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“Before I kill 당신 there are a few things 당신 have to know” Bonnie rolled him on his back with her feet. “You’re evil. You’re a worthless, useless waste of space. You’re not even worth spitting on. You’re a monster. You’re a sinner and for your sins 당신 have to make amends”
She walked around him pouring water over him and Damon knew what was to come. But this time he did not have the strength nor the courage to try and prevent it.
Bonnie looked at Damon and set him on fire. The flames started at his feet and searched their way to his chest. Damon rolled over the floor, but instead...
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“You shouldn’t have come here” Damon said nervous. “Go away”
“I will” Elena said. “With you. Can 당신 get up?”
Damon shook his head. “I have to stay here…I have to make amends”
Elena frowned. “What are 당신 talking about? Just get up and come with me. And please open your eyes”
Damon shook his head again. “I can’t open them. It hurts too much” he said a little ashamed. But Elena didn’t listen and pushed his eyelids up. She regretted it immediately.
“What has she done?” she asked shocked.
“Vervain” Caroline said.
“Why doesn’t he heal?” Elena asked.
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He threw the sheets off and checked his tummy. The wound was gone, healed. He pulled all threads and climbed out of bed. He took off the hospital 앞치마 and put on his own clothes. He felt something in his pocket and conjured a dagger. He didn’t wonder how it got there. He knew what it was for. As soon as he had his shoes on he left the room.
Alaric looked at him with tired, red eyes.
“You’re awake!”
Jeremy nodded. “I have to find Elena, she needs to help me save Damon”
Alaric shook his head. “You’re still weak from Damon’s attack on you” he said. “You should...
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She bent on her knees and her hands glided over the earth. She didn’t know what she was going to find, but a strong feeling inside of her told her there was something underneath the earth. Something she needed to find.
And so she started digging with her hands. Soon her hands were wounded and dirty, but she just kept digging.
She carried on for what seemed like hours, her hands bleeding, until her fingers touched something solid. She dug faster and 더 많이 fiercely, until she saw the object. When she saw Damon’s body she couldn’t breathe anymore. She covered her mouth and tears rolled over her face. She was too late.
She pulled him out of the pit and held him in her arms.
Damon wished he would stay unconscious until he died, so he wouldn’t have to feel anything anymore. Part of him wondered why he didn’t just switch off his humanity, so he wouldn’t feel any pain. But if he wouldn’t feel the pain, neither would he feel the joy he felt when he thought about Elena.
Elena. Damon hoped she would never hear that message on her voicemail. He hoped Stefan would be decent enough to erase that message.
Stefan. Damon knew his brother hated him, but this much? Then why did he sacrifice himself to save his life? Why did he 가입하기 Klaus to get the cure? And where was...
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Bonnie stared at her nails. They had bits of Damon’s flesh underneath them. “Damn it, I just had my nails done” she muttered. She looked at Damon’s hurt face. “I hope 당신 understand I have to do this. I could’ve taken down all vampires, but instead I focused on 당신 only. 당신 should be grateful for the rest of your kind”
“Thanks” Damon mumbled sarcastic, but it was good enough for Bonnie.
“Hmm” she said, 더 많이 to herself than to Damon. “Stefan left me some vervain to help me keep 당신 in check”
Stefan, Damon thought, when I die (he was certain he would) I will haunt you...
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“That’s enough” Bonnie said and Damon stopped feeding. Bonnie was so kind to wipe the blood of his chin. “I understand what Elena’s sees in you. I mean, 당신 are hot”
“Leave Elena out of this” Damon muttered.
“Yeah, I wish I could, but the thing is, 당신 are connected to her” Bonnie said. “No, not in a related kind of way. You’re not family. But her 심장 beats for the two of 당신 and she, the real Elena, will come back for you. Stefan will keep her away for a while, but eventually she will come look for 당신 and find you”
“I don’t want her to see me like this” Damon...
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“What is this?” Jeremy pointed at the spell book.
“That, my dear Jeremy” Bonnie said in a sugar-sweet voice as she walked downstairs. “would be my spell book. 당신 know, the book with spells?”
“Since when are 당신 into this whole voodoo crap?” he asked, referring to the doll.
“Well, because it’s fun, Jeremy” Bonnie pulled her shoulders. “It’s fun to see him 가자미, 넙치 like a 물고기 on land. It’s fun to be able to hurt him and see and hear him screaming, even though I’m not around”
Jeremy frowned. “He? Who he?”
Bonnie held her head diagonally. “Oh my sweet Jeremy,...
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Night came in and stars enlightened the scene Damon and Elena were in. Damon fed Elena his last fry. Elena bit off half of it, took the rest and fed it Damon. Then they both lay down on the ground.
“I think I could stay here forever” Elena sighed.
“I hear you” Damon agreed.
“You know this place, don’t you? 당신 knew exactly where to go” Elena said.
“I had a job here” Damon said.
Elena’s eyes bulged. “You used to work?” she exclaimed.
“Well, actually Stefan had the job” Damon clarified. “I was there just to annoy him”
“Damon?” Elena asked.
“Mm?” Damon said.
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Damon and Elena were driving into the night.
“Where we going?” Elena asked curious. His eyes kept on the road Damon replied: “Remember when I took 당신 to Georgia?”
Elena gasped. “We’re going to Bree’s Bar?” she asked excited.
“No” Damon said. “Bree’s Bar is gone. But there’s another place I’d like to take you”
He drove further for another twenty minutes. Then he parked the car on a parking lot of a restaurant. A very closed restaurant.
“Damon, what are we doing here?” Elena asked confused.
