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posted by ninjakitty444
eR@ndom is a group where everyone is 팬 of awsome, 랜덤 stuff. I'm actually thinking of making eR@ndom a webshow... Anyways, I 사랑 Titanic, Harry Potter, 별, 스타 Wars, Indiana Jones, Legos, and CATS!!!! I have three at home. I'll try to post some pics! Buddy is a grey, fluffy cat that 사랑 his fresh, dry, kitty food, and hunting down his little blue pillow.(all my 고양이 are kept indoors. That's why they're so fat! ) Ashley is a black and white, chubby cat that 사랑 to snuggle and chase a laser light. 호박 is a small, calico cat that 사랑 to jump and climb and the curtains!

랜덤 facts about me:
My best friend is Rachel
My 가장 좋아하는 color is aqua
My 가장 좋아하는 sport is running
My birthday is March 30