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 Even 디즈니 can't please everyone.
Even Disney can't please everyone.
Well,I bet that 제목 got your attention!
Let me make something perfectly clear here.I 사랑 Disney! I really do,it's a big part of my childhood,and I'm pretty sure it was a big part for everybody's childhood.It's probably the greatest 애니메이션 company in the world,but it's not perfect.
Like most companies,Disney has its fair-share of things about it that piss me off,on a lot of levels.These things can range from baffling decisions that don't make sense,cancelling great games,movies and shows,or creating things like 영화 또는 series that were failures,or anything that make 당신 ask the question: "What were the people at 디즈니 thinking!!!"
Now,just because 디즈니 has its fair-share of problems,doesn't mean that the company is corrupt 또는 incompetent (So to speak.), it just means it's made mistakes,which is not uncommon.
I chose to make a 상단, 맨 위로 10 list,because there are plenty of stupid decisions that 디즈니 has made over the decades.
Let's get some rules out of the way first:
First,because I wasn't born in the 90's,like most of you,I'm not as familiar with most of the things I'll be talking about,here.
Second,most of things on this list are very personal for me,so please,brace yourselves for some anger.
Third,this is all opinion based.If 당신 disagree with me,I won't stop 당신 from it,and I will respect your opinion.
Fourth,this 기사 will include some very critical 코멘트 against Disney,but 더 많이 for personal and logical reasons,rather than for spam and troll reasons.I'm not a troll,I just have my problems with 디즈니 and I wanted to express them.So,I'm sorry if I sound like I'm trying to attack Disney.
Without any further a due,let's begin:

10.The late 디즈니 Afternoon shows.
Now,because I was born in April of 2000,I didn't grow up with the 디즈니 Afternoon.But I did watch them on Weekend mornings when I was younger,so I can safely say that I certainly enjoy them. What I didn't enjoy,are the late 디즈니 Afternoon shows:Bonkers,Shnookums and Meat,Quack Pack and The Mighty Ducks.
These were those kind of shows that believed 의해 being "cool","edgy","hip" and "down-with-the-kids",then they would be a success.When,in reality,they ended up being stupid,lame,cliched,dull and just unimaginative.
Bonkers was basically just a rip-off of Roger Rabbit.All 당신 need to know,is the concept of this series and you'll immediately understand,what this series is.Plus,it's not a very good rip-off,either.
One of the advantages of Roger Rabbit was that it was live-action and animation.In Bonkers,it's all animation! I mean,I know you're supposed to get that the people are real people;but what would happen if they met with Alladin? 당신 couldn't tell apart which one is supposed to be real and which one is supposed to be a cartoon!
Not to mention,they barely did any crossovers with any 디즈니 characters.Again,the key word is "barely", because they did actually have an episode,where they had Mickey 쥐, 마우스 in a dog cage,but he's never shown on screen,just his voice!
Needless to say,it was not very good.
But hey! If one rip-off wasn't enough,let's make another one! Thus,they made Shnookums and Meat,where they basically ripped off Ren and Stimpy!
Well,according to the information I found on Wikipedia,as the 디즈니 Afternoon,started to loose its audience,it took one-other time-slots and would constantly alternate in-between shows.So,Tuesday at 4:00 might be Bonkers,but Wednesday at 4:00 could be Gargoyles and Friday at 4:00 could be Shnookums and Meat.This was just part of their attempt to throw things at the 벽 to see what sticks.And boy,did it not stick!
If 당신 thought Bonkers ripping off Roger Rabbit was bad,this was just uncomfortable;from the serial animation,to the paint-drop backgrounds,to the semi-realistic stills,to the fact that it's a cat and a dog! It was just painful.
Now,I didn't grow up,watching Ren and Stimpy,nor did I ever watch it,because it's not my type of show (Especially the Adult Party Cartoon,which is literally the worst cartoon I've ever seen in my life!),but I can certainly see where the people who liked the show come from.So,I guess they saw the opportunity to rip it off,so they could get the same praise!
당신 see,every time 디즈니 tries to rip-off someone,it will always inevitably bomb! But,we'll talk about this later.
Out of these four,Quack Pack is the only one I watched as a kid,and unfortunately it's the worst one.This was basically the parade of the personality deprived youth,of the 90's.
I mean,just look at the intro.The intro makes it seem like,what Donald does is lame and uncool,while their hyper-active nonsense is the hip and cool stuff,we should watch. (A great,metaphor for this series!)Plus,the lyrics is garbage.
Our main "characters" are basically just 2 things,90's 인용구 and 90's posses.
