Birthdate     Unknown (prior to the 15th Century)

Family     Unknown

Occupation     Historian

Species    Vampire

Transfiguration Date     Unknown (prior to 15th Century)

Significant Sires     Unknown

Significant Kills    Trevor, Stevie

Status     Temporarily deceased.

Cause of Death     Stabbed through the 심장 with White Ash wood covered dagger

Killed By    Elena Gilbert

Played By    Daniel Gillies

First Seen    Rose

Last Seen    The House Guest


The details of Elijah's past are largely unknown, including whether 또는 not he was ever human. Assuming he was once a human, it would mean he was turned sometime before the 15th century as he was far stronger than either Rose 또는 Trevor, 뱀파이어 turned in the mid 15th Century. This notion is supported 의해 Elijah's passing commentary on the existence of books. Upon viewing the large collection of 책 in the 도서관, 라이브러리 of the Salvatore Boarding House, Elijah states, "there's a funny thing about books...before they existed people actually had memories." (The 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 Party) As 책 were not widely produced 또는 privately owned until well after Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the movable type printing press in the late 1440's, it is logical to assume he existed well before then. During the 15th century, Elijah was a confidant and subordinate of Klaus, the oldest and most powerful of the Originals; a vampire he now seeks to destroy.

Season Two

Rose and Trevor called him in the hope that he would pardon them because they were tired of constantly running from the Originals. They held Elena in the hope of using her as a bargaining chip. Initially skeptical their claim of them having a Petrova doppleganger, he was surprised that Elena existed and was human. He forgave Rose because she helped Trevor out of loyalty to him, but he executed Trevor 의해 decapitation. As they were leaving the house that Rose and Trevor were hiding out in, the Salvatore brothers came to rescue Elena. They shot him with a wooden stake in the hand. Then Elena came out and threw a vervain grenade, burning him in the face; however, he soon healed. Damon then staked him; however, some time later, he came to life and pulled out the stake.
When Rose and Damon went to see a vampire named Slater looking for information about the curse, Elijah, from outside, threw some coins at the web-Café window shattering the special UV protected glass that made it a vampire hangout & sending all the 뱀파이어 inside running for cover to get out of the burning sunlight. Later that night, he compelled Slater to call Rose (who was with Damon) and tell her that they can stop the sacrifice 의해 unspelling the moonstone. Elijah then further compelled Slater to stake himself. With the help of the allied Dr. Martin he found Elena but surprisingly he let her and Damon live. When Dr. Martin asks him about that he said that its was good that Damon was alive so he can protect Elena and he wants her to be protected. In 의해 The Light Of The Moon Elijah also confronts Elena and makes a deal (An alliance between Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Rose and possibly Caroline and Tyler with Elijah, Jonas and Luka to keep them 안전한, 안전 at all of Klaus) showing that he has no concern as to break the curse, but to find Klaus and kill him.

In the episode Crying Wolf, Elijah takes on the surname of Smith and when Damon tries to get the truth out of Elijah at the Historical society meeting, Elijah overpowers him and tells him that he can kill him when he's completed his part of the deal. Later, when Damon and Alaric Saltzman are captured 의해 the werewolves, Elijah comes to the Salvatore Boarding House to find Alaric dead and Damon being tortured 의해 Jules. He offers them the Moonstone but when they try to grab it, he kills all the 늑대인간 with amazing ease, causing Jules to run away without the Moonstone. Elijah then releases Damon as Alaric comes back to life with the help of his ring, reminding the younger vampire that it was the third time that he saved his life. Under Bonnie's spell, Luka reveals that he, his father and Elijah all want Klaus dead and the reason they are helping Elijah is because Klaus has Luka's sister, also a witch, and is forcing her to help him find a way to break the curse without the Petrova doppelganger, as he has been doing for generations with other witches. He also reveals Elijah will return his sister to them if they help him but that they will kill Klaus AFTER the sacrifice, when he is most vulnerable, meaning Elijah intended for Elena to die all along.

In The 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 Party, Elijah goes to the Boarding House for a 식당 party with Damon, Alaric, Jenna, Andie 별, 스타 and John Gilbert. Alaric stabs Elijah with the white oak dagger, seemingly killing him. It is later revealed however that the dagger has to remain in an Original to keep him dead. Elijah goes to the Gilbert Family Lake House where he confronts Elena and calls off the deal. Elena pulls out a 칼, 나이프 and threatens him 의해 saying "I'd like to see 당신 lure Klaus into Mystic Falls, after the doppelganger bleeds to death." Elijah says Stefan won't let her die and she responds she'll stab herself, Stefan will give her his blood to heal her then she'll kill herself and become a vampire, exactly like Katherine did in 1492. She says if he doesn't want to repeat that experience, he'll keep the deal they made. He apologizes and calls her bluff and she stabs herself. Elijah, not wanting Elena to die, begs to let him heal her and that the deal is back on and Elena falls into his arms, only to stab him with the dagger. He dies and Elena collapses, causing Stefan to run to her and feed her his blood to heal her. Damon appears in the doorway, saying "Tip for later, don't pull the dagger out."

In The House Guest, Damon is shown trying to torch Elijah's body(dagger still intact) with a flame thrower. However, this doesn't work and Katherine states that Elijah is indestructible.

