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This Egypt 사진 contains 분수. There might also be 비즈니스 지구, 다운 타운, and 도심지.

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Pick up from Izmir port to enjoy a full 일 sightseeing tour in Ephesus city. It is considered one of the great outdoor museums of Turkey, in fact perhaps of the world. It is also considered one of the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the world enabling one to genuinely ‘soak in’ the atmosphere of Roman times. 당신 will visit Odeon, State Agora, The Prytaneion, Domitian Square, Hercules Gate, The 분수 of Trajan, Temple of Hadrian, Celsius Library, the Gymnasium, the Grand Theatre, the Arcadian Way and finally 당신 will handicraft center to have a presentation about authentic Turkish arts. Return back to your cruise in Izmir port.

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Pick up from Izmir port to visit the ancient historical sightseeing of Ephesus city. Ancient Ephesus was a great trading city and a centre for the cult of Cybele, the Anatolian fertility goddess. Under the influence of the Ionians, Cybele became Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon, and a fabulous temple was built in her honour. 당신 will visit the temple of Artemis (completed around 550 BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Emperor Constantine I rebuilt much of the city and erected new public baths. Visit the Basilica of St. John, who came here with the Virgin...
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Pick up from Muscat port then drive drive through the beautiful embassy quarter of Muscat en route to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque which is the famous religious landmark of Muscat and splendor of unique Islamic architecture (Islamic dress code to be observed). 다음 당신 will drive to Muttrah, a delightful quarter of Muscat. Step into the 물고기 market, stroll along the Corniche to admire the beautiful merchant houses and experience the shopping in the busy souk, well known for its silver craft shops, perfumes, souvenirs and much 더 많이 to buy, here 당신 also stop for lunch before 당신 continue to the...
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Start the 2 days trip at the Quriyat fishing village where there will be a short 사진 stop at the harbor which is absolutely spectacular and yet completely rural!. Proceed to visit the Bimah Sinkhole, it is a fascinating limestone crater been created many years 이전 and the hole is large and filled with blue-green sea water.

Drive on to the white beaches of Finns for a photo-stop and/or a swim (1/2 hour). Continue to Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi where 당신 will enjoy the pre-packed picnic lunch in the serene surroundings of the beautiful Oasis. Drive on to Sur where 당신 will experience the fishermen’s...
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For memorable view of Luxor's temples, enjoy a hot-air balloon ride over the Nile River's west bank. your sunrise flight over Egypt's ancient capital promises to be the unique experience of your holiday. After the safety briefing and introduction 당신 will rise into the still-dark sky. To the east 당신 will see Karnak Temple in the morning sun, while Hatshepsut Temple is on your other hand. See also the Colossi of Memnon rises from the crop fields, fly over the Ramesseum for an beatable view of the complex. The hidden Valley of the Queens lies peacefully between the mountains of the west bank. Your hot-air balloon flight will last approximately 30 to 45 minutes, and you'll be back at your hotel 또는 cruise ship in time for breakfast and morning tour departures.

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