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added by DeborahPowell
posted by PigeonLove21
● All Fanpops' Rules Apply!

● Post As Much As 당신 Can! (We Don't Expect 당신 To Post 453625473 Times A Day, But At Least Once In A While, Eh.)

● Respect your fellow 'busters'. If 당신 have any issues, 신고 to a staff member. Leave the playground behaviour at the door. Failure to address the situation in a mature manner will result in recieving a warning, 또는 being banned.

● After we approve 당신 into the cult, please make your first post in the welcome thread. Don't start a new post.

● We encourage our members to start new topics, just please make sure someone hasn't already 게시됨 exactly the same thing.

● NEVER 신고 the SUSPECTED FAKES to 팬팝 staff. We're simply keeping an eye on them.

● Only three staff members are to 신고 proven fakes to site admins. This will only be done striclty once a week as we do not want to fill the admins 메시지함 with fakes.