Powers and Abilities

Elijah is an Original; he is far 더 많이 powerful than all non Original vampires. He possesses all of the powers of a normal vampire, but on a far greater scale including prodigious physical strength and the ability to compel younger 뱀파이어 as if they were human, but almost none of the weaknesses. His resistance to injuries normally fatal to 뱀파이어 including staking. A Original vampire can revive from being staked even with a large piece of wood embedded in him/her several hours later even if it is still inside the body. It is unclear whether these abilities are a product of his age, inherent to Originals, 또는 some combination of both.

Regardless of their exact source, Elijah's powers are 더 많이 formidable than a normal vampire. All of his standard vampire abilities are amplified beyond usual levels. His strength, speed, sensory perception, mental manipulation abilities, and regenerative abilities exceed those of all other 뱀파이어 yet seen. Elijah dispatches other 뱀파이어 with ease, including the decapitation of Trevor, a vampire who was over 500 years old, with a single chop to the neck. He can break a handful of lengths of chain with one hand with almost no effort. Vervain affects him only minimally. It does not appear to weaken him in any significant way and any resulting burns from physical contact regenerate in seconds. A stake to the 심장 merely incapacitated him, with him awakening a few hours later with no sign of permanent injury. (Rose) Finally, Elijah is able to compel both humans and 뱀파이어 alike. Most notably, he compelled Rose's friend Slater to stake himself and forced Katherine's confinement in the vampire tomb. However, upon the death of a Original any non Original vampire that was compelled are free of that compulsion as seen in The 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 Party. With humans it is highly likely they remain compelled even after the death of the vampire that compelled them, otherwise the there would be many, many people who will have memories of vampire encounters over the decades, even centuries, too many to be discounted as hysteria.

Elijah's powers were further demonstrated during an encounter with Damon who unsuccessfully tried to interrogate him. Nothing Damon, (who is 165 years old and a formidable vampire in his own right), did had a visual effect on him; Elijah effortlessly grabbed him 의해 the neck and forcefully slammed him into a wall. When Damon attempted to break free, Elijah nearly broke his arm and stabbed him in the neck with a pencil causing him great pain. Calm and composed he then told Damon to show him 더 많이 respect and continue to protect Elena. (Crying Wolf) even Rose and Katherine Pierce, both 뱀파이어 더 많이 than 500 years old and who can physically overpower Damon and Stefan combined as if they were children, fear him.

늑대인간 pose no threat to Elijah, who dispatches them with ease. Elijah kills them at will, ripping their hearts out and tossing them aside like ragdolls, even breaking the neck one of one with a single punch. (Crying Wolf)

It is not known how Elijah can be killed permanently. While his most notable weakness is a vulnerability to sunlight, it is not clear that exposure could kill him. Regardless, his ability to walk in the 일 can be attributed to a ring with a Lapis Lazuli stone. According to John Gilbert, Elijah and the other Originals can be killed with a dagger dipped in the ash of a white oak 나무, 트리 that dates back to the time of their genesis. This was demonstrated when Alaric stabbed him with it. However Damon and Alaric made the mistake of removing it and Elijah resurrected. Elena Gilbert managed to stab him again, this time keeping the dagger inside the corpse. (The 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 Party) However it is not a permanent, irrevocable way of killing an original. Even after death Originals like Elijah are indestructible. Damon Salvatore tried to destroy the corpse 의해 burning it with a flame thrower but the body remained undamaged. (The House Guest)

Attitudes Toward Humans and Personality
Although Elijah's personal feelings towards humans are largely unknown, his actions seem to indicate that he is largely indifferent towards their existence. Consistent with his larger disposition, he is decidedly neutral in his interactions with humans, demonstrating no preference regarding their existence. However, given the lack of hesitation he shows in dispatching 뱀파이어 in his path, it seems likely he would treat humans in his path in a similar manner.

Though Elijah's may be indifferent to humanity as a whole, he has demonstrated a respect for life; he does not kill unnecessarily 또는 act in an abnormal manner when in the presence of the living. His interactions with a 거리 musician are a good illustration. Rather than using his speed 또는 mental abilities to compel the musician to give him the coins in his 기타 case, Elijah placed a $100 bill in the case in exchange for the coins. Further, in his negotiations with Elena he offers, without any prompting, to protect everyone that she loves.

Though these illustrations could support the notion that Elijah has an inherent level of respect for life in general, there is also a less altruistic possibility. Rather than respecting life, it is possible that Elijah merely recognizes the importance of life to humans and uses it as a bargaining chip in the pursuit of his agenda.

Elijah is shown to be very cautious, always planning ahead so that he can have a head start and choosing his words with extreme care so as to show what he wanted and what could happen, such as during his conversation with Elena. He has no qualms about killing as shown when he kills Cody Webber and his vampire 프렌즈 또는 when he kills Jules's werewolf pack when they try to kill Damon.

However, both Rose and Jonas Martin have maintained that Elijah is a man of his word and that he will keep his promises when he makes them. He shows this when he decides to spare Rose because she asks him to but kills Trevor as Rose omitted to mention him and when he saves Damon's life due to his deal with Elena.