Lucy Heartfillia was in a hurry. It was her 초 week at her new prestigious boarding school and she’d already been invited to a casual party with her new friends.She wanted to get there on time particularly badly because she had to make a good impression..
    As the party was described as casual she was wearing a simple, but stylish 치마 and one of her 가장 좋아하는 tops.
    Racing for the door, she stopped and grabbed her large key ring. She had 더 많이 keys on it than most people, but no one ever asked why.Slipping it onto her belt, she exited her dorm and headed for the common room on the 초 floor.
    (Her 프렌즈 are Natsu, a fiery, pink-haired boy with a temper, but also fierce loyalty,Gray, almost Natsu’s opposite, but just as ready for a fight, and Erza, a beautiful red-head who’s tough, but surprisingly girly sometimes).They saw Lucy enter and waved for her to 가입하기 them. Standing with them were another boy and girl who Lucy didn’t know, but if she had to guess it was because the girl was in a lower grade and the boy was in a higher.
    “Hey Lucy!” Natsu called out as she walked over to them. “This is my friend, Lisanna. She’s a grade younger than us, but awesome!”Lisanna had white hair cut in a cute sort of pixie cut/bob and was rather sweet-looking, with a genuine smile and large blue eyes.
    “And this is Jellal, from the class ahead of us.” Erza added, gesturing to the boy with semi-long, shaggy blue hair who was standing 다음 to her.He also had a very specific red tattoo around his right eye.
“It’s nice to meet both of you!” Lucy said kindly.
    “We were just wondering if we should play some 음악 and get some dancing started.” Gray informed Lucy. “What do 당신 think?”
    “I think dancing’s a great idea. It’ll be fun to see if 당신 boys are any good!” Lucy said teasingly.
    “Yes, it imagine that would be.” Erza agreed.
    “Alright then! Let’s get this party started!” Natsu yelled enthusiastically.
    “I’ll go turn the 음악 on then.” Gray said as he walked towards the sound system. A 초 later a pop song came on and a few party-goers hit the dance floor.
    “Ugh, the Ice Spires? Did Gray pick this one? There’s no accounting for taste.” Natsu complained.
    “Come on now, Natsu. You’ll never get a girl to like 당신 if 당신 keep up this tough guy act.” Lisanna teased gently and Lucy had to agree.
    “But what if I am a tough guy? What do I do then?” Natsu asked, confused.
    “Don’t worry; I know 당신 really aren’t.” Lisanna replied while smiling.
    “Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Natsu said indignantly.
    “It means, would 당신 like to dance?” Lisanna asked.
    “Uh, what? Um, okay!” Natsu spluttered, looking confused, but pleased.
    Lisanna grinned, and pulled Natsu out onto the dance floor. She grabbed both his hands and swayed and laughed at Natsu’s awkward movements.
    While this was going on, Lucy noticed a nonverbal exchange between Erza and Jellal and wondered if the two had history.
    “Oh I like this song.” Erza said, in her confident tone.
    Jellal looked relieved she was starting a conversation. He nodded and asked what song it was.
    “Love and War 의해 the Requipped Knights.” Erza replied.
    “I haven’t heard of them. I’l have to look into it.” Jellal said.
    While they kept talking, Lucy turned her gaze around the room, looking for perspective dance partners.
    Jellal and Erza were still discussing bands when Jellal impulsively blurted out, “Would 당신 like to dance?” He tried to play it off casual, but Erza smiled like she could see right through him and they headed to the dance floor.
    Lucy didn’t want to admit it but they were an amazing couple. When they danced they did so with utmost elegance. They seemed to sense each other’s movements before they happened. Lucy wished she could find a boy she worked that well with.
    Over with Natsu and Lisanna, they seemed to be having an excellent time. They didn’t have the elegance of Jellal and Erza, but Lisanna laughed as Natsu stepped on her foot and Natsu threw her into a dip. Natsu grinned.
    They were definitely a cute couple.
    Lucy wondered why she was thinking in such terms. She turned her attention to the masses.
    She turned and was going to 가입하기 a throng of people she half-recognized from classes, when she noticed a boy with orangish hair and a vaguely lion-esque appearance had come up behind her.
    “Hello Miss Lucy,” He said, in his smooth voice.
    “Hi. You’r Loke right, 또는 was it Leo?”     He winked at her. “You can call me whatever 당신 want.”
    She nodded uncomfortably. “If 당신 say so.”
    “Care to dance, Miss Lucy?” The boy asked.
    Did she? He seemed a bit of a flirt, but she could handle that. He was also pretty cute, and she couldn’t just stand here all night while her 프렌즈 were dancing.
    “Sure.” She decided. “Why not?”
    Loke lead her out onto the dance floor and twirled her expertly.
    “You’re good at dancing, Loke.” She said, surprised. In her experience, most high school boys were bad at dancing.
    “Why thank you.” He replied, pulling her into a dip which she handled well despite her surprise.
    “So what are your interests?”
    The conversation continues and so did the skillful dancing.
    Indeed, many people on the sidelines were watching Erza and Jellal 또는 Lucy and Loke 또는 even Lisanna and Natsu dance.
    Of course the couples were oblivious to these stares and kept on chatting and dancing merrily.