I was not born in the 90's,but I can tell,besides it being the best decade for animation,as of yet,it was a pretty dark time for other media.With comic 책 being stained with the filth of Rob Liefeld,the 영화 being over-saturated with CGI,having no effort put into them,having the most cookie-cutter of stereo-types,lame stories,etc,and everyone using slang such as: "RADICAL" 또는 "DUDE" 또는 "TO THE EXTREME" 또는 "HOT CHICKS",and all that crap!
Also,how the hell can 당신 make 3 characters named Hughey,Dewey and Lewey,cool?
Sadly,this was not Disney's last attempt at trying to be good 의해 doing what's popular.(Again,we'll get to that one later.)
And the last one is The Mighty Ducks. (Not the be confused with the 디즈니 live-action movie.)
This is basically the cartoon equivalent of a Rob Liefeld comic-book.Basically having no character development 또는 personalities for the "characters",having most of it being action scenes,saying really stupid things,and doing over-exaggerated poses,and all that crap! Not to mention,the ENTIRE WORLD being obsessed with Hockey and having the asteroids looking Hockey pucks.
And when I said "saying really stupid things",I MEANT THAT! Especially with them,who constantly say "DUCKS ROCK!!!" I swear,that's one of the stupidest catchphrases I've ever heard!
It's stupid,juvenile,cliched and barely has anything going for it.And when I said barely,I said because it has ONE thing going for it:having Tim 카레 as the villain.Not only did it have Tim 카레 as the villain,but it also had Tony Jay,the voice of Frollo,as his second-hand man.Okay,I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any moment in a cartoon where Tim 카레 and Tony 어치, 제이 were together.So,yeah,they were the best things to come out of this show,which also makes it the saddest because it's such a waist of great talent.
Now,if 당신 thought,these 디즈니 shows were bad,you haven't seen nothing,yet.

9.Inspector Gadget 2.
I'm convinced!Somebody at Disney,must be working for Dreamworks! That's probably the only explanation as to why they would decide to make a sequel to terrible movie adaptation of Inspector Gadget.
Now,before we start,let's just say that I didn't grew up with Inspector Gadget when I was little.I grew up watching what looked like a reboot of the series,but I can't find any information about it.
While the 80's show isn't anything to right 집 about,it at least didn't insult the intelligence of the audience.
The first Inspector Gadget movie was just horrendous.The effects were terrible,the main actor,Matthew Broderick,gave an incredibly dull performance,the story made no sense,it deviated a lot from the 출처 material,but didn't do anything creative 또는 anything that made sense,and the jokes were just forced and terrible.It was just a desperate mess of a film.So 디즈니 decided to give it a sequel; because they thought "Hey! The first movie was just boring and desperate! Let's make this one boring,desperate and insulting! Let's make it actively assault the intelligence of our viewers at once" Instead of Matthew Broderick,we have French Stuart,responsible for such STELLAR performances as the chiwawa from Beverly Hills Chiwawa 2.And yet,this movie managed to be the biggest coffee stain on his résumé.
What did the director say to this man!? Oh wait,I know:
"Okay,French,by the end of this movie,the audience should loathe you.I mean,absolutely despise you."
The movie begins with French,pulling over an old lady,for going 0.3 mph over the speed limit,then he forcefully handcuffs her.Our hero,everyone! Not to mention,he sticks up his nose up at Penny,telling her that she must refer to him,by his rank.Again,OUR. HERO.EVERYONE!!!
Inspector Gadget 2 is a loud,irritating,unlikable,nonsensical,relentless,seizure inducing,ugly mess that wasn't just forgettable.It topped the original 의해 being insultingly obnoxious,as well.Luckily for Disney,it was quickly forgotten.

8.Pickle and Peanut.
Now,remember when I said that the last shows on the 디즈니 Afternoon weren't the last attempts 의해 디즈니 to rip-off a 인기 franchise/pander to an audience with what's popular? Well,I was referring to this piece of crap!
Whenever 디즈니 tries to rip-off something,it will always FAIL! They tried to rip-off Roger Rabbit,they made Bonkers.They tried to rip-off Ren and Stimpy,they made Shnookums and Meat.They tried to rip-off Shrek,they made Chicken Little.They tried to rip-off Wicked,they made Maleficent.And they tried to rip-off Breadwinners,which ripped-off Regular Show.
I think 간물, 피 클 and 땅콩 is the worst animated 디즈니 show,I've ever seen! One of the reasons being is that,much like Quack Pack,it tries to pander to it's audience 의해 using trends,memes and slangs from this decade and the internet.
