As he sits at 집 all he can think about is Rose and how he left her behind.He thinks of all the good times they had together. His eyes burned as he watched another episode of their video diaries. It hurt him to just look at a 사진 of Rose. "I hope she is happy with where she is right now but I know she is sad. I miss her. I wonder if she missies me too?" She meant so much to the Doctor. She was his 일 and his night,she was the burning 사랑 in his heart. Just the thought of Rose mead the Doctor sad.

"Evere since I met RoseI new we had a special connection like no other companion. I 사랑 her because she is smart,funny,brave, and talented. He talked all evening about her and wondered " Maybe I should go see her at Bad 늑대 Bay. Then he new for certain it was the right thing to do! So when he woke up the 다음 morning grabbed his 코트 and sonic 드라이버 and ran straight to the TARDIS.

On the way there he wondered how this was going to turn out. If rose would be excited like he is 또는 angry ant him for not coming soon enough. But it didn't madder all that madders was that he could see Rose again.

Rose was sitting on the beac waiting and waiting and then suddenly the TARDIS appears fa behind her and the Doctor steps out and starts running towards Rose, and Rose starts running strait back toward him. "DOCTOR!" shouted Rose. "ROSE,ROSE IT'S ME THE DOCTOR!" As the slowly get closer and closer they finally get into each others reach and hug for a extremely long time." Doctor I missed 당신 wear on earth or.. any other planet have 당신 been?" "I've been at my house thinking about you!" "Thank 당신 for finally coming back Doctor!" "Did 당신 think I would't come back?!"

As the waves slowly crash on to the 육지, 쇼 어 of Bad 늑대 만, 베이 Rose and the Doctor have and amazing life. But the Doctor still wonders, What will happen when I regenerate and Rose dies?