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Parent: The White Rabbit
Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Powerful Qualities: Lucky, Dependable, Considerate
Roommate: Faybelle Thorn
Secret Heart's Desire: To be Wonderland's official tour guide. Everyone should know how hare-raisingly awesome it is.
My "Magic" Touch: I can change from a human to a rabbit and back again whenever I want!
Storybook Romance Status: I only have eyes for Alistair Wonderland. It's heartbreaking that he sees me as just a friend.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Actually, I have no sense of direction. But I always arrive at my destination on time, so it's all good!
가장 좋아하는 Subject: Muse-ic. As royal herald, I 사랑 playing jazzy melodies on my horn.
Least 가장 좋아하는 Subject: Geografairy. Who needs maps? Eventually you'll wind up exactly where you're supposed to be.
Best 프렌즈 Forever After: All of us Wonderlandians stick together, but I'm closest to Alistair Wonderland and Lizzie Hearts.
Parent: Rapunzel
Parent's Story: Rapunzel
Powerful Qualities: Stylish, Original, Progressive
Roommate: 호랑 가시 나무, 홀리 O'Hair
Secret Heart's Desire: I want to find my Once Upon a Time at Ever After High. That being said, I'll never stop styling hair.
My "Magic" Touch: Being a daughter of Rapunzel, my hair is extremely valuable. In fact, I trim it every morning and put it into my savings account!
Storybook Romance Status: Believe it 또는 not, I think Sparrow 후드 is cute. He'd be a lot cuter if he'd stop 노래 about how great he thinks he is.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: My sister says I'm always looking for short cuts....
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posted by SilentForce
Parent: King Charming
Parent's Story: Every fairytale where a Prince Charming comes to rescue.
Roommate: Hunter Huntsman
Secret Heart's Desire: I don't want to be just anyone's Prince Charming. She should be my true love. That's my idea of Happily Ever After.
My "Magic" Touch: For some reason, girls swoon when I take off my glasses.
Storybook Romance Status: I'm trying to summon up the courage to ask out Raven Queen.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I have a hard time seeing without my glasses. I've been told they block my "enchanting eyes," whatever that means.
가장 좋아하는 Subject: Hero Training. I may not be the king of the class, but I 사랑 a good challenge.
Least 가장 좋아하는 Subject: Advanced Wooing. Unlike my brother, I always trip over my words when I try to charm girls.
Best 프렌즈 Forever After: My brother Daring Charming and my roommate Hunter Huntsman.
ever after
ever after
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ever after
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So I think here should be a place to mention all of the Ever after high Related clubs......
So that 당신 can find all of the ever after high related clubs in just an article....

Here are some clubs related to ever after high characters....
Well I really don't know who are the creators for the clubs..I am just posting the 링그 to let 당신 find these clubs faster....

If 당신 have any other club then let me know plz..I'll add that in this article...
Hope that this 기사 would help......
posted by SilentForce
Parent: Pinocchio
Parent's Story: The Adventures of Pinocchio
Powerful Qualities: Artistic, Honest, Friendly
Roommate: Cerise Hood
Secret Heart's Desire: Yeah, I want to be a real girl, but mostly I just want to choose what I want (or don't want) to say.
My "Magic" Touch: I'm a hexcellent swimmer because I always float! Hey, being made of magical wood has its advantages!
Storybook Romance Status: I cannot tell a lie, a relationship is not exactly my 상단, 맨 위로 priority now.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Because of my curse, I can't keep a secret. It's not my fault, but my 프렌즈 have to be really careful what they say around me.
가장 좋아하는 Subject: Arts & Crafts. Whether I'm painting, drawing 또는 sculpting, I feel most free when I'm being creative.
Least 가장 좋아하는 Subject: Woodshop. All those saws and sand belts give me stress splinters.
Best 프렌즈 Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cerise Hood.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: Snow White
Parent's Story: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Powerful Qualities: Inspiring, Hard Working, Dedicated
Roommate: Raven Queen
Secret Heart's Desire: I want people to know me as the fairest one of all on the inside as well as the outside. Like my mom always says, "My beauty's not just skin deep."
My "Magic" Touch: Whenever I bat my eyes 또는 sing a song, boys and 동물 can't help but come to my rescue. What can I say? I want to bring out the hero in everyone.
Storybook Romance Status: Everyone at school thinks Prince Daring Charming and I are dating. Just because my story ends with...
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Parent: Evil Queen
Parent's Story: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Powerful Qualities: Courageous, Independent, Compassionate
Roommate: 사과, 애플 White
Secret Heart's Desire: I just want to be allowed to stay true to myself. Just because I'm not a damsel in distress doesn't mean I don't deserve a Happily Ever After.
My "Magic" Touch: Like my mom, I can cast spells.
Storybook Romance Status: Try "not even looking." I have to figure out where my story is heading first!
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Unfortunately, I can only cast "black magic." Anytime I use my powers for good, the spell backfires!
가장 좋아하는 Subject: Muse-ic class. What, 당신 thought only princesses get to sing power ballads?
Least 가장 좋아하는 Subject: Magicology. So I've got a knack for casting magic. Doesn't mean I have to like it.
Best 프렌즈 Forever After: Madeline Hatter and Cerise Hood
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Parent: The Huntsman
Parent's Story: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & Little Red Riding Hood
Roommate: 덱스터 Charming
Secret Heart's Desire: To be on the side of truth and justice for all! Also, I kind of like making sick 동물 feel better.
My "Magic" Touch: I can make anything out of 랜덤 stuff I find. Want a shoe closet? Give me 나무, 트리 branches, some 벌집 and about 10 seconds. Boo-ya!
Storybook Romance Status: Ashlynn Ella is my everything - my Once Upon a Time; my Happily Ever After. One 일 I'll figure out a way to make our fairytale a reality.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: My traps always break! How can I be the 다음 huntsman if I can't hunt?
가장 좋아하는 Subject: Beast Training & Care. What could be better than working with animals?
Least 가장 좋아하는 Subject: Dragon Slaying. It breaks my 심장 thinking about those poor, innocent fire-breathing giant creatures.
Best 프렌즈 Forever After: Daring and 덱스터 Charming are my buddies, but I can really be myself around Ashlynn Ella.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: Sleeping Beauty
Parent's Story: The Sleeping Beauty
Powerful Qualities: Fun-Loving, Adventurous, Spontaneous
Roommate: Ashlynn Ella
Secret Heart's Desire: Live every 일 to the fullest! 당신 never know when you're going to prick your finger and slip into a century-long nap.
My "Magic" Touch: I can hear everything for miles and miles, but only when I'm sleeping. And why would I want to do that when there's so much to live for?
Storybook Romance Status: My Prince Charming is 100 years away, so I'm not in a rush to 키스 any frogs.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: I sometimes fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. This gets me in trouble in class all the time.
가장 좋아하는 Subject: Royal Student Council. From thronecoming to prom, I 사랑 planning spellebrations for my friends!
Least 가장 좋아하는 Subject: Grimm-nastics. I mean, we all have to wear the same ugly uniform? Gross!
Best 프렌즈 Forever After: 사과, 애플 White and Blondie Lockes
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