    When Natsu and Lisanna’s conversation ran out Natsu asked Lisanna something he’d been wondering about during their dancing.
    “So 당신 said that I’d never get a girl to like me if I kept 연기 like a tough guy, but then 당신 said that 당신 knew that I wasn’t and asked me to dance. So does that mean that…?"
    “Come on, Natsu! I know you’re smarter than 당신 let on. 당신 can make the connection.” Lisanna said, smiling at him, shy and hopeful.
    Fervently hoping that he was right, Natsu asked,”Lisanna… Would 당신 like to go on a 날짜 with me to the movies?”
    Lisanna’s smile was bright enough to light up the Dark side of the Moon.
    “Yes. I would 사랑 to go on a 날짜 with you.”
    Meanwhile, over in the far corner of the room, a girl was watching Gray man the DJ booth and trying to gather her courage.
    The girl was wearing a blue dress which matched her blue hair.
    “Ok,” She whispered to herself. “You can do this.”
    She walked up to the DJ booth and summoned her gathered courage.
    “Hi Gray.”
    “Oh hey, Juvia, right? You’re in my English class.”
    She nodded. “Yes with Mrs. Myers. So what are 당신 doing?”
    “Just working the DJ booth. Do 당신 have a song suggestion?”
    Juvia thought for a second. “Tidal Wave 의해 the Ice Spires.”
    Gray looked surprised. “I didn’t know 당신 liked the Ice Spires. I do too. They’re my 가장 좋아하는 band.”
    Juvia nodded. “I only found them recently.” When I was looking stuff up about 당신 online, she thought, but she didn’t say that. “Do 당신 have any suggestions for songs of theirs?”
    Gray grinned. “Yeah,” he said, putting on Tidal Wave. “Their album Shards of Water is really good. So is their hit single the Desolate Plain.”
    “I’ve actually heard that one.” She smiled. “The lyrics are so thought-provoking and abstract.”
    “Exactly!” Gray said. “Because that way-“
    “You can interpret them depending on your mood!” Juvia interrupted.
    Gray nodded vehemently. “Precisely.” Seemingly 연기 under some impulse, he called over someone.
    “Take over the DJ booth, would you?”
    The guy nodded. “Sure, Gray.”
    “Come dance with me, Juvia?” Gray asked.
    Juvia froze. Internally she was freaking out, screaming yes!!!!!!! But externally she was calm. “Sure.”
    Gray pulled her out and questioned her on her 음악 taste and recommended a few songs. Juvia in turn asked Gray what his interests were.
    The two of them were incredibly synchronized in their movements. Their styles of dancing complementing the others.
    They danced past Jellal and Erza who were deep in conversation. Gray waved at them. Juvia smiled.
    “Have 당신 heard from Sho and the others?” Erza asked. Jellal and Erza had been 프렌즈 with a bunch of people who had transferred to another school.
    “Yes.” Jellal replied. “They like their new school. It’s been good to them, particularly after the events they went through.”
    Jellal’s expression darkened. A sad but not unexpected occurence. Jellal and the rest of the gang had gone through a very difficult time a while back, but things were better now and while Jellal and Erza were the only two to go to Fairy Tail High, they still all kept in touch.
    “Hey.” Erza said, softly. An unusual tone for Erza, but Jella found it soothing. “It’s behind us.”
    Jellal nodded. “You’re right. Let’s 옮기기 forward."
    “Indeed.” Erza agreed.
    A few moments later Erza spoke again. “This has been fun. I like seeing you. Do 당신 want to…to come over on Sunday?”
    Jellal smiled. “Yes. I would like that.”
    Jella twirled Erza in perfect time to the end of the song.
    While this occurred Loke had been talking to Lucy about, of all things, keys.Apparently, both of them had a strange fondness for them.
    “The thing is, though, while a key can open many a thing, they can not unlock someone’s heart.”Loke said, slyly. “Unlocking a 심장 requires 당신 go to much greater lengths and use a lot 더 많이 sublty.”
    “Your pick-up lines won’t work on me, Loke.” Lucy said, amused.
    “Are 당신 sure about that?” Loke said, equally amused. “If they won’t then why are 당신 still dancing with me?”
    “Touch’e. Well, all my 프렌즈 are paired up, so I thought I’d give it a try. 당신 seemed like a promising candidate.”
    “And have I lived up to your expectations?
    “We’ll see. Let’s check how 당신 slow dance.” Lucy called out to the DJ, “Put on a slow one!”
    “Aye, sir!” the DJ replied.
    As it turned out Lucy thought Loke’s slow dancing was pretty good and, when questioned, told him so.
    “So then, if all your 프렌즈 are paired up, would 당신 like to get on that?” Loke asked casually.
    “Is that the best you’ve got for asking a girl on a date?” Lucy questioned.
    “How about, ‘Have I successfully unlocked the nuances of thy 심장 to have the honor of thy continued company at other later scheduled meetings?” Loke said while executing a near perfect twirl.
    “That’s 더 많이 like it. In that case, 당신 may have the honor of going on a 날짜 with me.” Lucy said, grinnig and Loke smiled.
    With all of her 프렌즈 smiling as they danced with their consort and herself grinning at the thought of a 날짜 with Loke, Lucy truly thought that she had finally found a 집 and that this was one of the best parties ever.