Remember when I said that stuff like that irritates me a lot! Well,this series does all of it,in grandious fashion! I hate these kind of things because they're obviously not cool and will obviously be outdated,plus it will only make them look like jackasses,as to people I want to follow.
Much like Breadwinners,because they believe in having to bro-dudes doing stupid things and being loud is what people want,then it will be a success.
I think it's time to talk about what made Regular Show so good that these pale imitations don't understand.
Regular Show worked because the character were actually RELATABLE! They had lives and personalities of their own,that made them feel like people we can relate to.More specifically,the party man with a job.
The characters all worked at the same job,but they treated each other with respect and dignity.Sure,they can get loud sometimes,but a lot of adults who haven't forgotten to have fun,do that.They stand up for each other,respect each other,and none of them are actually jerks. (Okay,sometimes they are,but that's besides the point.)
Mordecai and Rigby,while being jackasses in their own right,are still characters with depth to them.
In of my 가장 좋아하는 episodes,they accidentally crash the parks cart,and their boss,Benson,is responsible for them.Almost loosing his job because of them.In one scene,when Benson breaks and explains to them that their actions have consequences that effect other people,he starts crying and Mordecai And Rigby actually sympathize with him and feel sorry for what they had done.
And it's ENGROSSED in the 80's.From montages with techno/rock 음악 in the background,using real life songs from artist like Stan Bush,New Kids on the Block,Loverboy,etc;to having references to 80's shows,cartoons and movies,etc.But they don't do it out of laziness,they do it out of 사랑 for the decade they grew up with,and even poke fun of the stupid trends of that decade.
The series taught me that I should respect the people whom I work with,and to stand up for my 프렌즈 and what we believe in.
간물, 피 클 and Peanut,sadly,did not understand this,and instead of being the Regular Show that pokes fun of the 2010's,it's just ended up as a huge embarrassment for Disney.
간물, 피 클 and 땅콩 are not sympathetic in the slightest.The never learn,they're basically the same character,and don't get into trouble if they do something stupid.
Not to mention,but it's also one of the ugliest 만화 I've ever seen.None of the people look like people,and instead look like they drawn 의해 kinder-gardeners and then being copy-pasted on a cluster-mess of a design.
And the theme song is one of the worst theme songs I've ever heard! And that's because it's not a theme song,it's a 4 년 olds shopping list of all of the things the teens around think it's cool.It also has one those lazy techno-beats in the background,which I hate!
So,yeah,this was one of the worst mistakes 디즈니 ever made.But,we are just beginning.

7.The straight to DVD sequels.
When 당신 go to a DVD store,or an electronic store,or any store that has DVD's in it,then 당신 might have noticed the straight to DVD sequels for 디즈니 movies.
The reason why they exist is because,back int he 2000's,hand drawn 애니메이션 was dying,and 디즈니 was loosing it big time.Most of their films,whether they're good 또는 not,didn't make much money,so 디즈니 Toon Studios made over 30 direct to video sequels for already existing 디즈니 movies.And 당신 can tell,most of them,like 9/10 times were horrible.Especially because 1-2 actually made it to the big-screen.
But really,this was they're attempt to cash-in,by making cheap,animated sequels that disgraced the name of the original 디즈니 classics.Most of them are horrible,like The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2,Atlantis:Milo's Return Belle's Magical World and 뮬란 2; 또는 mediocre at best,like the Lion King 2,or The Return of Jafar.
I mean,some of them are actually decent:Return to Neverland,Alladin 3,Lilo and Stitch 2,but those are the minority.And,as painful as it is to say it,but I actually grew up with some of these sequels,not really knowing if they were good 또는 not.Yeah,I wasn't the smartest kid in the world.
Let's just say,these sequels are so bad,most people don't even consider them canon to the original movie,and I'm one of them.
They're just cheap,lazy pieces of trash that had no reason to exist,other then stealing people out of their money.

6.Trying to kill off Power Rangers.
Back in the 2000's,Disney owned Power Rangers.
Now,if you're not aware,I'm a big 팬 of Power Rangers.Mostly because the series focuses on what it means to be an actual hero.Using their powers to do good things,because they're good things,defending innocent people,and showing kindness and decency,in face of a harsh,cruel and unfair world.A lot of people are scoffing at it as nothing but 20 년 old teenagers,dressed up in spandex,fighting rubber-suited monsters.But really,it's 더 많이 than that.Yeah sure,it is silly and cheesy,but it still had flaws to overcome and dilemmas to solve that gave them depth:Time Force asked us 질문 about whether we have a choice for ourselves; Wild Force had its Red Ranger struggle to show compassion in face of a harsh world; Jungle Fury believed in redemption and movie past guilt; SPD saw a team of misfits slowly rise to greatness.Even Operation Overdrive,one of the worst seasons of Power Rangers,asked 질문 about personal identity and memory.
