Ellen DeGeneres Desperate Need Of Help For 크리스마스

tweety72380 posted on Nov 10, 2014 at 11:36PM
Hi I am Tiffany a mother of 4 amazing young sons. I lost my job in January of this year due to medical conditions and wrongful discharge. I'm in my first appeal of my disability. I live in the projects known as public housing. I have struggled to make end meet all year. Sadly lost my car that i only owed $1800 on, learned from never to deal with "buy here pay here" car Lott's. Sad part is I over paid for it cost 8193 for a 2006 impala not including down PMT. Of $2300. Was devastated that he wouldn't work with me. So Christmas is near and I would like to know if you all know of any organization that help people in need. This is the first time I've ever had to seek help. I've let my kids down throughout this year due to no income, embarassment of losing our on transportation. Please help me to find a way to give them a Christmas. My boys are my life and I couldn't bare see them without a gift under the tree. Ellen I know u might not ever see this but if you do. I just want to let you know I love your show especially when you do that dance. Thank you for your inspirational shows. #EllenDegeneres you've touched many hearts! Tiffany H. McKenzie Tn

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