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This Downton Abbey 사진 might contain 거리, 도시 현장, 도시의 설정, 도시 장면, 도시 설정, 도시 거리, 도시 장면 설정, 신사복, 비즈니스 정장, surcoat, and 외투.

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Another great 기사 I found on tumblr, this time 의해 ladychauffeurs. I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. I just thought it was excellent, so I 게시됨 it to the Branson and Sybil spot, but I felt I should post it here, too. That way the people who don't like Sybil/Branson 또는 Branson (to whom this 기사 is addressed), who are unlikely to go on the Branson and Sybil spot, have a chance to read it, too.

I DID NOT WRITE THIS ARTICLE. All credit goes to ladychauffeurs@tumblr.


“You’re too scared to admit it… but you’re in 사랑 with me.”

First things...
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Season 1
2.New Heir
3.Mary's Shame
4.The Fair
5.The 꽃 Show
6. Past and Future
7. The Miscarriage

Season 2
1. Prayers for Soldiers
2. Life During War
3. Recovery for Strangers, Secrets for Friends
4. Returning 또는 Leaving
5. Wounds
6. Refugees
7. Standing on one's own
8. Two Weddings and a funeral
9. Guilty Parties

Season 3
2. Good Stubbornness
3. Touching Concerns (and a Breakup)
4. out of misfortune
5. Truth and Birth (1st tragedy)
6. Moving on
7. Relations
8. Fertility
9. Stalking (2nd tragedy)

Season 4
1. Importance of Life
2. Old loves
3. the rape (3rd tragedy)
4. Cooking in the kitchen/relationships...
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Downton Abbey stars Allen Leech (Tom Branson), Hugh Bonneville (Robert) and Executive Producer Gareth Neame on the most talked about moments of Episode 5 from Downton Abbey Season 5 as seen on MASTERPIECE on PBS. #DowntonPBS
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Brand New Official Trailer. by: ITV on 유튜브
downton abbey
official trailer
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