May 28,2012. it's memorial day, and Raichel is having a barbeque with her twin sister, Sierra. they slaved over the hot freaking stove, preparing the best 음식 they could make, working their fingers to the bone-" that's enough, Rheo!" said an irritated Raichel. Sierra just stood there holding a big plate of ribs, oh my god i'm making myself hungry right now. but anyway, they invited all the people they knew and love. Raichel totally invited Fanboy and Chum Chum and they came alright. "are 당신 hungry, Fanboy?" asked Raichel. "yes,' he replied. Sierra pulled her 의해 the arm away from Fanboy. 'why are 당신 asking all these questions?" Sierra asked her sister...(wild laughter) i'm sorry I can;t read that without laughing my 나귀, 엉덩이 off! ANYWAY, Raichel ends up 키싱 Fanboy because he made her so, so horny!"RHEO!" Sierra scolded. Sierra cuts off the screen. "what?! we was getting to the good part!Raichel and Fanboy lived broke as a damn joke and unhappily ever after. Sierra and Raichel both stare at Rheo unhappy. it wasn't her fault, she tried making the story 더 많이 funny and interesting.
THE END!!!!!