Plus,it's smart enough that it actually lets us see the actors fighting,rather than using shaky-cam crap,like most action 영화 do.
I think that's enough about it.Let's get back on track;
디즈니 was trying kill it off during the the period they owned it,because they hated it! Calling it stupid,being too violent for children,the concept being ridiculous,etc.It didn't matter if it had a fan-base 또는 not,they wanted Power Rangers dead! Even going as far as saying "Just dub the Sentai!" Due to the lack of support from Disney,the actors got small-amount of payment,they had to 옮기기 to New Zealand to shoot the episodes and the quality of the seasons weren't always the best.Take Operation Overdrive for instance,which,before Megaforce,was the worst season of Power Rangers.I mean yes,it did have a lot of good things about it,but not enough to save it.Everything that was wrong with the 디즈니 era,was present in that season:the 음악 is atrocious,the 연기 being mixed at best,the pacing is awful,the fight scenes exemplifying everything wrong from 이전 seasons and after,the team-up is saved only 의해 the presence of the 이전 rangers,and the characters are the absolute worst rangers I've ever seen!
I don't understand why 디즈니 was trying to kill of this beloved series? They had a freaking GOLD MINE IN THEIR HANDS!!! But they said: "SCREW THAT!",and instead they didn't take advantage of it and wanted it off the air.
Sometimes,I don't get what the people at 디즈니 are thinking.

5.Simplifying the 별, 스타 Wars lore.
If 당신 read my "Why I'm 더 많이 forgiving towards the prequels" article,then 당신 know that my 초 가장 좋아하는 franchise of all time is 별, 스타 Wars.
One of the reasons why it's one of my all-time favorites is because of the complexity and depth the 별, 스타 Wars universe has.
A lot of people complain that every character and situation is given a story of its own,even though it's really not necessary! Personally,I 사랑 the expanded universe! It makes the world of 별, 스타 Wars feel all the 더 많이 real,since our world has thousands,if not millions of stories of its own,with people and 히어로즈 who committed something great,and contributed to society.So it's nice to see a series that does things very similarly,with its own mythos and characters.
However,ever since Lucasfilm Studios was bought 의해 Disney,it feels they're trying to suck out the complexity and depth of 별, 스타 Wars.
당신 see,I'm one of those people who didn't actually like The Force Awakens.I HATED IT! Return of the Jedi is my 2nd 가장 좋아하는 별, 스타 Wars movie because it ended the Empire arc perfectly and it felt like an actual end to the movies.I mean,I don't mind if they continued it,but they did it in the lamest and laziest way possible.
The score is unmemorable; the main-character is a Mary Sue; the other characters are basically just rehashes of older characters; Han Solo,while I didn't grow up with him,is still one of the most beloved characters in 별, 스타 Wars,was killed off unceremoniously and with no sense of dignity; Kylo Ren is basically Darth Vader,only non-threatening and being even 더 많이 whiny than Anakin from the prequels; the story is just a rehash of Episode 4,5,6 all clumped together; the fighting is mixed at best; the themes are oversimplified with no symbolism,whatsoever; and it's basically just a cheap cash-in 의해 manipulating 별, 스타 Wars fans.And the worst part is,it doesn't add anything to the 별, 스타 Wars lore! (Besides the Cross-guard saber,but that's besides the point.)
별, 스타 Wars Rebels,while an okay show,can barely stand on it's own two legs.I mean,it has good ideas like the Inquisitors and even some of the character like Kanan aren't that bad,but besides that,it doesn't have that much to offer.The series is at its best when it brings back older characters,or characters we're already familiar with,like Ahsoka,Captain Rex,Darth Maul and Darth Vader.
I should remind you,if 당신 watched The Clone Wars,then 당신 probably remember that series can get extremely dark,especially when it comes it its themes,and when characters can mutilated,stabbed,or killed onscreen.
With 디즈니 owning 별, 스타 Wars,it feels like they can do whatever they want with it,not even caring 또는 even taking in consideration the 팬 and what they want.What they manage to add to the lore is either overly simple for 별, 스타 Wars,and adds nothing,or barely adds anything to the canon.
I think 디즈니 just doesn't realize how much people like the prequel/Clone Wars era.Yeah,the films may not be the best thing ever,but look what Dark Horse Comics has done with the prequels,and it's truly amazing.
