How To Draw Ellen Degeneres
I am an art instructor living and teaching in SE Florida.

I teach a method of drawing that encourages my students to develop subtle shading skills. As an inducement to stimulate 더 많이 enthusiasm in one of my classes, I suggested drawing a portrait of Ellen. It became so popular, the lesson is now available in its own tutorial workbook.

The method is called "Photo Transfer, Trace and Shade". It's an effective way of teaching drawing 의해 eye, subtle and soft shading techniques, composition and the use of different graphic tools.

Ellen is a perfect model for this technique. She has a great smile, uncomplicated hair styles, soft pleasant features and a merry glint in her eyes that challenge my students' portrait rendering abilities. Plus, she's a 인기 celebrity all over the world.

Producing the lesson as a tutorial workbook for out of class learning experience just seemed to be the natural thing to do.

It is ironic. For years Ellen has been drawing a crowd. Now, perhaps, it is a crowd that will be drawing Ellen.