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Sasuke is heavily damaged 의해 the fierce Galick Gun. His 상단, 맨 위로 is fully ruined. “What!? That was all you’ve got!” Vegeta says, “C’mon, show your true power tailed beast!” Sasuke throws his sword on the ground. He prepares to attack Vegeta with his most powerful Chidori ever! “Hmm, are 당신 trying to shock me with electric 또는 what!?” Vegeta says, “Wha- that’s an enormous energy! What are 당신 trying to do!?” “Just wait….. And watch.” Replies Sasuke with an evil smile on his face. Vegeta tries to hit Sasuke but Sasuke takes the opportunity and hits Vegeta on his 심장 with...
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posted by rileyferguson
 Super Saiyan God 고쿠
Super Saiyan God Goku
NOTE: This 기사 contains Spoilers, so if 당신 don't like them, I would recommend 당신 to turn off this page right now.

I just watched the entire Battle of Gods movie, and it was totally epic. The scenes were awesome and the graphics and 애니메이션 are just beautiful. I can say now that the movie is action packed and is totally epic. I would recommend 당신 guys to watch it because it is a great movie and it is totally awesome to watch.

The plot is Ok. Dragon Ball 영화 usually start with a villian coming to destroy the earth and 고쿠 usually saving the day. But in this one, it's different. Goku...
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posted by doctorgoku
It had been exactly sixty-seven days since the death of Trunks Briefs. Gohan had assembled the items he needed for his trip to the past - Goku's 심장 medicine, being the main item of importance. He remembered having to watch his father struggle in 침대 some years ago. He wasn't about to witness that again.

"Gohan, I want 당신 to be careful out there... You're all we've got..." A single tear rolled down Bulma's face in this time of desperation.

Gohan wiped the tear off of her face, "Don't worry, Bulma. I've seen the worst things a person can see, and I don't want it to happen again.. I'll do everything...
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 This is what happened to my video
This is what happened to my video
This is my first ever Rant, so please no hate comments. This is something I was planning to do for a while and it took some time to make this too.

So basically, I am really not happy with something that has been happening on Youtube. 비디오 of Battle of Gods are getting blocked Worldwide 의해 20th Century 여우 for no reason at all. I really don't know why they are doing this. I mean, they don't own the goddamn rights to Dragon Ball Z 또는 the Movie whatsoever. Everytime I check a Battle of Gods video on Youtube, it says "This video contains content from FOX, Who have blocked it on Copyright grounds"....
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posted by doctorgoku
Trunks was frantically running down a beaten alleyway. Sweat dripped down his forehead as his stamina began to weaken. Every step he took was one step deeper into his pride being lost. Instead of fighting the threats that faced him, he ran away from them, waiting for Gohan to save him. What would his father think?

Androids 17 and 18 had it in for Trunks. He was a meddling brat that didn't know his place. The evil humanoids had killed Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, and even his father Vegeta. All Trunks had in this world was his mother Bulma and his best friend Gohan. Instead of protecting his mother,...
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posted by MissieMidget
A/U: I am aware of all the several amounts of DBZ high school stories there are however, I like to add my own flavor to the mix so I hope 당신 enjoy in spite of all that. This was made for an author I adore and hopefully he/she likes it. Natalya 당신 may want to look into her awesome stories, If you're a 야오이 팬 that is. She gave me a good slice of 조언 that allowed me to write this story for all of 당신 so if 당신 don't review for me at least do it for her/him. 사랑 Missy Madness.

Title: Welcome to the Jungle Chapter 1: Hell's Gift - High School.

Rated: T

Summary: Vegeta, Bulma, Goku, Krillin,...
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posted by rileyferguson
Even though I have done a lot of fanfics, this is the first one I've ever 게시됨 on Fanpop. Please 의해 nice to this and enjoy!