디즈니 just doesn't get 별, 스타 Wars

4.Chicken Little.
Hands down,the absolute WORST 디즈니 movie,I've ever seen!
No other 디즈니 movie has had so much hate,so much mean-spirited cruelty,so many horrible messages,all aimed at an under 10-year old demographic.It is the only time I felt that same pointlessly black,cruel spirit in a 디즈니 movie,that I felt in modern Family Guy.
Imagine a magical world,run 의해 backstabbing,shallow,cruel,heartless animals,that actively bully,punish and assault the main character.To me,that sounds like a terrible idea for a 디즈니 movie.But to add insult to injury,they decided to make the father as actively neglectful and cruel as the rest of the town.Child neglect! An important piece in comedy! (For deranged people.)
I mean,just look at the box-art! It literally has the main character mooning us!
This movie does literally everything it can to insult you.Also,this movie just looks ugly.This was Disney's first attempt at a CGI movie (Which I don't get,since Dinosaur is the first 디즈니 animated movie that's CGI and not done 의해 Pixar.),and it shows.It is just hideous! As well as all the 동물 looking "wrong", somehow? The 색깔 are all these strange,dark/overly-bright hinges of brown,yellow and beige.And these strange,orange-y greens and washed out colors.At least in The Black Cauldron,while I wouldn't call it a good movie,it was at least pleasant to look at.But Chicken Little has the most unappealing color scheme I've ever seen in a 디즈니 movie.
Just 4 분 into the movie,and the characters have already been shunned and physically insulted 의해 the town.Why is he being treated like some sort of war criminal 또는 Neo Nazi? What did he do,you ask? Mass arsony? Genocide? No,he just mistakingly rung the bell,because he thought the sky was falling.
Okay,why would an entire town believe that the sky was falling? Did no one look up and say "Oh! The sky seems perfectly fine!"?
Also,why would someone get bad publicity for the rest of their life,for claiming the sky was falling?
Then,the movie is set a 년 later and the entire town is still abusing him! How the hell is this a 디즈니 movie? I mean,the P.E. teacher makes a game of dodgeball where they're suppose to hit all the unpopular kids.So,we get to watch helpless children get the crap beaten out of them.
The jokes are all cringe-worthy.None of them hit!
Plus,this movie hurts a lot on a personal level.
One of my biggest fears is letting down and disappointing the people I care about because it makes me feel like I'm worthless and a nobody,someone who exists just for filler and is waisting their good time.Every time I make a mistake,or do something stupid that will backfire,either 의해 accident 또는 의해 intention,it makes me feel like I'm just a burden to my family and friends,and that they're better off with a smarter and 더 많이 competent person.
This movie hurt me on such a personal level,that I can't help but declare the worst 디즈니 movie,I had ever seen,period!

3.Cancelling 별, 스타 Wars Legends.
If 당신 don't know what I'm talking about,Star Wars Legends is a series of comics/books that served as the Expanded Universe,before being renamed Legends and getting cancelled 의해 Disney.
While I'm skeptical about the arrival of Episode 8,the new beginning for this storied franchise,it’s a painful reminder of something else:More than 30 years of novel,toy,game,and comic book-tie-ins collectively known as the 별, 스타 Wars Expanded Universe.
In April 2014,Disney—which had purchased the series in 2012,when it bought Lucasfilm—announced that all such 이전 efforts would have no bearing on future 별, 스타 Wars projects.It was,as Obi Wan Kenobi might have put it, “as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.” In its place would be a new Expanded Universe,one crafted to complement Disney’s multiyear plan for the world’s most beloved 우주 opera.
I cannot begin to tell 당신 how disappointed I was when I found out they cancelled Legends.It was one of my 가장 좋아하는 parts about 별, 스타 Wars.
In it,writers can tell their own stories about 별, 스타 Wars,and thus,expand the universe and the canon.It allowed different writers and people to finally see their ideas and ambitions about 별, 스타 Wars,come true.Much like George Lucas with Episodes 1-4.However,with 디즈니 owning Lucasfilm studios,they decided to spit in the face of the 팬 and good taste,by cancelling the Expanded Universe,and replacing it with a weaker and one-note universe,because they think we're too stupid to follow the EU 또는 anything related to it.Especially for us,die-hard 별, 스타 Wars fans.
The Expanded Universe,or Legends as it now called, (Very fitting,since the stories in them were legendary.) introduced awesome and memorable characters,creative and interesting concepts that make sense for that universe,explained the history of the Jedi and the Sith,gave a backstory to characters like General Grievous,Darth Bane,Darth Plaguies,Darth Sidious,Obi Wan,and continued the story of 별, 스타 Wars where Return of the Jedi left off.And 당신 know what? They did it a million times better than the actual Episode 7 we got!
