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Best 용 from a film?

27 fans picked:
Toothless from HTTYD!
(added by Maria_Ada2001)
(added by Okami_Amaterasu)
Shapheria (SP?) from 에라곤
Shapheria (SP?) from 에라곤
(added by greekgirlA)
Fell Beasts from Lord of the Rings
Daenerys Targaryen's 용 from Game of Thrones
Salamence from Pokemon Jirachi: Wish Maker
(added by PYGMSfan5)
helios from bakugan
helios from bakugan
(added by dragonalchemist)
Ashuton Karrucci from 용 and Cicadas~!
(added by Lponibofficial)
 wepostlethwait posted over a year ago
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Mactwisp picked Toothless from HTTYD!:
toothless! he's so cute *-*
posted over a year ago.