joined in. "NYAAHHHHH!" the two aliens said.
"Get off me, 당신 ninnies!"

"Kyle!" an unfamiliar girl said, "Who're your friends?" Kyle blushed. "Oh, um, hi Sam," Kyle said, "These are just people I know-"

"They're weird!" Sam giggled, "I gotta go! See ya tonight!"
"Bye, Sam!"

And they left. Suddenly, someone else came over. A girl about Fanboy's height with blonde hair in a ponytail, a mask identicle to Chum Chum and Chumalina's, and a turquoise costume came over. "Fanboy, I want the alien back."