Plus,there are stories and explanations in Legends that are much 더 많이 interesting than the new canon.
Take General Grievous' backstory in both,for example.
Legends Grievous is a tragic figure whose people were framed 의해 the species they were at war with,as well as losing the woman he loved at their hands.He hated Jedi because of how they ruined his people when the Huk went to the Republic and said the Kaleesh were the ones who attacked first.A ship crash caused him to be resurrected as a cyborg 의해 the Banking Clan,and his survival from then on was fueled 의해 his intense hatred of the Jedi for being so easily fooled 의해 the Huk.
Canon Grievous is a sissy who wanted to be a Jedi but apparently wasn't force sensitive enough,so he became a cyborg so he could kill the Jedi for not accepting him.
Yeah,that's definitely a tragic backstory!
My only hopes is that 디즈니 will one 일 disown Lucasfilm studios,like they did with Power Rangers,so we can finally have that 별, 스타 Wars we 사랑 back!

2.Hannah Montana.
Remember when I said that 간물, 피 클 and 땅콩 is the worst "animated" 디즈니 series I've seen.Well,Hannah Montana is literally the worst 디즈니 show,I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!
This one is probably the most well-known Disney-pandering schlock.Singers have sung about it,critics have groan about it.It's a high-school girl fantasy,that's so self-absorbed and manipulative,that it's revolting.
I just LOATHE this show.I hate the concept.I hate the ridiculously pandering story.The 연기 is horrendous.Everything about this show feels like it's trying to pander to girls and give nothing back in return.
In case 당신 don't already know what the story is,allow me to explain.
The show is about Miley Cyrus,your average high-school girl,except,she's secretly unquestionably adored pop singer (Whom every member of the human race worships), Hannah Montana,including the adults.
Where to even begin? How about Hannah Montana's 노래 sounds like a frog is stuck in her throat,while she's trying to gargle her teeth with toothpicks.Her 노래 is just awful! It is the most tone-dead,mindless,vapid,aggravatingly empty,teen,pop garbage I ever heard! I wouldn't draw so much attention to her abysmal singing,if not every person in the entire world didn't absolutely worship,Hannah Montana.It's as if 99.9% of the teenage male population suddenly went from hating Justin Beiber,to adoring him!
Second,this show is so shamelessly manipulative of teenage girls that it makes Twilight look self-aware.
Third,as I said,the 연기 is horrendous.
Fourth,why doesn't anybody realize this girl is hiding her identity? Why is every single member of the human population of this show so incredibly stupid? A blonde wig doesn't hide the fact that your body,voice and face are all exactly the same! She freaking sings she's secretly hiding her identity,for God's sake! I mean,it's the same thing with Clark Kent and his stupid glasses!
Fifth,what is possibly relatable about this girl to 21st century teenage girls? She's an over-pampered,celebrity singer,with the power of audio-tune and a tone-deaf audience,that unquestionably worships her.It's as if Paris Hilton won the award for best-selling biography on The Challenges of Poverty.
Sixth,and the biggest reason,I absolutely hate,hate,HATE Miley Cyrus!!! Her ego is shown in ever aspect of this show.Heck,it's shown in every aspect,outside of this show! Even outside of Hannah Montana,she's an unlikable,egocentric singer,who exclusively sings about how wonderful she is.
For instance,I don't know what her "Doo it!" video is about,or even what it is! it's just,every type of wrong known to humanity! This is a woman who literally feeds off the controversy,bile and hate,her songs create.The anger and hatred her 비디오 create,fuel her career.
Miley Cyrus is no longer a teenage girl.Disney and cut-throat corporations,have transformed her into something else entirely.A monster that thrives on the hatred and anger of others,in order to survive,and the corporation that molded and created this monster,was Disney.I know 디즈니 has messed up a lot of children,but they single-handedly DESTROYED Miley Cyrus!

1.Trying to make Elsa a lesbian for the upcoming sequel for Frozen.
I was actually debating whether 또는 not,to put this as Number 2 또는 Number 1,but because this decision insulted me on a personal level,it's Number 1!
If 당신 read my 이전 기사 "Why making Elsa a lesbian for the sequel for 겨울왕국 is nonsense", then 당신 remember that I explained in a detailed and logical manner as to why I think this is the dumbest decision 디즈니 has made over the decades!
