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posted by JennyRocker197
Alice gave me a dozen wedding dresses to try on when I came home; Edward was on a hunting trip with his brothers and Charlie was gone for the weekend on business.

I went to my bathroom to try the first one on, it was white with 레이스 trim along the 칼라 and had a long silver flow with sparkles on the bottom part and it fit my body perfectly, but I still had a few 더 많이 to try. Eleven later I found the perfect one, the first one I tried so I put that one on again and went to my room.

I turned on some soft 음악 and started slow dancing with myself, I closed my eyes and was still dancing, I yelped...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Ok im sorry, for the wait, I just got hook on other and rah rah, Plus, i was 글쓰기 my new one In the new world can 당신 please tell wither 당신 liked that?

ok, here where we go.

I stood in the middle of the stage, still, lifeless. Edward, Alice Jasper stood in front of me, no hallianation this time , but really there.
My 심장 weeped for the final time.
Do i move, do i even think. Edward, stood as perfect as perfect as he always have been. His bronze hair still sat in the same style, his face still soo beautiful , and his eyes were my peace.
"ALICE!" i screamed. My best friend, i missed her...
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posted by CarlislesLover
Please comment.xx

When I arrived they were both standing face to face arguing.
“You blonde slag”

“Brown bitch”

“Piss off and get a life”

“Why don’t you”

“No I have a life unlike somebody”

“Umm no 당신 don’t, you’ve been in a coffin for the last few decades”

“You’re arms disappearing, maybe its old age”

“Hahaha very funny, I’m not old!”

“Yes 당신 are”

“Well my little friend I suggest 당신 piss off now”

“Since when am I your friend”


“Sorry Bella”

“That’s ok Rosalie”

“Oh so Rosalie’s perfect now”



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posted by CarlislesLover
Sorry it's been a while since I 게시됨 this. I have so many 기사 going on at the moment!

We finished shopping finally. “I’m sorry I have to go now”

“Ok, I’ll see 당신 whenever I 다음 wake you”

“Ok bye”


She left me going back to her grave. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t go back and see the faces of my family. Jasper was likely to kill me if I went back. Edward would be like oh Bella I 사랑 당신 so much none of this is your fault and Jasper would be like she knocked my wife unconscious I hate 당신 and I’d be sat there like whatever guys leave me alone....
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posted by KatiiCullen94
"A son, bella" Edwards hand caressed my face adoringly.
My ribs hurt with extreme pain. I was exhusted, and like being kicked in the gut put on top.
"Emmett, fetch my 더 많이 morphine" Carlisle struggled, holding my new screaming boy.
"Who wants to cut the chord?" Edward suggested.
A small voice sounded from the the back of the room. Rosalie.
"I will" She slowly approuched me and smiled a wide grin once she came into my eyeshot.
Emmett wiped back with a large needle.
oh god, i dont like the size of that needle. I graped onto Edward wrist.
"It's alright Bella, it wont hurt" Carlisle assured me....
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
I'm so sorry It's been so long! Sorry I don't think this chapter is as long as the other's. I've been really excited because I heard Kristen Stewart! Is coming to Australia!!! Then I got really upset because its most likely that I can't go! Because mum has to work that day! So i've also been really sad lately :( Anyway hope 당신 enjoy, Please comment! Also sorry it just stops, I thought since I haven't put up a chapter in ages I should do it now, but i promise that I will try to get chapert 5 up within the 다음 week, if not 당신 guys can keep on bugging me until I do get it up. Please Comment!!!...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
"Oh bella, look at me!" i heard edwards voice throught fuzzy ears.
I felt a massive pain buring within my womb. i clutched my unborn baby.
"Hold on Bella,"
"Can we come in to see Edward?" Alice whimpered
"I will tell 당신 when ok?" His voice stressed...

i felt a quick rush of wind blow 의해 me ,speed.
"where do i put her? on your 표, 테이블 father?"
"yep, Edward, She is still in a blackout,, bite her.. to heal just a tad,,, 당신 know when its enought to turn her"
"DO IT!"
i felt a burn on the inside of my neck, i screamed, trying to make it stop, it was scorcing, fire, .
But it was...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
저기요 guys, thanks for all the support on the first chapter, i'll try and make chapter 2 a bit longer. This is the 초 time i'm 글쓰기 this, because my computer froze last night and i 로스트 all of my writing!!! I'm not sure if it will be as good, well hope 당신 enjoy it anyway.