Vegeta was bored. He was watching the Big Bang Theory to kill his boredom. That was until Bulma came in.
"Vegeta!" yelled Bulma "What Woman?!" yelled Vegeta "I'm going out all night with the ladies and I won't be back until 3:00" said Bulma "So, can 당신 please behave?" "Yes I will be fine Woman" said Vegeta "Good, now goodbye" said Bulma sternly.

Vegeta waited for Bulma to leave then he called Goku. "Hey Kakarot, I'm throwing a party. Invite the guys and bring your kids...
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고쿠 jr and Vegeta jr:*pushing to the limit*Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Goku:keep it up*thinking*they're putting on an enormous amount of energy

*over 의해 the z fighters*

Vegeta:*throw a lot of punches*

Azues:*dodges everyone*


Gohan:my turn*throws punches*

Azues:*dodges them*don't waste my time*smacks them away*

Vegeta:*falls back*no way will 당신 beat us

Azues:you really think 당신 can beat me with a silly "super saiyan"?

Gohan:you think that's all we have in store for you?

Vegeta:if 당신 so 당신 have underestimated us way to far

Gohan:time to show the true power

Vegeta:Of A Super Saiyan!!!...
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Chapter 25
“Oh! I gotta go and give them these beans!” yelledGohan running up to Vegeta. Vegeta was still planted deep in the hard ground. Gohan knee down, trying to pick up Vegeta from the ground. Gohan rested Vegeta’s head on his knees. “Vegeta?…Are 당신 still with me?” Gohan took a beam from the bag. “Here…open…” Vegeta did not respond. Gohan forced the beam in his mouth. “Come on Vegeta…chew.” Vegeta’s jaw slowly moved up and down. Gohan sat Vegeta’s head slowly back down. Gohan ran to the other Z Fighters. Vegeta slowly sat up from the ground. His eyes were...
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Chapter 24
“Right guys…lets fight our leader” Yamcha said confident.
“Okay” responded Piccolo. Chiatzu nervously nodded his head up and down.
“Hm…any 일 now” 고쿠 said a bit upset. “These fights are not so exciting.”
“Go!” yelled Krillin. Suddenly the Z Fighters disappeared before they knew it. Goku’s eye’s followed them…all of them attacked Goku…but missed. They all went crazy over 고쿠 but 고쿠 just stood, letting them miss. Goten stared in fright…five men going aftrer one person…but missing! My daddy is not even moving!
“This is the end!” that’s...
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Chapter 2

“Wow! Trunks!” screamed Gohan running toward the young man. Suddenly Trunks eyes went directly to Chichi. His blue eyes turned huge! He started shaking! “What?” he asked in his mind. “Don’t tell me!…Don’t tell me that’s Goku’s wife!” he cried. Chichi walked toward him. She studied Trunks face.
“Have… we….. Ment?” she asked still thinking. Everyone blinked confessed. They have meet? Trunks blushed hard. Gohan studied Trunks with a frown. Trunks rubbed the back of his hair.
“I, I believe 당신 are mistaking me with someone else ma’am” Trunks answered...
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Thx so much for the reviews!:D I've changed some things for the tournament like... there's going to be 더 많이 fighting rounds than what it is in the anime/manga - for character and plot reasons. Hope thats okay, now enjoy! ^_^

Part 1: Gather For The Tournament

Goku was back for a 일 and everyone had already been signed in to the World Martial Arts Tournament. After their brief encounter with the mysterious Shin and Kibito, the group of fighters headed to the private arena where they were suppose to be assigned a match.

When they stepped into the arena they saw the other fighters. Among them were...
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Earlier this week, Daizex.com reported news from Siliconera that Namco-Bandai had trademarked two new video game titles that potentially had something to do with the DragonBall franchise, including one called "Ultimate Butôden" (アルティメット武闘伝).

A Japanese Tales fansite/blog is reporting that an upcoming magazine will reveal DragonBall Kai: Ultimate Butôden as a fighting game for the 닌텐도 DS game set for release rather soon on 03 February 2011 for the standard price of ¥5040.

Jump scans are starting to float out there, confirming everything we have been 읽기 so far:

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