There’s a lot I want to say here so this is actually rather long.If it seems I’m pissed off,it’s because hell yeah I’m pissed off about all this absurdity! So why do I think this is a horrible idea? And why do I say that this would effectively ruin Elsa? Well let’s start with a clear fact,telling an artist to do something on their artwork because 당신 want it is always a big no.
겨울왕국 is an artwork,as a movie,as a fiction story,no matter how commercial it is and that’s why we loved it on the first place.Fiction is one of the art forms that suffers the most from letting the will of the author slip away,we can’t ask that for Frozen.
겨울왕국 needs to keep it’s artistic integrity.No,I’m not saying that it would lose artistic integrity due “having gay people on it”! No,it would lose it’s artistic integrity 의해 turning into a form of activism tool in order to pander a group that apparently doesn’t even care for it’s art root.The nature of the movie is in the storytelling,the craft of a world and characters that we love,not in the intention of portraying “a first something” to appease a group of people.
This way 겨울왕국 shouldn’t turn into a tool to serve an agenda,no matter how good the intentions of said agenda are.Frozen will be best 의해 being “Frozen”, 의해 being a medium to deliver a social project.And yes,right now Frozen,Elsa and Let It Go have become a symbol of liberation that have been used 의해 the LGBT community as well as many others,and that’s great! It’s great 겨울왕국 helps people but that’s the nature of the story it doesn’t meant it was written and evolved specifically for that,it doesn’t mean the story was planned with the purpose of activism which is what is being asked,now.
I do not believe on this whole representation deal.I respect that some do believe and want that,but I consider it bullcrap (Sorry about that). My entire life,I do not recall knowing any character physically, etc… “like me” , for many reasons that I will not disclose,despite my 사랑 for fiction in all forms.That however did not stop me from relating to so many awesome characters that perhaps at first sight are nothing like me.I’ve related to blacks,whites,Asians,Brits,aliens,a plethora of sexualities,females,robots,even animals.That’s because we shouldn’t care about the fact that “they look like me” 또는 “they like the same gender as I do”. No,a character is not great because of all those things.And it’s silly to pretend that sharing such superficial trait should make it important to us.A character is great and we relate because of the characters motivations,actions,personality,values etc…I mean isn’t that why we’re fighting against discrimination on the first place? To see the entire world 의해 those traits? Then why is it that we’re fighting for 더 많이 characters to be written superficially like us,instead of demanding characters to be WELL written,period?
Let’s be realistic here,the intention of 겨울왕국 creators was never to make Elsa “secretly gay” “under the nose of Disney”,do 당신 really think the writers for this WDAS movie had that in mind at the 시간 of creating the character? Before the premier Jen Lee even tweeted how good Elsa and Ralph would look together and an animator made a wedding for them.Frozen was also not meant to have a sequel at the beginning since Walt 디즈니 애니메이션 Studios doesn’t do sequels, (With a few exceptions.) and 겨울왕국 was considered a Tangled-like success at best,leaving no room for a planned future development on that direction.So yes,Elsa appearing attracted to women on the sequel would indeed be “making her” 또는 “turning her” into a lesbian.We all know,we all can guess and see that the intention behind of such action would not be purely artistic.
Elsa has an arc already that’s about self discovery and acceptance,it has touched all kinds of people beyond the LGBT side.Why would they her reach now? Why would they do basically repetition of such arc just to focus on the LGBT issues,Elsa’s arc already touches such problems,so why is 겨울왕국 asked to be 더 많이 specific? Has everything that Elsa taught us and touched us with not enough? Was she never really this amazing character that represented self discovery and acceptance? Were we lying and just seeing her singleness as a sign of being gay and as the best of her? Yes,the writers have said they want to touch today’s issues on Frozen's sequel,but they’ve already touched the issue of feeling and being different,are we really just asking them to be 더 많이 specific because such lessons are only important when it’s about LGBT causes?
Let’s also talk about the current story.The focus and the reason why so many fell in 사랑 with this movie is the familiar bond in it.The movie was meant to portray familiar love,rather than center around romance,like oh so many stories before it,and 겨울왕국 nailed it.
Now,let’s not kid ourselves,as soon as Elsa turns into a lesbian the focus changes,it’s no longer “the franchise that’s all about familiar 사랑 and what goes beyond just romance” to “the franchise that finally got gay people into Disney/The 디즈니 franchise that talks about homosexuality”. And I ask why should this happen? Why something that is already beloved and that has touched so many people should turn into something else in favor of activism? How is that fair? Both for the story and the 팬 of it.
