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EPL reviewed on "Screen it"


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not suggesting EPL is a movie for kids...but sheesh EVERY glass of wine is listed!? Champagne at a wedding reception?

# Handed Delia's young child, Stephen holds it at arm's length and then returns the asleep child to her, saying he'd be asleep too if he took a "dump" like the child did (not seen).
# We see a butcher chopping into a side of meat.

okay so a child pooping? and you mean to say the meat we eat is from actual animals that get chopped to pieces?

and in the category: disrespectful& bad behaviour
# Richard makes fun of how much Liz is eating, and then repeatedly refers to her as "Groceries."
:O he jokes...HOW DARE HE JOKE?

# Liz shows some cleavage.
# We see Liz reading in the bathtub, and her knees are spread, but there's no view under the water and thus no nudity.

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