Bella's POV

"Ouch" I said, my head was spinning, I couldn't remember what had happened last night, then i remembered, there was someone in the house. "Oh" i said quickly sitting up, I was in my room, I slowly looked around excepting someone to be here, that's when i saw Edward sitting in my old rocking chair in the corner....
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
저기요 guys, this is my first 팬 fic, i don't think i'm a good writer but i just thought i would try. Also thank 당신 to Keppie who without her i wouldn't have made half of this story.

Bella's POV

I pulled into my driveway in my old, red Chevy truck, i had, had a very long 일 and i was tired and exhausted, all i wanted to do was go too sleep.


Edward and his family were all on a hunting trip, leaving me behind with nothing to do all 일 except go to school. Atleast if they all went this was a short trip, so Edward would be 집 tomorrow morning when i wake up. I still remember the last...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
 Edward gone again
Edward gone again
6 Months later. . .
(Tanna is around 11 months and bella is about 8 months pregnant)

"bella, your killing me... how is this working? this is a full human pregnancy, with a half vampire child? Again, 당신 amaze us vampires." Carlisle replied puzzeled. i think he was started to rethink whiether he is actaully good at his job....
i felt a sudden jolt, within me... a kick. a sighed and smiled. Carlisle's face brighted once he saw. His hand brushed my now "massive" stomach.
He chuckled as he felt it again.
"Carlisle, do 당신 know when Edward comes home. i need him for the birth.. this is his baby...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
The room was silent , no-one spoke a word as i entered the room.
Tanna laid silent in the deepth of my hair.
A chilled palm rested on my shoulder, i turned.
"I can take her, if 당신 want bell" Rose offered.
i tightened my grip on my baby. no i wanted to keep her, i needed something to hold on to, now with Edward.
"no it's ok Rose, i need her" i moaned silently.
I heard low groans and murmurs from Carlisle.
I scuffed my feet accross the floor.
I glided past Alice who seemed all healed, well that one down, one to go.
edward came into sight.
I 로스트 all breathe, and stength in my legs, i felt esme's...
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10 Ways to Annoy Bella Swan

10. Ask about Mike.

9. Ask about Eric.

8. Ask about Jacob.

7. Ask about Edward.

6. After asking about all these boys, inquire as to how much she is paying them, and where in the White Pages she looked for fake fan-boys.

5. When she complains about not being a vampire, throw glitter on her and claim she sparkles just like a vampire in the sun.

4. Ask if the thought of Edward biting her makes her… happy.

3. Say that since Edward is technically dead, she is into necrophilia. Tell her that is sick and wrong, and she should stop with her weird fetishes.

2. Tell her we all know about the real reason she married Edward – the honeymoon.

And the Number One way to annoy Bella Swan?

1. Tell her that 당신 and Jacob imprinted on each other, and are getting married. Tell her 당신 are pregnant, and will be with him forever. Videotape the reaction.
posted by KatiiCullen94
"hey bella, wake up ,bella" Alice whispered while she shook me awake lightly. i woke from a deep sleep, i tried to shake off the exhustgin off my eyes. I just wanted 더 많이 time, i felt like i was back at school, early mornings. but i dont why it was such a surprise anyway, being a mother of a 4 월 old, really gets 당신 up at all hours.
"im sorry, Bella, but i was going to do the shopping for you. what do 당신 need? what do i get?? i haven't been shopping a long time." she chuckled. This was the first time she has smiled the since port angles trip. I dont remember much. only because i was knocked...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
this is placed into the slot of when bella in eclipsed edward to not go fight and to stay EXCEPT I CHANGED A LITTLE MANOR THINGS... hehe