This would happen no matter how much the story focuses on Anna and Elsa precisely because of the whole context the movie develops in,that is Disney,and precisely because of the reasons why the “Elsa should be a lesbian” thing is being asked on the first place.It’s not only about the perception of the public on the movie,such dive into sexuality issues 또는 simply a revelation like that on a lead character out of nowhere would adsorb the story around it.If the story makes it a really small case 또는 mention is then something that helps nothing the cause that’s being asked for on the first place,which is to get representation since it would be just a hidden fact thrown there that I do not believe would satisfy anyone other than those who want her to be lesbian at all costs,yet it wouldn’t really be what people asking for representation deserve.
Oh! And of course,let’s talk about perceptions now.
If Elsa becomes a lesbian,a lot of things in 겨울왕국 change.
First,it’s this weird incestuous vibe that the franchise would drop on Elsa’s views over Anna,even if we establish incest as a good acceptable thing,it already changes the purely sisterly dynamic we loved on the first place.And the perception of Elsa not getting a mate for a long time would just be thrown as a natural thing of her lesbianism and the rarity of finding another lesbian female rather than a decision to remain alone the character is presented with.
This brings me to the 다음 thing.Why is it that someone that remains alone is seen as having some sexual deviation?. That’s exactly what Frozen's sequel would be saying “Elsa was alone all this long time due her lesbianism”. That’s a horrible stereotype! A person/character shouldn’t be judged to suddenly be the 다음 big gay reveal due a desire to remain alone,that’s 50′s thinking! Does every character that remains alone needs to be suddenly gay? Yes,it is a much much bigger assumption than heterosexuality because of simple numbers, percentages and chances,but also because 의해 asking such thing we’re asking for this stereotype to be true.People who simply don’t want to have a partner exist and not all heterosexual people needs a partner.
One thing that really annoys me,however is the hypocrisy.How many are saying “Elsa shouldn’t get a partner,but if she does it should be a woman”. Oh my! Excuse me,but since when gay 사랑 became “better”? Isn’t all 사랑 supposed to be the same? How is it a romantic story supposed to be an improvement just because it’s a lesbian one? I thought we didn’t want Elsa to get a partner because she’s an excellent character on her own,because she can prove that happy ending can come beyond just getting a romantic partner,that there’s much 더 많이 in life,because she’s independent and interesting enough on her own and because we care about her sisterly relationship as to not shift the focus of the story with too much romance going on.I guess I was wrong,I guess in the end people just wanted a sexual blur to pretend she’s a lesbian at any cost.
Oh! And if one disagrees one is labeled as homophobic.That’s absurd! 당신 don’t get to campaign for one thing and then victimize yourself if 당신 don’ get what 당신 want.This whole petition is childish,asking for the “worst” character to fill your bag of social righteousness.At the end of the day,the intention is about letting art free and not forcing political views on it.Yes,stories are products of the times.And yes,stories can be important for people but that doesn’t mean we should force 또는 demand stories to convey an idea.That’s selfish and stupid.
How is it possible that people want to turn Elsa and all she represents,all this marvelous character that we 사랑 and appreciate,and 겨울왕국 itself,this story we fell in 사랑 with,into tools.Tools that intend to serve a form of activism for some message.How is it that many want to turn Elsa into the poster child for a specific issue? Elsa is so much,she has touched so many lives and what not and yet some want to turn her into a “token gay character”? seriously? Elsa deserves 더 많이 than that.
Sure,you could argue that other decision on this list are just as awful,if not worse,but this decision hurt me on a personal level.So much so,that I tried everything I could o try and stop it.Singing petitions,voting polls,giving my own opinion about it,but...it honestly feels like I'm shouting at a hurricane at this moment.

I'm sorry if my 기사 is far too long,but there a lot of things that I needed to get off my back,and explaining them in a simple fashion,just won't do it.
Disney,despite having the largest legacy on animated 영화 under their belt,has made some truly outrageous decisions/changes that earned it a ton of criticism.
I still 사랑 Disney,I just wanted to express the dumbest choices they made over the years and why I believe they're dumb decisions.
As always,smell ya later!
 Those who don't learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them.
Those who don't learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them.
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9. Merida

I don't think she's as pretty as everyone says, but she's still pretty. I think her eyes are her best feature. Looking at them is like looking up at a peaceful, cloudless sky. As for her hair, I think it's a little too wild. It makes her look crazy. But at the same time, it's a perfect fit for her personality: free-spirited, rebellious, and unruly. That's why I like it. Moving on, I think her face is a bit too round. It's really cartoony. I don't like her ruddy skin tone either. All in all, she has her good features and her bad features, but she's still fairly pretty.

8. Belle...
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