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added by nightweed
Sorry I haven't been on for a while, I've been busy continuing the 책 I write. Anyway, I've been talking to burdockburr (she happens to be my cousin) and we've added some stuff to the background of the 나무, 트리 unit. There was already some background before, but not much. Here it is.

One of the main things I talk about in the 나무, 트리 unit is about mating. Here are some of the 고양이 previously in the 나무, 트리 unit (according to a fanfic burdockburr and I used to write together) and their kits.

Frozenstar(male- leader of FadingClan before Echostar)+ Moonfur (female- member of the 나무, 트리 unit) kits: Darksky...
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added by nightweed
posted by burdockburr
Smokepaw crouched down in the clearing a couple tail lengths away from the medicine den. He trembled, allowing scene flash through his head again.
His mentor, Featherfur, stalking prey. He was about to spring when a large crack 스플릿, 분할 the air above him. Featherfur looked up a 초 before Treeleaf came out of nowhere and shoved him out of the way before the branch slammed down on him. The force of the branch hitting the ground caused it to bounce away. Treeleaf lay in the snow, not moving.
A mew behind Smokepaw made him jump. He turned to see Fallingstar behind him.
"Fallingstar!" he exclaimed, dipping his head as he greeted his leader, "Did 당신 want something?"
Daydream entered her 굴, 덴 더 많이 tired than usual. Slowly, she made her way to the back where the rock surved into a nice shelf-like structure. It was there she set down the small scraps of catmint. She sighed.
"StarClan, please let there be no greencough this year," she mewed to herself.
"Daydream," a voice called behind her, "are 당신 in here?"
Daydream turned to face the entrance. There stood a mass of brown fur.
"Fallingstar," Daydream said in greeting, "What are 당신 doing here? Are 당신 feeling alright?"
"I'm feeling fine, thanks. I was actually wondering if 당신 needed help with anything. You...
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