“Are 당신 hungry?” Damon asked with a smirk.
“Yes” Elena said....
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“I can do this all night long, 당신 know” Charlene said a little bored. She had been cutting into Tyler’s body if she felt he wasn’t answering her 질문 in all honesty. And so far he hadn’t any answered any 질문 in all honesty. “I’m wondering” she said slowly and sinister. “if you’d be so unwilling if it were Caroline hanging here”
“If 당신 touch her I’m going to rip your head off!” Tyler snapped threatening.
“Yeah, good look with that” Charlene replied sarcastically, with a look at the chains. “Okay, I’ll make it easy for you. Answer one 질문 and...
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They were sitting on the same terrace Elena had had ice cream with Damon when Derek grabbed a chair from the 표, 테이블 다음 to theirs and invited himself.
“How are 당신 guys doing?” he asked looking from Stefan to Elena. He’d never seen the blonde girl before and thus he didn’t pay much attention to her.
“Did Damon send you?” Elena asked short.
“What? No!” Derek said desperate. He looked around before he continued. “But it’s because of him I’m here. He’s not doing good, Elena. He’s a total wreck”
“He should’ve thought about that before he attacked the poor girl” Rebekah...
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Bonnie woke up and a bright light hurt her eyes, so she covered them. She looked around and learned she was in the hospital. She climbed of the 침대 and stared upon her own unconscious body.
“What’s going on?” she asked, not expecting a reply.
However, she did get one.
“You’re in coma”
Bonnie’s breathing went faster when she recognized the voice. “Grams?” she called.
Sheila appeared. Bonnie wanted to go to her, but she raised her hand and stopped her. “I’m not here for a family reunion” she said cold. “I’m here in name of the Bennett witches. You’ve seriously screwed...
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Elena ran into Jeremy, which meant Alaric hadn’t been able to keep him away.
“Elena, we need to go and help Damon”
Elena nodded. “I know. I had a dream. I know what it sounds like, but it was real”
“He’s with Bonnie. We need to go to Bonnie’s” Jeremy said.
“Come on, we’ll take Damon’s car” Elena said. She and Jeremy ran to Damon’s car, which still had the keys in the connection. She turned them and started the engines. She pushed the accelerator and raced ahead.
She drove alongside other cars, causing other drivers to honk. She ignored them and ten minutes...
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Jeremy and Jenna were now somewhere unfamiliar. It was cold and dark and musty. They were standing in front of a cage, 다음 to Bonnie, who looked furious. Apparently Damon had done something Bonnie had not allowed him to do.
“You have been a very bad boy, Damon, disobeying me like that” “I’m sorry” he mumbled, though he didn’t mean a word of it. “Shut up” Bonnie commanded. “I believe bad boys should be punished” she finished with an extremely evil smile on her face. Damon swallowed, fearing whatever was coming. But Bonnie just sat there. She wasn’t mumbling anything, she...
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Elena lay in her bed, but it had taken Stefan two hours to reassure her Damon was alright.
“I brought him to Ric’s loft” he had said. “If I would’ve brought him here Bonnie would’ve found him in no time. 당신 can go see him tomorrow. I promise”
“Where’s my phone?” she asked shaking. “I want to call him. I want to hear him say he’s okay"
Stefan gave Elena’s phone and she dialed Damon’s number. It went straight to voicemail. “He’s not picking up” Elena said scared. “Something happened”
Stefan took her 의해 her shoulders. “Elena, his phone is probably dead and...
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Bonnie sank down 다음 to him. “I’m sorry” she said. “For your arm, your eyes, your ear, your chest. I don’t want to hurt you, but when you’re around I get really mean. 당신 bring out the worst in me, Damon Salvatore”
“I figured”
Why was he talking to her? He should just ignore her.
“Don’t 당신 ever wonder why no one saw the cuts in your face?” Bonnie asked. She felt Damon shrug and he groaned. His arm hurt.
“The spell I put on 당신 let’s people only see what I want them to see” Bonnie explained. “It’s quite exhausting, but soon I can just drop that part of the spell....
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Run, that’s all he could think about. He had to run before she would catch up with him. And as he ran, he felt the aching coming back. His back started burning again, his head bounced and with every step he took it was as if thousand needles stung in his feet. But he had to keep running, for he had to stay ahead of her.
A few yards further he heard two voices argue. He recognized the voices. He wouldn’t count on the male one, but the girl would listen to him, she would understand, help him.
“Elena, wait!” Stefan yelled. After his proposal she had jumped out of the car and ran away.
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Jeremy’s eyes bulged as he stared at Damon like he had betrayed him. Damon let go of the 드라이버 and fixated his eyes on the blood.
“What?” he said confused. He looked at his hands, which were covered in blood and he crawled backwards.
Upstairs Alaric was finally liberated from the invisible force and he raced downstairs to the kitchen. His face went pale when he saw Jeremy lying on the ground, bathing in blood. He saw Damon, sitting in a corner, his expression shocked and confused.
“What have 당신 done?!” Alaric yelled, paying no attention to Damon’s wounds. He ran to Jeremy,...
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Morning came in, but Elena was too tired to get up. It had been 4 am when she had fallen asleep and even then it was a restless night. However she felt a sudden weight on her 침대 and a shadow covering her face.
She opened her eyes and stared in Damon’s face. She was awake right away. She sat up and threw her arms around Damon.
“You’re alive!” she cried. She held onto him like she would never let go.
“Yeah, some cop helped me” Damon said. “I had to compel him, though. He wanted me to go to the hospital”
“I wanted to go find you” Elena said, letting go of Damon. “But Stefan...
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