I waited for them to get back to me. I couldn't think of the names and even some of them i even meet and yet they are still willing to lose their life over me which scared me half to death. Im surpirsed im not already dead.
I asked , i cant even say his name in this moment, to stay behind for me. but he denied me. He wanted to end it himself with his own hands was his excuse. But i thought that perhaps he just wants some fun, even i find myself boring, maybe...
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posted by xroylex
it was hard to think about anything but that raging spell of blood why was she doing this? as i kept staring at her deep 초콜릿 eyes i could see something nothear but see the enbaressment in them so i couldn`t read her mind but i can see her reacton. strange.
finaly everyones head repeated each other the bell, i raced out of my 좌석 i had to get away before i do somthing i regret.
finaly i was in english i could think clear. i was getting this weird feeling something i never felt before. i couldn`t get use to it it was like i wanted to protect her wonted to be with her right now what was happerning?.

sorry its short
posted by xroylex
the first half of the mornin passed quickly as everyones thoughts was the same as each others they were all based on this person this bella.
i wonder what shes into wonder if she has a boyfriend? mike newton even though most of the girls loved him he had to go for the best. dont know what people see in her she aint that pritty to be honest. jessica stanly i hated that girl her mind was so childesh i hated having to hear it and tried to drone her out as much as possible. bella 백조 what a nice name loook at newton he thinks he has a shot well lets just prove him wrong shall we. eric what was...
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edwared edwared get up i have the cutest oufit...
why me why alice?? i was sat at the window ledge stairing at the sky watching another night come to an end and the start of a new one.
gracefully i jumped of and slumped down the stairs to face anuther 일 of my endless life. school. i have commited sins im not perfect i know that but this is over the 상단, 맨 위로 dady after 일 of stuff i already know when was it going to end?
esmee my mother in so maney ways was cleaning the already tiedy house emmet and jasper was arm westerling in the corner while alice and rose was just well playin gdress up. typical....
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According to the National Domestic Violence hotline, these are some signs that 당신 may be in an emotionally 또는 physically abusive relationship.

Does your partner:
* Look at 당신 또는 act in ways that scare you?

* Control what 당신 do, who 당신 see 또는 talk to 또는 where 당신 go?
"Stay away from the werewolves. I 사랑 you."

* Make all of the decisions?

* Act like the abuse is no big deal, it's your fault, 또는 even deny doing it?
"If I wasn't so attracted to you, I wouldn't have to break up with you."

* Threaten to commit suicide?
"I just can't live without you. In fact, I'll run to Italy...
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posted by gwen5890
warning;if u got a bad common for my 기사 don;t put one at all u hear me! i got really piss

edward don't! but soon as i got there i slam into my edward and 키스 him until he 키스 me 더 많이 and after at time they said we are giong to kill edward so they grab me instead and edward spin and got me out and slam into him and after at the guy slam him down and jane said;it is only giong to hurt a little and i said;no no no! pleas don't and aFTER AT WE CAME 집 AND JACOB AND EDWARD STARTED FIGHTING WHEN EDWARD THEW HIM AND HE JUST TURN INTO A WEREWOVLE AND HE WAS RUNNING TOWARD EDWARD 또는 ME AND I WAS STANDING BETWEEN THEM AND SAID;JACOB DON'T! AND ALSO THAT IT FOR NOW

WARNING AGAIN;LIKE I SAID IF U Are giong to put a rude common don;t put one at all u hear it really pee me off
bella! edward is giong to kill himself for you
because he though 당신 were dead because of rosalie telling him at WHAT?REallycondand found him before it to late and bella your giong to save your edard also my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!and when they were diving and got on the airplane and the piot was flying when the man said;well....we are about to stop and so he did also when they got off this boy and girl were saying;woah!!!!!!THIS MAN IS ABOUT TO JUMP BUT BEFORE HE DID BELLA RUN AND RUN AND SAID;EDWARD DON'T!BUT KEPT RUNNING AND SLAM INTO EDWARD AND 키스 HIM AND SHE SAID;NEVER DO THAT TO ME AND ALICE...
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